Divinity Jam
57 Approaching The Center
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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57 Approaching The Center

After Jam kicked the Saint Lords out of his cave, he returned to talk to Cynthia. He had spent several hours studying the Saint Lords' Dao Domains, so after he returned to find Cynthia focused on recovering from the recent battle, he left her alone and focused on finishing the inscribing process of Dao Runes into his body.

After ten more hours of inscribing, Jam finally finished inscribing his body with all the Dao insights he had comprehended. From this point forward, all the insights Jam understood would be automatically inscribed onto his body, at the same time as his Dao Palace.

Cynthia had already finished recovering, as the first thing Jam saw when he opened his eyes, was Cynthia starting at him from her corner of the cave.

Jam was thrilled to know what they would do now, he said "Well, where do we go from here?"

"First off, I'd like to say thanks, for helping me out of that jam." Oh god… she had jokes….

Jam didn't seem to understand the humor, so he just ignored the figurative speech and continued on like normal. He said "No problem. I wouldn't be a good friend if I ignored your signal." Jam then gave Cynthia another signalling talisman.

Cynthia accepted the talisman with a nod and said "Honestly, I'll just follow you around. We only have another month in this place, and with your strength, I'll probably have the best opportunities by travelling with you."

"Alright then, do you want to go back to some of the previous special domains we've crossed during the month we've spent here, or do you want to keep heading further into the Mountain Range to see if we can find the center?"

"I'm fine with either option, but if you want to head back for me, don't. I'm already a False Saint, almost a Saint Master after the time I spent converting my spirit energy into Saint energy, so heading to the center would be the best course of action I can take."

Jam nodded and though for a while before he said "While I was at the Celestial Lake and the Wind Plains, I stuck around for a while to pick up some natural treasures. Do you by chance have any natural treasures you are in dire need of? We can trade..."

"Mhmm..." Cynthia thought about it for a second and could only think of one thing she needed. She took out three spiritual fruits: A Moonscent Chordate, a Galegust Berry, and a Crystal Space Jewel. With these three fruits appeared before her and Jam, she said "If you could make me Tier 4 Pills or Talismans to convert my energies into Saint energy, that would be all that I need." She might have a ridiculous quantity of Tier 7 Interference and Defence type Talismans, but those were to ensure her safety by the Clan. Cultivation and Healing type talismans would be up to her to procure, with her money; it was kind of like a test by the Clan as they wanted her to face some challenges as a cultivator, but not die.

"No problem~" Jam didn't beat around the bush and directly offered to help her out. He chose to create Conversion Talismans Type Space, Stellar, and Wind as these would be the easiest to create. He tried to convince her to just take some of the talismans he had stockpiled, but Cynthia remained adamant on not taking Jam's treasures; not after he basically rescued her.

Jam eventually had to shrug his shoulders and accept Cynthia's refusal to take his talismans, and started the creation process for what Cynthia required. He took out three pieces of Tier 4 talisman paper, his Inscriptionist pen, and had the three fruits hover before him. Eyes drawn towards the Space fruit, Jam chose to start off with that type of Conversion Talisman.

He activated his Targeted Gravitation technique and pulverized all the pieces of the space fruit into a silky smooth liquid. With this liquid hovering before him, Jam used his inscriptionist techniques to drawn dozens of precise runes on the talisman paper. His hands and fingers moved about erratically, sometimes moving extremely fast, other times they were depressingly slow.

Lines of all thicknesses were expertly printed down on the paper and the entire process to complete one talisman took Jam less than three minutes to complete. With the first Space Conversion Talisman finished, Jam started on the second and then eventually the third.

When all three talismans were completed, Jam packet them up neatly and handed them over to Cynthia. When he looked up to see her face, the look of utter shock directed at him and the papers he was handing over was a bit distracting.

Cynthia's face was priceless. She looked at the talismans Jam created and could not believe what she had just witnessed. 100% consummate-tier talismans? In less than ten minutes? WITH NO WASTED MATERIALS???

As a talisman expert herself, she was depressed when she thought of how proud she had been in the past for achieving her status as a Tier 3 Inscriptionist while maintaining her cultivation as high as it was. Jam was younger than her, but he was stronger and had achieved more in the path of Inscriptions as well; it was hard for her to not feel depressed.

This experience, if anything, was one of those moments Jam had inspired in others already; it showed Cynthia that she needed to take cultivation and training more seriously, if she didn't want to get left behind by Jam.

With the talismans in hand and a resolve to stand on equal footing with Jam after more training, Cynthia thanked him for his hard work and used the talismans immediately. Jam's consummate-tier creations were always comparable to things one grade above what he created, and they also had no side effects. After Cynthia tagged herself with these talismans, the fraction of Spirit energy within her, made of the space, stellar, and wind variety, instantly flared up and was turned into pure Saint energy.

With only Saint energy in her system, Cynthia became a fully fledged Saint Master. With this event cleared, the duo finally started their journey.

Jam didn't have to carry Cynthia in his Spatial Storage dimension to travel with her via teleportation, as Cynthia was a Saint; with a Space Dao Domain at that. All Saints — no matter what Daos they study — unlock the ability of forced teleportation, meaning that within the area of their domain, they can teleport without crossing space.

Forced teleportation is complete garbage when compared to true teleportation. It's most obvious flaw is that, the time between teleportation is hundreds of times slower; where true teleportation can be displayed several times per second, forced teleportation can only be used once every couple seconds.

Worse yet, was forced teleportation turbulence resistance. Turbulence resistance is a teleportation technique's ability to remain stable in the face of attacks. If someone were to teleport in unstable conditions, they might open up a portal leading to a zone of collapsed space; this would prove fatal for any cultivator that did not at least have a Space Dao Domain.

Because Cynthia had a Space Dao Domain, her forced teleportation would have a much larger range than other Dao Domains. However, Jam wasn't a monster, he taught Cynthia how to use true Teleportation — the version he learned from the True Gravitational Manipulation technique. With the help of her Space Dao Domain, Cynthia learned to teleport much faster than Jam. In return, Cynthia let Jam study her Dao Domain, though he never managed to complete his Space Dao Domain.

In a couple hours of practice, Cynthia could teleport several hundred kilometers. It was at this point that Jam and Cynthia started travelling further into the mountain range. Before they left, Danger Noodle had left Cynthia's side and coiled herself on Jam's arm.

Days passed with Jam and Cynthia crossing close to a billion kilometers, witnessing several strange biomes. They saw more thunder valleys, Wind Plains, volcanic ranges, and even True Water Ponds. Unfortunately, neither Jam nor Cynthia studied The Dao of Water, or Daos closely related with the Dao of Water, like the Yin or Ice Dao.

They also skipped studying from the new special environments they came across to not waste time. With less than a month left to adventure in the Titanic Beast Mountain Range, Jam and Cynthia wanted to reach the core of the pocket dimension as soon as possible. Fortunately they started seeing Saint Gods and Tier 7 natural treasures; albeit very rarely.

Jam finally started to understand why the pocket dimension was called the "Titanic Beast" Mountain Range. All the Saint Gods he came across were enormous, it was anomalous even when considering their high cultivation bases.

Most of the Saint Gods Jam came across would not mind him passing by; they wisely reasoned that anyone insane enough to be travelling though their neck of the woods, had to have something backing them up. However, there was one that figured Jam was an easy prey and tried to attack him. Jam wasn't at the level of being able to kill a Saint God, but running away from one was certainly doable. All it took was a single teleport with Cynthia to leave the Saint God's range for divine sense, and they were like dust in the wind.


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