Divinity Jam
51 Misadventure In the Taiji River
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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51 Misadventure In the Taiji River

All in all, Jam's time in the Thunder Valley was very rewarding. In less than a day, he gained two Dao Domains and a beast companion. Jam also picked up a bunch of rare thunder-attributed natural treasures.

Now it was time for Jam to continue his journey towards the mountains. However, now that he had a beast companion by his side, he could also practice his Targeted Gravitation and Time Locking skills on Danger Noodle instead of rocks.

For this reason, Danger Noodle did not have a good time; constantly teleporting around and having her body pressured by Jam's skills... but at least Jam was improving his skills and it's not like Danger Noodle was being hurt.


The Thunder Valley was just as large as the tundra, as Jam spent several hours teleporting through millions of kilometers before exiting the thunder valley. The next biome was actually a river. However, Jam felt that this river was special in some way. He didn't know why he felt this way, until Tzatziki shouted "A Taiji River!"

"What's a Taiji River?" Jam had never heard of this term. Even the jade slip he received from the library's receptionist had no information on Taiji Rivers.

"A Taiji River is a special environment, like the thunder valley we just left."


"Anyways, this is a good place to study the Daos of Yin, Yang, Light, and Darkness."


Jam already knew how to prepare for his next meditation session. He began teleporting towards the center of the river, while collecting the natural treasures of the environment. As he plundered through the land, Jam thought 'First it was the Tundra for Ice and Yin, then it was the Valley for Thunder. Now I'm entering a River for Yin, Yang, Light, and Darkness? If only I passed through a Earth Domain. I'd have natural treasures for everyone that came along this ride!' He hoped that others ran into natural domains like him and had gathered special treasures, so that they could trade after they met up.

As the cycle of teleportation continued on, Jam knew he was very close to the mountains, as the level of the demonic beasts in the vicinity were proof. All the demonic beasts Jam could find, were at least at the Saint Master level, and the highest level was at the Saint Lord Stage.

Jam guessed that after crossing this Taiji River, he would finally reach the actual Titanic Beast Mountain Range. However, he was having trouble dealing with Saint Lords with his current cultivation base, so he decided to complete his Soul Fusion Stage cultivation base before reaching the mountains.

It took Jam half a day to reach the center of the river, and he had collected thousands of natural treasures along the way. Some of these treasures, like the Yang Spirit Fruits, would be used right away, in preparation of the pills he would be taking while studying the Dao of Yang.

In the same way Jam made a cave in the heart of the thunder valley, he created his own temporary home underwater in the river. Jam wasn't at the level of not needing to breath, so after making his underwater cave, he used his Spatial Storage dimension to displace all the water in his cave. Once he finished his business in the Taiji River, he would return the displaced water.

In his cave, Jam set up a Solar System Array, and concocted several batches of Pure Yang Pills.

Jam wasn't as proficient in the Yang Dao as he was in his other primary cultivation Daos, so he initially believed that he would meditate in the Taiji River until he reached the Dao Infusion level. However, he reached Dao Infusion with the Yang Dao too quickly; it took him less than an hour to accomplish this goal.

This made him think that the Yang Dao was easier for him to meditate on than the rest of his Daos. But the truth was, Jam was underestimating the effects of meditating within a special environment. The reason he had this misunderstanding was because he never tried meditating on his respective Daos before; only now that he was in special environment, did he actually start doing it.

Jam stayed at the Taiji River for a couple more hours meditating over the Yang Dao, but he stopped gaining insights before he reached the Dao Domain level. Now that Jam reached Dao Infusion with the Yang Dao, he could integrate the Yang Fire Combat Armor with the rest of his transformations.

With his meditation complete, Jam told Danger Noodle to prevent anything from disturbing him as he made his breakthrough. But Danger Noodle already knew the risks Jam would be taking, by making his breakthrough.

Jam took a deep breath and started his breakthrough; his body started glowing once again, shining with the brilliance of his soul. Time slowly passed, and both Jam and Danger Noodle knew that it would be very unlike for an enemy to appear as Jam was making his breakthrough, as the cave Jam built was underwater and closed off.

However, the unexpected happened when a Saint Lord appeared to have teleported to Jam's side and cut off his arm, while he was still in the middle of a breakthrough! The only reason Jam didn't have his entire body cut in half was because Danger Noodle had moved him slightly off course of the enemy's attack.

Jam was still in the middle of his breakthrough, and could not fight, so he had to rely on Danger Noodle to hold off the enemy Saint Lord, until he finished his breakthrough. At this moment, Jam was thankful for experiencing the hellish torture of completing the Bone Realm, as that experience was what gave Jam the ability to ignore his current physical damage.

If he hadn't gone through that experience, Jam would most likely have broken his concentration during his breakthrough and immediately died from soul injuries.

Danger Noodle managed to drag the enemy Saint Lord, above ground; as a result the ceiling of Jam's cave broke and Jam was flooded with water. Jam could survive for a while without breathing, but the displacement of the arrays he had set up for studying the Yang Dao almost caused his attention to waver.

In the sky above Jam's now collapsed cave, Danger Noodle and the enemy Saint Lord, a Yin Phantom, were having an epic battle. Explosions could be seen from a distance, bolts of lighting several kilometers long flashed from the sky, and every time the Yin Phantom collided with Danger Noodle's attacks the world would turn black and white.

Danger Noodle was concerned about Jam, and she didn't understand how the enemy could find out that they were in an underwater cave. She said "How'd you find us?!"

The Yin Phantom said "Are you retarded? I've been following you since the two of you entered MY Taiji River! Now stop resisting and give me your precious Yang vitality!" As a Yin Phantom, this demonic beast needed the yang of other's to remain alive. Its own body uncontrollably consumed yang, leaving it unable to support what would have been a long lifespan.

Both Jam and Danger Noodle had repeatedly scanned the environment from the time they entered the Taiji River, to the time the sealed off the underwater cave. Neither had detected a Saint Lord tracking them. The only possibility was that the Yin Phantom had been tracking them from outside their range of detection.

This theory made sense as it took the Yin Phantom, several minutes to reach the underwater cave after Jam started his breakthrough to actually launch its attack. Given that it had teleported to Jam's location, with several minutes elapsed before it made an appearance, the range it must have covered would be appalling.

As time passed on, Danger Noodle had an advantage while fighting the Yin Phantom, as thunder energy was innately effective against ghosts, phantoms, and specters. However, soon after the Yin Phantom attacked, a group of Saint Grandmasters had also arrived to support the Yin Phantom.

Danger Noodle, now had to protect Jam while fighting against a Saint Lord equal in strength to her, as well as a dozen or so Saint Grandmasters. With the advantage shifting to the Yin Phantom and its group of lackeys, Danger Noodle and Jam started taking massive amounts of damage.

As Jam was finishing his breakthrough, he looked completely beaten up. His body full of cuts and bruises — he looked even worse as his arm had been cut off. There had been over a dozen times where Danger Noodle had pulled him out of certain death, and Jam wouldn't forget this if he managed to pull through.

In this chaotic situation, Danger Noodle was trying her best to protect Jam. But, the exhaustion of fighting several enemies, as well as the damage the had accumulated on her body, made her fail to stop one Saint Grandmaster from landing a direct hit on Jam. The Saint Grandmaster shoved Danger Noodle's serpentine body to the side with one claw and shoved its other claw in the space created to strike Jam.

Fortunately, Jam managed to complete his breakthrough and prepare a small layer of defense for the attack. Otherwise, he wouldn't have survived. Still, the Saint Grandmaster managed to land a solid attack on Jam's abdomen, leaving behind four large tears across his midsection and displacing a couple of his organs.

Now that Jam was back in action, the first thing he did was instakill the Saint Grandmaster that had attacked him with a full powered demonic-space beam. Then Jam underwent his ultimate transformation: The Lesser Yang Demon Thunder Fire Warrior Mode — Lesser Demon Form + Yang Fire Combat Armor + Lightning Movement Armor. As the Yang imbued flames softly cascaded from his form, and the thunder cracked behind him, Jam seemed to have awoken a primordial scent while displaying this terrifying form.

Jam didn't hesitate to unleash both his Fire and Thunder Dao Domains, the Targeted Gravitation, as well as his Demonic Intent. The pressure impacting all his enemies now, reduced them to mere dummies waiting to be killed off. Even Danger Noodle, who wasn't impacted by these pressure inducing skills, felt a bit light headed thinking of what would happen if she fought Jam after his breakthrough.

After finishing up his combat preparations, Jam would eliminate the Saint Grandmaster Demonic Beasts one by one with his beams, and arrows. None of them were worthy to receive any of Jam's serious attacks.

As the Yin Phantom watched its minions get annihilated one by one, faster than it could move to preserve them, it resorted to fleeing. Jam took this as the perfect opportunity to use a full powered Final Resort. He waited for the Yin Phantom to retreat a couple kilometers, before teleporting right in front of it, releasing a Final Resort attack, and teleporting back to where Danger Noodle was, mere moments before the bomb detonated.

Off in the distance, Jam and Danger Noodle could see the absurd scale of Jam's Final Resort. Now that Jam completed his Soul Fusion Stage cultivation base, all his attacks became stronger; his Final Resort attack my have been upgraded the most since it could incorporate Dao Infusion level yang energy as well.

Before, Final Resort had a danger zone of ten kilometers, but after Jam completed the Soul Fusion Stage, the danger zone had expanded to fifteen kilometers. Anything within fifteen kilometers of the epicenter had been reduced to ruble; this included the ground, the clouds, the water, even all the natural treasures that could have been hidden away...

After the dust settled, Jam teleported back to the centerpoint of his attack. There, he found a near-dead Yin Phantom struggling on its final breath. Jam walked up to it and finished it off with a yang-thunder beam; the most effective attack, type-wise, Jam had against the Yin Phantom, in his arsenal.


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