Divinity Jam
53 Celestial Dream
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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53 Celestial Dream

As Jam was travelling through the mountain range, he was truly surprised at the number of special environments found within this pocket dimension. Not only had Jam passed by a Thunder Valley and Taiji River. Tzatziki said that the forest Jam had appeared in, when he entered the pocket dimension, was a special environment for the Wood Dao, and that the tundra was also a special environment for the Dao of Ice.

It had been seven days since Jam had left the legacy trial of Daoist Silentsans, and he had already seen a couple more special environments. Jam had passed by a vast stretch of plains, that Tzatziki called Wind Plains, as well as another Thunder Valley. It seems that there were several special zones of the same Dao sprawled across the Titanic Beast Mountain Range.

Jam had to stop on his tenth day of travelling from the legacy trial, as he had found another special environment that would help him. He was currently at the top of one of the mountains surrounding a massive volcanic range.

Jam was going to prepare another meditation site for him to meditate on the Dao of Fire. However, there was a group of cultivators in his way. Jam had seen more groups of cultivators after leaving the thunder valley, but he would just ignore them most of the time.

He would have preferred to ignore the group of cultivators in front of him as well, but he noticed that Cynthia was with them. Since one of his friends was with the group, Jam had to at least greet Cynthia before leaving.

Jam called out "Clearwind!" Jam hadn't forgotten to call Cynthia by her Daoist name now that they were in public. He didn't know if she wanted her real name to be known by the cultivators in her group.

"Purple Sunshine!" Cynthia could not believe she had found Jam so quickly.

"How's your trip been?" Jam was excited to tell Cynthia about the Wind Plains he had discovered, as he knew that she studied the Dao of Wind.

"It's been great! I managed to find a Celestial Lake." Cynthia then told Jam where the Celestial Lake was, as that information would help Jam progress in his Stellar Dao. The Celestial lake was actually less than a million kilometers away.

"Have you seen a stretch of Wind Plains?" Jam said, with a smug smile plastered on his face.

"Nope." Even though Cynthia said she hadn't seen a stretch of Wind Plains, she was excited at Jam question, as it would obviously mean that he had passed by one — unless he was some sort of sadist that liked to give others hope, before utterly destroying it right after.

Jam pointed in the direction he had just come from and said "About twenty million kilometers in that direction, there is a stretch of Wind Plains."

Then the cultivators that were with Cynthia cut in their conversation. "Clearwind, would you mind introducing us to your friend?"

"Oh, right. This is Daoist Purple Sunshine. He's one my friends. We got split up after entering the pocket dimension, as you can imagine."

"Nice to meet you Purple Sunshine. You can call me Daoist Eightswords." One of the members of Cynthia's party said. Daoist Eightswords was probably the leader of the party since he had the highest cultivation; at the Saint Lord level.

Then the rest of Cynthia's group introduced themselves. It seems that none of them knew each other very well and had only made a group to progress further into the mountains as a collective.

Since that was the case, Jam sent Cynthia an energy transmission "Cynthia, are you alright in this group?"

"Yeah. Why do you ask?" Cynthia raised an eyebrow at Jam's question.

"I'm just saying, you can travel with me if you'd prefer. I'm probably stronger than Eightswords over there." Jam wasn't too shy about telling it how it is, and rightly felt that Cynthia would be safer travelling with him.

"Nah, its fine. I'd feel pretty bad if I left them, after we travelled so far together." She didn't want to seem ungrateful to this group she had been travelling with for the past couple days.

"Alright, but if you ever need anything take this." Jam then gave Cynthia what looked to be a Signalling Talisman, as well as a piece of metal.

As a Tier 4 Inscriptionist, Jam's Signalling Talisman would be able to work within a range of a billion kilometers. As long as Cynthia broke his talisman, Jam would know that something important came up.

"Thanks." Cynthia said.

Jam then exchanged some formalities with the rest of Cynthia's party, before heading towards the Celestial Lake.

Jam chose to go to the Celestial Lake first, because his Stellar Dao would be able to improve more than his Fire Dao. An increase in Fire Dao cultivation would be great, but it could not compare to making a breakthrough with the Stellar Dao.

After all these Days of continuous teleportation, not only had Jam's teleporting range increased to several hundred kilometers. Jam's Dao of Space was making steady progress as well. His Space Dao still wasn't anywhere near making a breakthrough, but the progress was still evident.

Jam reached the Celestial Lake in a couple of minutes. The beauty of the Celestial Lake was otherworldly. The Stellar energy in the environment was so dense, Jam could almost feel it condense into a visible gas around him. There were even thousands of Stellar Lily sprouts strewn about, all over the lake's surface. These treasures by themselves were nothing special, all of them only at Tier 1 in herb classification, but they all had the potential to develop into Tier 8 herbs, if they grew for long enough.

This special environment might be called the Celestial Lake, but to the average mortal, the Celestial Lake was less of a lake and more of an ocean — it was over a hundred thousand kilometers in diameter.

Jam fortunately found an island in the center of the lake, and would not have to make another underwater cave. He quickly made all the preparations needed to meditate on the Stellar Dao — creating Tier 4 Celestial True Pills, and a Stellar Attracting Array.

After the preparations were in place, Jam began to meditate on the Stellar Dao, but he soon grew drowsy. This was not normal, as Jam no longer needed sleep after fusing his soul with his body. However, Jam could tell that this drowsiness came from his meditation on the Dao and not from an enemy attack. Thus he resigned himself to the sleep that had been calling out to him.

Danger Noodle grew hyper-aware after watching Jam fall asleep for no reason — assuming a semi-complete version of her true form. But after surveilling the environment for over thirty minutes with no signs of hostility, she returned to being a little snake coiled around Jam's arm; though the vertical pupils on her eyes never lost this sharpness.

Jam had actually entered a special form of enlightenment, due to his repeated meditation sessions. This form of enlightenment wasn't like a realization, but rather a chance where Jam could either realize something in his dream or wake up with no progress. Still, any form of enlightenment was highly sought after, so if anyone knew of all the times Jam entered a state similar to enlightenment they would curse the world for being unfair.

In his dream, Jam appeared in outer space. He saw the formation of planets, how the sun and the moon moved, and several other celestial phenomenon. At one point, Jam felt himself become a planet, and had an epiphany — a sensation as frustrating as thinking of something to say, then immediately forgetting it after saying the first word.

"Stellar energy is innately primal!" Jam had several of these moments before he finally realized a complete insight without immediately forgetting it. At that moment, in the real world outside of Jam's body a pillar of stellar energy — similar to the one he created after reached Dao Contact with the Stellar Dao — appeared.

At the origin of this pillar was Jam, and his body was currently being inscribed with the insights he had gained from his dream; from a stellar perspective, his body on its own, took on primal formations. Once the pillar of stellar energy faded away, a domain of Stellar energy manifested in its place. The Stellar domain continued expanding in size, until Jam had his entire body covered in simple Stellar Dao runes.

In the same moment Jam's Stellar Dao domain stopped expanding, all the yang energy in the energy flared up creating a new Yang Dao Domain.

The Celestial Lake — much like the Taiji River — had connections to several Daos. Cultivators that studied the the Celestial or Stellar Dao would improve the most, but those that studied the Daos of Yin and Yang would also benefit; albeit to a lesser extent.

Jam had already built up quite the foundation for his Yang Dao in the Taiji River. Creating his Yang Domain after gaining enlightenment in the Celestial Lake, was nothing out of the ordinary; especially if Jam's beam training for the legacy site was accounted for.

Jam had flown up into the air unknowingly, when he was making his breakthroughs. It was only after he was finished, that he went back down to the little island in the center of the Celestial Lake. Now that Jam had gained everything he could from this Celestial Lake, he left back to the volcanic range.


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