Divinity Jam
55 Recovery
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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55 Recovery

On one of the mountains right outside of the volcanic range, Danger Noodle created a little cave for Jam to recover in. Danger Noodle felt ill at ease letting Jam lie on the bare floor, so she let him rest on top of her body. Contrary to what most would think, Danger Noodle's scaly skin was actually quite soft and comfortable to lay on.

This time, the damage to Jam's body wasn't only physical, it affected all three core components of what made Jam alive: his energy, body, and soul. It would take Jam a couple days to recover enough strength to even be able to open his Spatial Storage Dimension. To pass the time, Jam made idle conversation with Danger Noodle.

It turns out Danger Noodle had a complete Thunder Flood Dragon bloodline. This meant that as long as Danger Noodle matured into an adult — in a dozen or so years — she would naturally breakthrough to the Immortal Realm.

Danger Noodle was only twenty or so years old, or the equivalent to Jam's ten years of age — if we compared how far along their "natural" lifespan they had lived. Even though both of them looked to be adults, they were still preteens.

The Law of Reproduction stated that the stronger a being becomes, the harder it will be for that being to reproduce. This allowed for only a certain amount of demonic beasts with complete bloodlines to exist. Jam was very lucky to contract a beast with a complete flood dragon bloodline while he was in the Spirit Realm, to say the least.

Another thing that came as a surprise to Jam, was that Danger Noodle would be able to assume a humanoid form after she became a Sage. This was a surprise, because Jam though that she could already transform, and just chose not to do so. Generally speaking, the higher the restriction for a demonic beast to gain a humanoid form, the greater that demonic beast's potential.

Danger Noodle was actually a fairly talented inscriptionist, being able to construct Tier 6 talismans. As a Thunder Flood Dragon, Danger Noodle had the highest proficiency with attacking, concealing, or illusion talismans, she had decent proficiency with defense talismans, and terrible proficiency constructing healing and cultivation talismans.

Danger Noodle was so bad a creating healing and cultivation-oriented arrays, that even Jam could create higher tier talismans than her. Danger Noodle tried using some of her healing talismans on Jam, but the results were not worth the cost of her talismans, so Jam told her he would heal naturally.

For three entire days, Jam lied motionlessly on Danger Noodle's back. On the evening on the third day, Jam could finally operate his energy to open his Spatial Storage Dimension. At that moment, he took out a bunch of Tier 4 Regeneration Pills and ate them. However, it would still take another two full day for Jam to return to the peak of his strength.

After a couple minutes of ingesting the pills, Jam could finally stand up, an hour later, he could fly. However, instead of traveling in his current state, Jam focused on recuperation. His physical body was already back to normal, but his Dantian, and Dantian Space were still in complete chaos.

Entire chunks of Jam's Dantian Space had fractured, and if someone were to take an x-ray image of the current state of Jam's Dantian, they would see a sphere-like object that had been punctured countless times.

Now that Jam had completely fused his energy, body, and soul, to restore his Dantian and Dantian Space, Jam would have to manually carve the rest of the insights he had stored in his Dao Palace, into his body.

Before, Jam had only able to carve insights into his body, because he had reached a high enough Dao cultivation. But, now that his energy system was connected to his body, Jam would be able to carve the rest of the insights he had gained, to reach Dao Contact and Dao Infusion.

After carving the rest of the insights he had gained in the past on his body, Jam's already existing bodily Dao runes would become more profound, in turn elevating their potency. The process of carving insights into the body, after completing the Rebirth Stage Tribulation, would normally not take so long, but Jam had 4 Daos at the Dao Domain level and another 5 at the Dao Infusion level.

This process of carving Dao runes into one's body was very eye catching, as all the Dao Runes — of the same type — that already existed would form a resonance with the one currently being inscribed. This makes the cultivator that is engraving the Dao runes on their body look like they are made of glowing tattoos.

Jam inscribed his Dao Infusion level Daos — Demonic, Bow, Beam, Space, and Time — first and then his Dao Domain level Daos — Stellar, Yang, Thunder, and Fire. As more and more Dao runes appeared in his physical body, the Dao Runes in Jam's Dao Palace also started changing.


As Jam was finishing his recovery. Back in the Wind Plains that Jam had passed while travelling to the Volcanic Range, Cynthia and her group had come across a bit of trouble.

After Cynthia had separated from Jam, she shared the news of knowing where the Wind Plains were. Daoist Eightswords — the leader of Cynthia's group — also happen to study the Dao of Wind, so he decided to move the group to the Wind Plains, hoping to make a breakthrough.

For three days, Cynthia and her group travelled across the endless Titanic Beast Mountain Range before finally arriving at the Wind Plains that Jam had discovered. There, they split off into parties of people they were familiar with in search of opportunities; most of the groups were made of three or less people and there were fifteen cultivators in total. Some cultivators of the group found spiritual herbs, others found ore, and others still came across exit points in space to leave the pocket dimension. Those who studied the Dao of Wind — like Cynthia and Eightswords — found a suitable place for meditation.

When the group of cultivators weren't in the process of treasure hunting or meditating, they would be fighting the local demonic beasts. In this regard, some just arbitrarily killed all the demonic beasts they could find, but others would only treat the demonic beasts as sparring partners; not needlessly killing beasts they came across, like Jam.

Everything was going well, until a group of Saint Lord Demonic Beasts descended from the skies to reign havoc. Up until that moment, it was rare for the group to encounter a single Saint Lord, thus they lost hope when encountering a squad of a dozen or so Saint Lords.

At the moment, Eightswords was negotiating with the group of Saint Lords; trying to find an escape route from the situation. However, The Saint Lords seemed to see Eightsword's groups as their prey as they started to openly share their negotiations with Eightswords.

"So, you say that you'll agree to hand over these cultivators in exchange for your freedom."

Up until this point, the negotiations had taken place through energy transmission. Eightswords was humiliated by the Saint Lords, by them revealing his plans before he left. This reveal caused all the other cultivators in his group look at Eightswords with looks of derision, hate, fear, and so on.

After a month of adventuring in the pocket dimension, Cynthia had broken through to become a False Saint. But she had the battle prowess of a Saint Grandmaster. By herself, she would be hopeless against a single Saint Lord, to say nothing about a squad of twelve.

It was at this point, that Cynthia broke the signalling talisman that Jam had left her. She didn't expect Jam to come to help her escape from her situation. As the heiress of the Smith Family, she had a ton of treasures that would let her escape this situation and then some. She reasoned that if Jam returned, than they might have a chance at saving some of these people that travelled in her group.

Cynthia sent an energy transmission to the others in her group "Guys, form up on me. " Cynthia had already proven her strength through the adventures these guys had with her, so they followed through with her request; only hoping for the best.

As the others moved about, Eightswords spoke out loud "Sure, but I want to take someone with me."

"Lets see, there are only fifteen cultivators in your group. You can take up to two people with you. If you take any more, will just kill you as well." After finishing its sentence, the Saint Lord that had been talking, started laughing hysterically.

The only reason the Saint Lords had bothered to conduct "negotiations" was because Eightswords was a Saint Lord as well. If they could avoid having to fight a being on their level, it would be worth letting one or two other cultivators escape.

Daoist Eightswords looked at one cultivator in particular. The cultivator he looked at, was the only sect member he had met after traveling for several months in the pocket dimension.


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