Divinity Jam
46 All Aboard!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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46 All Aboard!

Outside of the teaching department, there stood a group of teenage-looking children. Before this group of children, there was an enormous spaceship. This spaceship belonged to the group's teacher — Cecily — and would be their residence for the next two weeks.

Even though Cecily's spaceship flew at ridiculously high speeds and the group would be travelling through several spatial portals, it would still take two weeks to reach the group's destination.

These spatial portals would effectively teleport the spaceship — as well any other object that entered them — trillions of kilometers away.

Now the group was outside of the spaceship, waiting for Cecily to tell them what to expect throughout the journey.

"You guys are in for a treat this time. The Titanic Beast Mountain Range was deemed to be way too dangerous for you guys last semester. But, since you're all at least at the Soul Condensing Stage, and can fight off Saint Realm opponents, the higher ranking members have allowed you guys to have this trip.

Make no mistake, even though we have decided that you guys are strong enough to go on this adventure, the danger is still present. Don't fool around; it may cost you your life."

Cecily's serious expression, lighten up as she said "However, the Titanic Beast Mountain Range is full of opportunities, as it contains a multitude of extreme environments.

Watch out for other cultivators and reach for all the chances you get when we reach the range. Remember, we are leaving Yhamnigh; you'll no longer be protected by the status of the academy.

Now then, as you probably already know, the Titanic Beast Mountain Range is on another planet called Afrov. This planet is several hundred trillion kilometers away from our planet, and will require us to travel for two weeks.

For this reason, I'll be splitting up the space in my spaceship to accommodate you guys for these two weeks.

Everyone will have their own room and enter by their rank in the power ranki..."

Cecily couldn't finish her final sentence, before Evangeline loudly objected to the notion of having a separate room from Jam.

"Hey! Hold up. Why do we have to each have our own room?" Evangeline then pointed at Jam and said " As you can see, I have my Dao Companion here, and would sincerely like to ask that you don't separate us."

Jam didn't seem to care, as he had no reaction to Evangeline's objection. However, the same could not be said for the remaining core disciples and Cecily. They were very impressed by her very open declarations.

"Um, sure. You two can… live together." Cecily said, as she made a gesture; presumably to change the interior layout of the spaceship. Spaceship artifacts — and most artifacts above Tier 5 — were relatively high end artifacts, that came with Space Dao runes capable of letting the artifact's owner manipulate the artifacts space, and/or shape.

"There will be eight rooms in the space ship now. Outside the doors to your rooms, you will find your name which makes up the rooms for the residences. The final room will be in the center of the spaceship, where I have set up a lounge. Now, please board the ship according to your rank in the power rankings."

Jam and Evangeline both entered at the same time. They were followed by Arnold, Kirin, Rina, Cynthia, and Alex. Cecily was the last to board the ship, and before they took off, she made an announcement.

"Alright, now that everyone is ready, I'll start the trip."

Jam's room — and everyone else's room for that matter — had windows, where he could see the outside of the ship. Jam saw the ship take off, and Yhamnigh slowly become smaller and smaller. But he couldn't feel any pressure, or lack thereof, in space; the spaceship felt as stable as the ground on Yhamnigh. Jam was glad to know that he would be able to cultivate with no disturbances.

Now that they had left the planet, and were in for a long trip, all the core disciples started to look around their rooms and organize their belongings.

Jam wasn't sure if the rest of the core disciples had a room similar to his; he was after all, one of the only two people sharing a room on the ship. But his room was very large, and came with its own bathroom, living room, cultivation chamber, and bedroom.

Jam set up Evangeline's arrays as well as his own, in the cultivation chamber. He also took out the computer and virtual reality console he purchased before leaving, and set it up in the living room. These were basically the only things he needed to organize, as the rest of his belonging would be stored away safely in his Spatial Storage Dimension.

Jam finished all the organization he needed and was preparing to go into another cultivation session, when Evangeline brought him out of it. She said "You've been cultivating for two weeks in a row! Don't you want to do something fun?"

"Mhmm… What do you want to do?" He would have preferred to cultivate. But Jam had read before that once he was in a relationship with his Dao Companion, he would have to make compromises to please his partner.

"Lets go to the lounge, and check out what we can do over there." Evangeline would have preferred to do anything but cultivate, after spending two entire weeks doing just that. Besides, in the lounge, there was bound to be something fun to do.

Jam didn't understand how they would derive fun from visiting the lounge, but he complied anyways.

In the lounge, there was a very large kitchen — big enough for all the spaceship's residences to cook at the same time — a bunch of chairs, coffee tables, a ton of other random accessories, and a cat.

Jam squinted and cleaned his eyes to make sure he wasn't imagining the cat. But sure enough, the cat was real. Jam's regular eyes picked up an energy signature coming off from the cat, so he switched his eyes to Detection Form. The cat was actually a Saint Lord.

Jam stared at the cat for a while, before asking it a question "Are you Cecily's tamed beast?"

The cat nodded its head.

Jam kept staring at the cat, and Evangeline wanted to know why he was so focused on this cat. Evangeline didn't have the Detection form, and the cat was six stages in cultivation above her. There was no way she would be able to detected the cat's saint energy.

Evangeline asked Jam "What's so special about this cat."

Jam said "It's a Saint Lord..."

Most of the other people in the spaceship had the same idea as Evangeline about the lounge, and were also present. They didn't think much about the cat when they first saw it. However, after Jam said that it was a Saint Lord, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the cat.

The cat was also surprised that Jam — a Soul Condensing Stage cultivator — could detect its real cultivation base. The cat then sent an energy transmission to Jam "Tell me kid, how'd you know I was a Saint Lord?"

Jam didn't say a word to the cat. Instead he dispelled the illusion covering his eyes to show the true appearance of his Detecting Form — the illusion still affected everyone else in the room.

All this time, whenever Jam used the different forms of his eyes, he would cast an illusion in front of his eyes to prevent others from knowing that he had this ability. To others, Jam's eyes would stay the same, when he switched Forms.

As a Tier 3 Illusionist, Jam could easily pull of this small scale illusion. It would work on pretty much everyone, as illusions were usually used to disorient opponents. Perhaps some illusionist would conjure illusions to hide their true appearance, but no one would think of an illusionist casting an illusion over only their eyes.

Jam didn't have much use for some of his secondary occupations, like inscriptions and illusion for now. But, he still trained in them, as he knew they could be important in the future.


The cat, seemed to understand what Jam was trying to convey. The cat nodded its head again, before telling Jam, that its name was Jackson. Then, the cat jump at Jam, faster than he could react and sat on his head.

Jam was speechless at the cat's actions. However, upon considering that Jackson was a Saint Lord, Jam could do nothing but tolerate this injustice.

As if to spite Jam, Jackson decided to fall asleep on Jam's head. This action left everyone in the room laughing at the cat's crazy antics; they all knew of Jam's "odd" personality, so seeing him in this situation was refreshing.

Jam didn't care about their laughing, but having nothing to do made him ill at ease. So, he started cooking. At least spiritual cooking counted as practicing a secondary occupation. Thus, in Jam's eyes, cooking in the lounge would be somewhat productive.

Jam had a ton of leftover spiritual meat from the time he killed in the Wolf Range. The meat wouldn't spoil in Jam's Spatial Storage dimension, because he kept the meat in his dead space, which contained no time. Even if it weren't contained in the dead space of his Spatial Dimension, demonic beast's meats would generally last much longer, while exposed to the air, before rotting away.

Jam cooked very fast, and because of his extensive knowledge on cooking — which he learned from the jade slips he brought back before he left to reach Tier 7 in all secondary occupations — the people in the kitchen could soon start smelling savory and aromatic fragrances.

Jam was testing out the techniques he had recently learned, as he would only cook when he could upgrade his spiritual cooking rank. Now that Jam had a "reason" to cook, he wouldn't let the fruits of his labor go to waste.

Since progressing in cultivation would make a person's body increasingly perfect, at a certain point, a cultivator would no longer need to eat to survive. Jam wasn't at this level yet, but he sustain his life for months without food. However, even if the need to eat vanished, cultivators would still enjoy the delicacies of spiritual cooks, as they brought on the effects of pills and talismans without their unappealing taste, or lack of taste entirely.

This would actually be the first time Jam tastes his own cooking, as there weren't any nearby wild beasts that could take his cooking. Jam hated being wasteful, and would certainly prefer to give his cooking to demonic beasts — as he had done in the past — rather than let his food go to waste; he truly is an insane person...

Jam was a true-blue Tier 3 cook, as even if this was the first time he tasted his own cooking, he judged it was very good. He then turned his focus to the hoard of hungry children surrounding him; they each stared at his gourmet stew with eyes only starving wolves would show upon sighting a wounded rabbit.

All the core disciples were prepared to have dull and bland food during the period of this trip to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range. So, Jam's ability as a spiritual cook was a pleasant surprise to everyone.

Jam picked up a stack of bowls from one the of the kitchen's cabinets, and started serving his peers food. They all praised his food to no end, and even Jackson wanted some for himself.


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