Divinity Jam
52 Legacy Trial
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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52 Legacy Trial

Jam collected the Yin Phantom's body, and returned to Danger Noodle. Before doing else anything, Jam first thanked Danger Noodle for protecting him with all her power. This experience had solidified Danger Noodle's status as a family member to Jam; now he wouldn't remain apathetic when dealing with her.

With the conditions that Jam had lessened in the restrictions of the soul contract that Danger Noodle had proposed, Danger Noodle could have allowed Jam to die and she would have immediately regained her freedom. However, instead of letting Jam die, Danger Noodle fought for his safety with all her strength.

Jam even suggested giving her a new name, as he knew that being called "Danger Noodle" was quite humiliating for any regular demonic beast; to say nothing less about a proud Thunder Flood Dragon. However, Danger Noodle refused Jam's offer. It seems that part of her pride wouldn't let her change the name that Jam had already assigned to her.

As he was talking to Danger Noodle, Jam revisited his now destroyed underwater cave, and picked up the arm that had been cut off by the Yin Phantom. Jam might not be able to regenerate a completely new arm, but reattaching his already existing arm would not be a problem.

Jam ate a bunch of Tier 4 Regeneration Pills, fixed his arm into place, and cauterized it with his yang and fire energy. Jam's arm would be good as new, in a couple hours. If he didn't have a Bone Realm body and Regeneration, it would have taken several months.

Jam initially planned on leaving the Taiji River after completing his breakthrough, so he did just that. For the next half day, Jam teleported towards the mountains, all while collecting more natural treasures.

The journey to the mountains was uneventful, as no other demonic beasts approached Jam while he was teleporting. He had created quite the reputation for himself, among the demonic beasts, after causing that apocalyptic scene during his time fighting the Yin Phantom; it's no surprise that none of the intelligent Saint Realm Beasts chose to not antagonize him.

When Jam finally reached the base of the first mountain in the range, his teleportation had reached a maximum range of 50 kilometers. Jam scanned the area with his Seeking Form and Detecting form and the results were mixed. While the natural treasures of the area were still between Tier 3 and 6; no exactly what he wished for. He started discovering exit points in space to leave the Titanic Beast Mountain Range's pocket dimension. However, the strongest demonic beasts Jam could find were Saint Grandmasters.

Since this was the case, Jam decided to head deeper into the Mountains before settling down; he expected for the center of this mountain range, to be the center of the pocket dimension. Cecily had mentioned that the highest cultivation base allowed in the Titanic Beast Mountain Range was that of Saint Gods.

Now that Jam had to scale mountains, his teleportation would not be as effective as when he was in the valley, tundra, river, etc. Moreover, the mountains at the start of the Mountain Range were far from the tallest mountains. Jam could see in the distance, after he reached the top of his first mountain, a couple several-thousand-kilometer tall mountains.

Jam could fly, but he would rather stay close to the sides of the mountains, than expose himself to any demonic beasts that spent their time looking at the sky. He wouldn't really care if Saint Lords started attacking him droves. But, if he mistakenly crossed a Saint God's territory, he would be hard-pressed to make it out alive with a teleportation range of just half a hundred kilometers.


For the next couple days, Jam didn't find any new special environments, so he continued travelling deeper into the mountains; while harvesting natural treasures of course. The mountain range was neutral with regards to the attributes of the natural treasures Jam could find within.

It was on the fourth day of his excursion that Jam found a legacy trial that interested him. Legacy trials are special areas a cultivation expert leaves behind for future generations to potentially inherited his techniques and/or abilities. Usually the cultivation expert leaving behind his/her legacy would set up a challenge that the future potential candidates must complete to earn the expert's legacy.

Jam didn't expect to find one in a random mountain — usually they would have their own pocket dimension all to themselves — but he tried to get the legacy anyways. Throughout his journey in this pocket dimension, and even back in the Delta Heavy Forest, Jam had passed by numerous artificial pocket dimensions with legacy trials hidden within. But with his already extensive skill set, he never felt the need to try out for new techniques; this would change today.

This legacy trial was left behind by a cultivator known as Daoist Silentsans. Silentsans cultivated the Daos of Yang, Thunder, and Space. To pass his legacy trial, Jam would have to use a technique that used all three of these primary energies, and attack the recording space left behind by Daoist Silentsans to earn his legacy.

The only way Jam would be able to accomplish this with his current skill set, was if he managed to create a three-way fusion beam of thunder-yang-space energy. Jam really wanted the legacy of someone who pursued after three Daos that he was also familiar with. Rarely would a legacy be this demanding, so the legacy hidden within should be useful even to Jam.

Jam was very good at learning fusion attacks after his practice with the Foundational Beam Magic and Thunderfire Cataclysm. However, a three-way fusion skill was still very dangerous, when a cultivator first started the learning process.

Even if the Foundational Beam magic stated that cultivators would be able to learn it in a safer fashion when they reached the Spirit Realm, the technique specifies that any careless mistake would still severely damage the user.

Three-way-fusion was too advanced as a technique for Jam to master in a couple days. But he could form unstable masses of yang-thunder-space energies after four days of practice. Jam used this unstable attack on the legacy trial recording space. But the result said the technique was unsatisfactory; it seems Jam would have to perfect his thunder-yang-space beam before the legacy would be given to him.

Jam kept practicing and by the seventh day, he could form stable Points. These result were still not good enough, so Jam kept practicing, and by the tenth day, he could finally launch a complete thunder-yang-space beam.

The first time Jam used this technique in its complete form, the beam he made caused Danger Noodle to shiver uncontrollably from the sheer potency of power. The damage caused by Jam's beam created an unfathomably deep hole in the mountain he had targeted; it was so exaggerated that Jam confirmed with his own two eyes that his beam had completely penetrated the length of an entire mountain, while still retaining the strength to fly off into the distance.

Now that Jam had a complete thunder-yang-space beam, he shot another one into the recording space, and finally unlocked the legacy. The entire legacy of Daoist Silentsans was stored in a legacy jade slip. It was a one-time-use jade slip, the same kind that Jam used back when he picked out the free techniques in the library; at the very start of his cultivation.

While it might seem like Jam had received those other jade slips for free, in truth, he had passed their legacy trials as well. The moment he entered his energy into those jade slips, they had accepted him as the legacy's inheritor because he had passed the requirements set down in the introductory booklet. If Jam didn't meet the requirements, he would have been rejected by the jade slips and his weak cultivation of Meridian Connecting at the time would have collapsed.

The only reason he didn't have to pass a trial like this — where he had to use an attack to gain approval — was because those other legacy jade slips were from past cultivators of the Academy; he only needed talent to acquire them, not power.

Jam read the jade slip, which held two techniques, as well as a bit of information on Daoist Silentsans.

Daoist Silentsans had his adventure in the Titanic Beast Mountain Range when was a Saint Grandmaster. He left this legacy after gaining enlightenment from the Taiji River, Thunder Valley, as well as a Volcanic Range that Jam had yet to see. The descriptions of Daoist Silentsans portrayed him to be a man that pursued virtue and righteousness.

Apart from the short descriptions of Daoist Silentsans, the jade slip explained in full details how to cultivate the two techniques Silentsans had gained enlightenment into. One of the techniques was a body refining technique that used Yang and Thunder energy, and the other was a technique that used all three Daos of Space, Yang, and Thunder, called Silent Rebirth.

Jam didn't really care for the body refining technique. However, Silent Rebirth was a truly insane technique.

[Silent Rebirth: A fusion attack composed of Yang, Thunder, and Space energy. The user creates nine masses of energy — three masses for each type of energy — controls the energies to surround the target, then simultaneously converge together into a single point — 0% | Evolvable]

It was like Final Resort, only if you took the concept used when creating Final Resort, and decided it wasn't destructive enough. However, unlike Final Resort, the damage of the technique was more focused, and wouldn't become an ungodly explosion.

Jam had spent enough of his time cultivating a fusion attack for his thunder, yang, and space energies, so he decided on cultivating Silent Rebirth some other time. For now, he would return to teleporting deeper into the mountain range.


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