Divinity Jam
50 Servicing
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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50 Servicing

Now that Jam had taken care of the flood dragon, he proceeded to deal with the cultivators that had escaped. Before he started his fight with Danger Noodle, Jam had already guessed that those cultivators would probably run away from his fight, thus he tagged them with his mark for Returning Teleportation.

Jam's range for normal teleportation was thirty-three kilometers, but his Returning Teleportation would work as long as his mark was within a couple thousand kilometers. Fortunately for Jam, the group of cultivators had left together, and were currently only 650 kilometers away from him.

Jam made Danger Noodle assume a more manageable form, turning her into a little snake that coiled around his arm. He used Returning Teleportation and appeared next to the group of cultivators that had escaped.

The group as a collective had their faces turn white, and Jam started speaking "Well, well, well. How do you lot plan on paying me, for ruining my meditation?"

The group of cultivators was made up of two False Saint male cultivators, and a single female Saint Master. They were not idiots and knew that the person in front of them could probably beat them in a fight, seeing as how he escaped from the Saint Lord Flood Dragon.

Even though the aura Jam projected showed that he was a Soul Fusion cultivator, these cultivators had been exposed to the cultivation world for a long time, and had seen many times a seniors who chose to hide their cultivation.

They were currently frantically sending a bunch of message to each other through energy transmission, when the Saint Master said "Hey guys, look at his arm… that snake, kind of looks like the flood dragon."

As she said this, the guys took a closer look at Jam's arm, and sure enough they noticed it looked exactly like a miniature version of the flood dragon they were running away from. This realization made them shed a layer of cold sweat before the girl managed to stutter out "Y-you can h-h-have whate-ever you w-want"

Then the group of cultivators tossed Jam their space rings. Jam looked through their space rings and was disappointed by their lack of wealth. His darkening expression made the group of cultivators start hyperventilating.

Jam tossed them back their space rings — a move that to them signified their probable death — and asked "Tell me what Daos you cultivate."

One of the False Saints said " I study the Dao of Water and Ice" the other False Saint said "Wind and Earth," and the Saint Master said "Time and Fire."

Jam's expression kept getting worse as they kept mentioning Daos he didn't care about, until the Saint Master mentioned that she studied Time and Thunder Daos; his expression made a complete 180 change.

Jam pointed at the two False Saints and said "You two can fuck off." before staring at the Saint Master with a look that was easily mistaken for lust.

The two False Saints looked that their poor senior and prayed for her to make it out of Jam's reaches alive, before getting out of Jam's sight. Then, before the Saint Master could react, Jam grabbed her by the arm and used Return Teleportation to go back to the cave he had built in the heart of the thunder valley.

It was at this moment that the Saint Master reacted, drawing out her spear, and saying "Look here, you sexfiend! I'll die before, I let you have your way with me!" The Saint Master did not think before she acted.

Jam was very confused, but then he analyzed the situation and realized where the misunderstanding could have come from. He said "Are you retarded? Why are you calling me a sexfiend?"

Now it was the Saint Masters turn to be confused. She said "Aside from violating me, why else would you separate me from my juniors and take me to your cave?"

"Isn't it obvious? You're going to service me until I'm satisfied, before earning your right to leave!" It seems that Jam had not learned anything from his earlier analysis, as he could not have chosen poorer words for the current situation.

Jam's words only made the Saint Master think her assumption was correct. And now that Jam had mentioned that he would let her leave, she decided it would be stupid to die in vain. She vowed to get this over with, and return for revenge once she was stronger.

The she started undressing. Too bad, Jam was not paying attention to her at the moment as Danger Noodle was currently pestering Jam with an energy transmission.

Danger Noodle said "Hey I still haven't learned your name."

Jam responded with a cocky "The name's Jam, nice to meet you too."

Danger Noodle the said "Hey are you looking in front of you? Cause this lady is behaving quite shamelessly."

It was only after Danger Noodle told Jam, the he started paying attention to the Saint Master in front of him. Jam quickly said "What the fuck are you doing?!"

At this point, the poor Saint Master only had her undergarments on. She was annoyed at Jam's apparent bipolar behavior, and said with a straight face "I'm getting ready to 'service' you to earn my freedom."

"I only wanted to study your Time and Fire Dao Domains! Why would you need to undress for that?"

"..." The Saint Master was speechless.

"..." Danger Noodle was equally speechless, she also thought that her new master was acting like a sexfiend...

"Put on your clothes right now!" Almost as if he could feel Danger Noodle's disdain emanate directly into his soul, Jam quickly ordered the Saint Master.

Jam's "reminder" made the Saint Master quickly clothed herself, and show a face a complete humiliation and embarrassment.

"Now please wait for me to build my arrays before you start displaying your Dao Domains."

Now that Jam had a live sample to study from, he would make sure to have the preparations ready for the optimal meditation session.

Jam took out a bunch of array flags and set up a Tier 4 Fire Condensing Array and Time Diverging Array, and also took some time to concoct several hundred Tier 4 Fire Concentrate Pills and Time Sensing Pills.

When he was ready, he told the Saint Master to use her Fire Domain, and thus began to develop insights into the Dao of Fire. Because Jam had used a Fire Enlightenment Stone, he was already infinitesimally close to developing his own Fire Dao Domain. Thus, it only took Jam a few hours to reach Dao Domain with his first Dao — the Dao of Fire.

After Jam reached the Dao Domain level with his Dao of Fire, he told the Saint Master to use her Time Domain. And the process of mediation started once again. Unfortunately for Jam he stopped gaining insights into the Time Dao from the Saint Masters Domain, before he could develop his own Time Dao Domain.

Now that Jam had learned everything he could from the Saint Master, he told her that they were even. Then he used Returning Teleportation to take her to her juniors, before using the technique again to return to his cave.

Once he was back in his cave, Jam eyed his precious Danger Noodle; the look in his eyes when he found a subject to improve his cultivation was scarily close to immoral. Even though she knew what the look was for, Danger Noodle couldn't help but shiver when being looked at like this… Needless to say, she was also forced to "service" him like that previous Saint Master...

Jam went back into his meditation session and he finally completed his Thunder Dao Domain. Now that he had completed his Fire and Thunder Dao Domains, the skills from his Thunderfire Cataclysm technique would receive a massive boost to their prowess. Most notably would be his Final Resort attack, so he went outside to test out its might.

The first thing he noticed is that the amount of thunder and fire energy he could concentrate into his hands had grown to several times the size he could before. Moreover, Jam's thunder energy had a became red with a faint yellow outline, and his fire had a tint of pure yellow. This was a huge sign of improvement, as the color of thunder and fire would change after every improvement with respect to Dao Cultivation.

Even though he could now add more thunder and fire energy to his Final Resort attack, the completed skill became even smaller than before. Now it was only the size of Jam's pinky nail. Danger Noodle was staring at Jam's final resort with a solemn look this time. She knew that if Jam used this attack when they were fighting, she would be seriously injured.

Jam threw his new and improved Final Resort far away from his cave, and watched as it hit a wall. Less than a microsecond after the attack collided with the wall, the thunder spark touched the singularity of fire energy, and everything within ten kilometers evaporated into thin air. Even the floor had caved in by a couple feet. Then a shockwave of air blasted Jam, making the sleeves of his uniform flail in the air, in an aggressive manner.

Jam might have been the cause of this devastating damage, but he was having a hard time believing the extent of his attacks destructiveness.

Next Jam wanted to test his Dao Domains. Since he had just reached the Dao Domain level, both of his Dao Domains were incomplete. This meant that Jam's Dao Domains had a Dao Degree of Lesser Dao Mastery — the same level as Saints. If he wanted to reach the next level for his Dao Domains, he would have to attain the Dao Degree of Greater Dao Accomplishment — the same level as Sages.

At the moment, Jam's newly formed Dao Domains could only be comparable to False Saints, so testing their effects with Danger Noodle would not be an issue.

Jam instinctively knew how to use his Dao Domains after reaching the Dao Domain level, and the first thing he felt as he displayed his Thunder and Fire Domains, was that everything within 100 meters was in his complete control.

Jam could use all the thunder and fire energy in the environment within his Domain. This meant the Jam could now charge up his fused beams and attacks — that used the energy of his domains — much faster.

Jam could also use thunder and fire energy to pressure whomever he wanted as long as they were in his domain; like a weaker version of his Demonic Intent skill. This feature would help Jam perfect his Targeted Gravitation skill, as both used the same principles to function.


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