Divinity Jam
56 A Pair Of Scary Kids
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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56 A Pair Of Scary Kids

Back at the border of the mountains and the volcanic range, Jam opened his eyes as he noticed that the signalling talisman he had given to Cynthia had broken. Jam was currently back to 70% of his peak condition; still not finished with his recovery. However, he immediately left his cave to help Cynthia.

Jam had already finished inscribing his body with all the Space Dao insights in his body, which boosted his teleportation range to over a thousand kilometers. This meant that his Returning Teleportation would work for tens of millions of kilometers.

Jam checked to see if he could sense the pieces of metal he had left with Cynthia — and sure enough, he could. Since Jam could sense the mark he had left on the piece of metal, he could immediately teleport back to Cynthia's side.

Jam left a mark in his cave, picked up Danger Noodle, then teleported to Cynthia's location.

After Cynthia broke her signalling talisman, Eightswords had picked his companion and flown away from the group of Saint Lords. They left as fast as possible, so as to get away in case the group of Saint Lords decided to go against their word, and tried to kill them as well.

The Saint Lords were currently fighting Cynthia and the band of Saints behind her in earnest. Cynthia was no joke herself and with twelve others supporting her, they somehow just barely had the power to resist twelve Saint Lords.

Cynthia had finished her Rebirth Stage Tribulations before joining Eightsword's group, but only managed to become a Saint through the completion of her Space Dao Domain. Before coming to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range, she had already developed her Wind and Stellar Dao Domains.

With these three domains, Cynthia managed to elevate her speed to that of supreme Saint Lords. This extreme speed was only further boosted when Cynthia took out a green talisman and tagged herself with it. With speed now comparable to Saint Gods, she seemed to teleport around the battlefield and tagged the cultivators on her side with other green talismans. The ones she used on others were a bit paler in color, when compared to the one she used on herself; clearly the one used on herself was the best one she had.

Unfortunately, as Cynthia was about to tag the last cultivator, she was caught by a wave of Saint Water and Ice; completely lifeless by the time Cynthia appeared next to her. "Lilysnow..." this was one of the few acquaintances Cynthia made during her time in Eightswords, that she actually spoke with on a regular basis.

Enraged at Lilysnow's death, Cynthia lost her cool for a second and took out her halberd from her Space Ring. She stared at the Saint Lord Demonic Beast responsible for Lilysnow's death and drew a line after throwing her halberd like a javelin. While in flight, the halberd created a small circle of Wind Dao Runes as it shot through the air, after reaching a distance of 50 meters from Cynthia. Its speed doubled and by the time another fifty meters crossed, another circle of Dao Runes appeared; this time the circle was double the size of the first circle and was composed of Stellar Dao Runes. 100 meters later a final circle of Space Dao Runes appeared in the wake of the Halberds path and its speed tripled.

There was no question as to whether this attack would hit. It was both, moving faster than the Saint Lord could dodge, and by use of Space Dao techniques and her Space Dao Domain, Cynthia had locked down the space in the immediate vicinity of the Saint Lord. When the halberd, now travelling at several dozen times the speed of sound and blazing in Stellar Space Wind, finally hit the Saint Lord, half its body directly shattered into meat past, causing it to die immediately.

Cynthia made a gesture with her hands and the halberd that was flying off appeared once more in her hands. She used a technique similar to Jam's Return Teleportation on the halberd. She was panting after exhausting herself with such an extreme attack, so she summoned some Energy Restoration Pills and quickly returned to her previous peak.

All the remaining Saint Lords were terrified of this demon in girl's clothes, so they banded together to focus on taking her out first. Now, Cynthia lost her element of surprise and the fight quickly devolved into one of attrition. As long as Cynthia had her talismans and pills, she could support the remaining cultivators on her side, which would in turn help keeping her alive.

The Saint Lords tried using talismans themselves to counter the effects of Cynthia's talismans, but they sorely lost in terms of Tier potency when compared to the Smith Clan's best inscriptionists; all their best talisman were only at Tier 6, while the Saint God Inscriptionists of the Smith Clan were more than capable of dishing out Tier 7 talismans for their princess.

As the fight raged on, Jam finally made an appearance; sadly, two more cultivators on Cynthia's side died before he could arrive. Jam looked at the current situation and quickly understood what was happening. He also noticed the corpses of the cultivators that were traveling with Cynthia, but he couldn't find Eightswords.

A dark though popped in his mind, but it was repressed until, he had some answers. 'This fucker better not have left Cynthia to fend for herself...'

In the middle of the fight between the Saint Lord Demonic Beasts and the group of cultivators, Jam destroyed the tense atmosphere of the situation by asking Cynthia out loud " Where is Eightswords?" he had a look of displeasure.

"He traded our lives for his freedom. That bastard!" it was actually one of the remaining cultivators that answered Jam's question.

"Oh?" the look of displeasure on Jam's face morphed into one of cruelty. When Jam thought of the possibility of Cynthia getting killed because of some worthless cultivator with no backbone, a new emotion manifested within Jam; hatred. Cynthia was someone that had bonded with Jam for a lengthy period of time — on the spaceship. While he might not have as much care for Cynthia or his other friends as he did for Woody, their presence still held a place in his heart.

"Hey guys looky here. It seems their hero has come to save the day!" said one of the Saint Lords before laughing. A couple of the more savage Saint Lords also joined in, and laughed at Jam. Who could blame them? A Rebirth Stage cultivator appeared out of nowhere, as if he owned the place, in the face of a group of Saint Lords.

Jam looked at this Saint Lord, manifested his yang and thunder domains, before firing off a thunder-yang-space beam, with next to no charging time. Unsurprisingly, this beam hit and killed the Saint Lord that started mocking him, even though it had time to react to Jam's attack; it had been hit with Space and Time Locking skill, with its guard down.

"I'm sorry? Did I say you could speak?" Jam asked the remaining Saint Lords.

Jam's incomprehensible levels of power had astonished everyone there to witness them. Even the Saint Lords grew solemn at Jam's power and refused to speak up.

"Not going to answer? Good. It seems you need to be punished for hurting my friend."

Without turning to face Cynthia, Jam asked her through an energy transmission "Which one of these Saint Lords hurt you."

Cynthia was still shocked at Jam incredible growth, but said "The Lizard, Wolf, and Spider were the ones that managed to hit me."

Jam then turned to face the Saint Lords that matched Cynthia's descriptions and condensed another three thunder-yang-space beams, and killed them off as well. The demonic beasts Jam targeted were ready for any moves Jam wanted to take, but still failed to dodge his attacks in the end.

Jam easily clearing four Saint Lords, made everyone fear him. His actions showed that if he felt like it, all of them would die; they hadn't forgotten that Jam had teleported from seemingly nowhere, so they wouldn't hope to escape from him.

Jam turned to the rest of the Saint Lords and said "None of you have hurt my friend." This gave the rest of the Saint lords a bit of hope. That hope was short lived, as Jam then said "However, you need to pay for having me leave my recuperation."

Jam's sentence made them fear him even more, as it implied that he was not displaying the peak levels of his power.

"Now then, start listing off the Daos you study, and hope one of them matches what I need."

The group of Saint Lords Started listing off a bunch of Daos "I study the Dao of Ice, Metal,..., Space, Time,..., Beams,..."

"Good! You, you, and you. All three of you step behind me." Jam pointed at the Saint Lords that studied he Daos of Space, Time, and Beams.

"The rest of you disappoint me for not being able to pay me back. No worries, though. I'll just send you away with a parting gift." Jam said as he collected Cynthia, the remaining cultivators that were left, as well as the three Saint Lords he had just called over, into his Spatial Storage Dimension.

The remaining Saint Lords had a chill crawl up their spine, as they watched Jam teleport in front of them and throw a Final Resort at the floor. Before the Final Resort touched the ground Jam said "Take care!" and used Returning Teleportation to go back to his cave. He didn't mind losing out on the corpses of these Saint Lords, as he could easily find and kill others at that level if he ever needed to.

Jam's Final Resort, after completing the Rebirth Stage Tribulations had its range of destruction grow to over twice its previous size. Thus, none of the Saint Lords that were caught in its domain lived.

Back in his cave, Jam released the people in his Spatial Storage Dimension. Jam would have preferred to deal with Daoist Eightswords before returning to his cave. However, even after scanned the environment with his Void Detection, Jam could not find a trace of him.

Jam first dealt with the cultivators that survived the ordeal against the group of Saint Lords. They were frightened by Jam's power and wished to be released, so he complied, and let them leave. They wouldn't dare to ask if they could travel together with him and Cynthia, as Jam had shown earlier on, that he didn't want to move in their group.

Afterwards, Jam took out a couple bottle of Tier 4 Regeneration Pills and gave them to Cynthia. He also had Danger Noodle guard Cynthia, while he dealt with the Saint Lords. Cynthia didn't understand why Jam wanted a little snake to guard her. But considering what she just saw Jam do, she carried on and let the snake do as it pleased.

Oh no… Jam had another lustful look in his eyes, as he said "Now then, you lot have been chosen by yours truly, because you have the skills I need. None of you will get your freedom until I am satisfied with your servicing!"

The fact that all the demonic beasts Jam had picked were coincidentally female, didn't help his case. These demonic beasts were not like Danger Noodle, they didn't have complete bloodlines; they could already assume a humanoid form.

Would you guess how surprised Jam became when he blinked once, and saw the group of Saint Lords turn into a group of completely naked demoness surrounding him?

He quickly shouted "Why have your turned into your humanoid forms?!"

All three of the Saint Lords were confused. Demonic beasts — especially as the level of cultivation base increases — are used to resigning their everything to whichever demonic beast manages to defeats them; especially female demonic beasts, as it usually means becoming a slave to the winning party.

"I picked you three based on the Daos that you studied. In what ways were my intentions unclear?!" This was the second time an event of this nature had developed around Jam, and he was starting to feel as if he were cursed. If Danger Noodle could hear his thoughts, she would agreed with Jam; he was cursed... cursed with stupidity...

The Saint Lords wanted to retort 'Motherfucker, maybe if you used better phrasing, this situation could have been avoided...' However, they still had a complete fear for what he might do if they actually told him off, so they just stayed quiet.

"Now, I'll kindly ask you to revert back to your regular forms, and display your Dao Domains." Keeping these naked ladies around with Danger Noodle and Cynthia watching, was bound to tarnish Jam's reputation, and potentially lead to them calling him a sexfiend or something. These were the thoughts shuttling through Jam's mind, as he really didn't care if he was surrounded by naked people or not.

With the Dao Domains displayed, Jam began another impromptu study session. He started with the Saint Lord that specialized in the Space Dao. The difficulty of progressing in a Grand Dao was evident, as even with all the progress Jam had made, he couldn't form his Space Dao Domain; studying the Saint Lord's Dao Domain only pushed Jam's Space Dao half a step into the Dao Domain level.

Once Jam was finished with the Space Dao, he moved the Dao of Beams. Jam's Dao of Beams had made some progress towards the Dao Domain level after all his practicing to earn Silentsans' legacy. However, the Dao of Beams was just as difficult to progress in as other Grand Daos, so Jam didn't manage to make a Beam Dao Domain. Though, he did managed to develop Tier 4 Beam Essence.

The Dao of Time was next, and Jam made the most progress while studying this Dao. Because Jam's Time Dao was one of his most underdeveloped, it made the most amount of progress. Still, the Dao of Time was on the same level as the Dao of Space, so obviously Jam wouldn't be able to create a Dao Domain, after studying only one Saint Lord's Dao Domain.

After Jam finished studying from the Saint Lords, he kicked them out of his cave and warned them "If I ever see any of you again, it'll be the last time, ok?"

His words imbued with the strength of his cultivation, brought about enough fear in these three lucky Saint Lords, that they immediately used all their powers to force teleportation with their Dao Domains; they could be seen teleporting for dozens of millions of miles away, days after Jam had told them to fuck off...


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