Divinity Jam
49 Noodle...
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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49 Noodle...

Before Jam, was a legitimate Thunder Valley. It was the best place a practitioner of the Thunder Dao could ever hope to encounter. Now that Jam had to pass through this place to reach the mountains, he would spend some time gaining insights into the Dao of Thunder, as well as picking up more natural treasures.

Tzatziki told Jam of the best possible way for him to gain insights into the Thunder Dao with his current resources. Jam had to concoct Tier 4 True Thunder pills, set up his Concentrated Thunder Array, and meditate while donning his Thunder Movement Armor.

After a couple of tries, Jam managed to make the pills. He would always make perfect pills, so it was reasonable for him to fail a couple times. Additionally, because he would never fail after his initial success, he made several hundred pills before leaving to reach the heart of the valley.

On the way to the heart of the valley, Jam practiced his teleportation, and picked up a bunch of thunder-attributed natural treasures. Now, Jam rarely saw Tier 1 or 2 natural treasures, and started to find Tier 6 natural treasures. Jam also started spotting Saint Grandmaster Demonic Beasts.

He had already easily defeated a Saint Master, so he teleported to a Saint Grandmaster to test his strength again. In a one on one fight against a Saint Grandmaster, Jam could still win. However, he would need to use his Fire Combat Armor and Lesser Demon Form to get the job done. Just like his fight with the Saint Lord, Jam didn't kill his opponent and just left.

Once Jam reached the center of the thunder valley, he excavated his own temporary immortal's cave and set up his arrays, setting aside a bunch of bottles filled with his True Thunder Pills next to himself.

Jam manifested his Thunder Movement Armor, ingested a couple of his pills, and started meditating on the pure thunder energy of the environment. This was the first time Jam had ever meditated on the energy of the environment, and he was very lucky to reach a state of complete focus. He didn't reach enlightenment as that was very rare event. But, complete focus was very good for his first time meditating on the environment, nonetheless.

Jam stayed in this state for a couple hours, constantly inscribing new Dao runes in his Dao Palace and Dantian Space. He even managed to inscribe the most basic Dao runes into his flesh. Usually, this would only happen be possible for a cultivator after completing the Soul Fusion Stage, but Jam's Dao cultivation — which was about to cross over to the Dao Domain level — allowed him to bypass this restriction.

The Dao runes a cultivator had on their flesh, would be invisible most of time. They would only brighten up when that cultivator used those insights to power up an ability. This allowed cultivators to look like regular people and not tattoo artists that went a little too crazy one night.

Once a cultivator entered a state of complete focus, no one would know when they would leave that state. Jam might have been able to persist for a couple more days in that state, but someone rattled him out of his meditative trance.

Being interrupted from a cultivation session left Jam justifiably mad. He was very close to reaching Dao Domain in the Dao of Thunder and now the mood of the session had been destroyed. Jam teleported out of his cave, he was prepared to teach those who broke his meditation a very harsh lesson.

Oddly enough, there was no one in the immediate vicinity. Jam wouldn't let those that disturbed him leave scot-free, so he used Void Detection to immediately find who had interrupted him.

Void Detection was more suitable to find who had disturbed Jam, as his Detecting Form would show him every living thing within his eyesight. This would cloud Jam's judgement on finding the perpetrators, as he would not be able to see the living things near him with as much clarity as Void Detection allowed.

When he set the parameter of Void Detection to find anything moving at supersonic speeds, Jam found that about twenty kilometers from his location there was a group of unknown cultivators running away from a Saint Lord. Jam didn't know how he would fare against a Saint Lord, but it had ruined his meditation, so he would surely fight with it.

At this point, Jam could teleport up to thirty-three kilometers with relative accuracy. Since twenty kilometers was well within Jam's range of teleportation, Jam teleported directly in front of the Saint Lord.

"Motherfucker! You dare disturb MY meditation!" Jam said to the Saint Lord.

The cultivators that were running away from the Saint Lord, weren't idiots, they immediately took this chance to escape. Jam was also annoyed with those incompetent cultivators, but he would deal with them later.

Jam knew that Saint Lords could talk from his exchange with Jackson, thus he wasn't too surprised when the Saint Lord in front of him said "You want a fight? I'll give you one!" How odd… it was a female's voice.

The Saint Lord in front of Jam was a Thunder Flood Dragon. It looked like a serpentine dragon with no wings, and had a dark shade of blue throughout its body. Furthermore, it was one of the largest Demonic Beasts Jam had ever seen, boasting an impressive length of over a hundred meters. Streaks of Saint's Thunder shot of recklessly from its body, and its imposing image made no indication that it was female.

The Saint Lord had taken Jam to be a serious threat, as it immediately used its Dao Domain. This Dao Domain was the most complete Dao Domain Jam had the displeasure of fighting against. To make matters worse, it was a true Dao Domain, not a pseudo Dao Domain. However, he wasn't that bothered by the Dao Domain after he transformed into a Lesser Demon with superimposed Thunder and Fire armor. In that state Jam and the flood dragon fought.

Whoosh! Solar arrows, stellar arrows, fused beams, firebolts, even Final Resorts were thrown by Jam with reckless abandon. The ground beneath these two walking calamities was in utter ruin, with fissures running across the floor for kilometers and entire chucks of the landscape ending up charred. Alas, nothing Jam did during the fight caused serious damage to the flood dragon. However, the same could be said for the flood dragon, when it tried to hurt Jam.

At the Saint Lord level, the flood dragon had about the same amount of battle experience as Arnold, and knew how to fight efficiently. However, even its serious finisher attacks barely injured Jam. When they did, Jam would regenerate his wounds in a matter of seconds.

Jam was still trying to fight the flood dragon wholeheartedly, when suddenly, the flood dragon said "Boy! What are you?!"

"Why are you talking in the middle of this fight?" Jam didn't believe in mercy to his true enemies, and didn't stop attacking while responding to the flood dragon.

"Stop! We wouldn't be getting anywhere fighting like this. You can't hurt me, but I also can't hurt you."

"How are you going to repay me for taking away my state of near enlightenment, then?!" Jam was still relatively heated, so he wouldn't back down without at least gaining something from the situation.

After a short period of awkward silence, Jam saw the Flood Dragon sigh and say "How about I become your tamed beast?"

"What the fuck?" Jam could not believe what the flood dragon was saying. It was ridiculously hard to get demonic beasts to accept you as their master, even through normal beast taming methods. Now one such demonic beast was coming forth to accept Jam before he even did anything? More ridiculous was the fact that this was a flood dragon; one of the most prideful demonic beasts in existence.

"I know that you are only a Soul Fusion Stage cultivator, yet you can still fight with me to a standstill! You look like you're eighteen, but that's probably because of the Body Refinement Training your receiving, meaning you're probably even younger than you look. Having you as my master would be very easy to except.

But if I'm being completely honest with you, that's only part of the reason I willing to become your tamed beast. When you were fighting me, there was a sort of natural suppression that I could feel, making me want to submit to you. I don't know if that was just my imagination, but I think there's something special about you, and staying by your side will be very beneficial to my future."

Jam was still wary against the flood dragon, but that was lifted after the flood dragon brought out a soul contract — similar to when Tzatziki became contracted to Jam — which stated that their relationship would be of master and servant.

Jam could sense the sincerity of the flood dragon's intentions, but he didn't like the idea of having a slave around. He changed the contract to have them be a bit closer to equals. However, if the flood dragon ever thought about harming Jam, it would die.

And just like that, Jam gained a Saint Lord Flood Dragon as his first tamed beast.

"Now what is your name. I can't just be referring to you as flood dragon all the time."

"...I don't have name."

"Don't have a name?" as Jam said this out loud, his mouth shifting into that of a cruel smile, before saying "I'm still mad at you for ruining my meditation, so as your punishment… You'll be called Danger Noodle!"

"..." The flood dragon was having a hard time swallowing this humiliation. But the outcome was way better than becoming Jam's slave...


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