Divinity Jam
58 Bad News
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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58 Bad News

It was after a full week from the day Jam and Cynthia left the first volcanic range that they encountered a group of wounded cultivators. Now that there were Saint Gods wandering around these parts, the likelihood of running into other cultivators had dropped substantially.

Oddly enough, there wasn't a single Saint God in the group of cultivators Jam and Cynthia found. Cynthia was ready to disregard the group of cultivators, when Jam suddenly teleported in front of them. As soon as an unfamiliar face showed itself to the group of cultivators, they all took fighting stances, and guarded themselves from Jam.

Jam ignored all of them and called out "Shinestar! Thunderscape! Are you also going to fight me?"

"Purple Sunshine?" both Rina and Kirin said at the same time. Rina and Kirin were also part of the injured cultivators and were surprised to see a friend at this time of being surrounded by enemies.

By this point, Cynthia had also teleported next to Jam, and was looking at Kirin and Rina was a look of concern. Cynthia asked "What happened?"

"We got ambushed by the Munchie Tribe, but were saved by these guys." said Rina

"Oh? What is this Munchie Tribe, and who are these guys?" said Jam, as he passed around bottles of his Tier 4 Regeneration Pills.

"The Munchie Tribe are a bunch of worthless tyrants that think they own the center of the mountain range. We're from the Junkie Tribe, we also live here in the center of the mountain range." said the leader of Junkie Tribe cultivators. He personally inspected the pills Jam passed around and confirmed they were healing pills, giving the others permission to eat them.

"Yeah… Unfortunately we weren't strong enough, and Arnold..." Rina said with a saddened expression.

Jam did not like this uneasy feeling he was getting when Rina mentioned Arnold. He asked "What's this about Arnold?"

"He was a valiant warrior. Someone I truly look up to… He, he sacrificed himself so we could escape from being captured by the Munchies."

"Sacrificed himself..." Jam chest started heaving rapidly and he felt a bit lightheaded. He didn't know what was happening to him right now as new emotions he had never experienced before were started to manifest.

"What exactly do you mean by sacrificed himself?! Did you see his corpse!" Cynthia was trying to be calm, but no one fell for her act. They could all see that she was dealt a very harsh blow from this piece of information.

Rina started crying as she recounted the story from her perspective.

After we entered the pocket dimension from the outside on Planet Afrov, Kirin and I landed not one million kilometers from here. Since this place is crawling with Saint Lords and Saint Gods, we obviously had to move about secretly. It was during these times of moving through the shadows that we found Arnold fighting like a madman against a Saint Grandmaster.

When we all got together, we started covering more of the mountain range at a faster pace. We got a little overconfident in our time looking for treasures and eventually ran into a squad of Muchie tribesmen. Those guys were extremely unreasonable and wanted us to follow them back to their village and take all our things.

Obviously, we declined, but that only prompted them to start fighting us. Their pitiful squad was only made of one Saint Lord and several Saint Grandmasters. So with the training we had accomplished during our adventures here, we managed to fight off and kill their Saint Grandmasters. Alas, the Saint Lord managed to hold us down long enough for reinforcements to help them out.

As their reinforcements started to overpower us, these guys from the Junkie tribe just showed up and took to our side. With several Saint Lords showing up to help us fight with the enemy Saint Lords, the battle became one of attrition. At least, that was the case until a Saint God from the Munchie tribe appeared.

His appearance would have marked death for all of us if not for Arnold. At the critical moment, he had already been fighting for a while with several Saint Lords, thus he made a breakthrough into the into the Saint Grandmaster stage with his Dao of Emotions and chose to do something extremely reckless. Arnold… he took a Bedevilment Talisman.

With his Dao of Emotions just barely reaching the required degree of proficiency to sustain that talisman, Arnold pushed his Berserk superpower to the ultimate of extremes and managed to gain the power capable of rivaling everyone on the enemy side. I still remember how his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth were constantly leaking blood.

The whites of his eyes turned a menacing grey, while his yellow pupils dimmed somewhat. He had a smile on his face even though his superpower and wrath were consuming his lifeforce…

The last few things I remember from that event were the thunderous booms that resulted from Arnold and the Saint God clashing. Light, Darkness, and Fire energy shot off in all direction from the battle and we could imagine the carnage that resulted from the fight as the noise travelled dozens of thousands of kilometers...

We never saw him fall, but the sounds of the battle stopped even though they were clear moments before, after an hour. Then you guys showed up after we took our rest when we decided to head to the Junkie village.


As Rina finished recounting the story from her perspective, the leader of the Junkies said "Technically it's true that we don't know if he's alive, but the Munchies are a ruthless bunch. It's been over a day! By now, you friend… he's probably been tortured to death." He wasn't trying to be an asshole, he was just a bit too straightforward with his honesty.

In this time of emotional turmoil, Jam surprisingly withdrew the entirety of his aura; he looked like a regular mortal. However, the look in his eyes showed he was ready for a massacre; they were void of light.

"Which direction?" said Jam, his words were almost whispers.

"What?" said the leader of the Junkies.

"Point me in the direction of these Munchies."

The leader knew this friend of Rina and Kirin was currently emotionally unstable. Instead of telling him where the home base of the Munchies was located, the leader looked at Rina and Kirin.

Kirin looked back Rina, and then the leader, before nodding his head. He knew that the leader was taking their opinions into consideration before letting Jam fall into danger. Kirin didn't want Jam to go, but he knew how Jam felt right now; not letting Jam do as he wishes would make him a hypocrite.

The leader pointed in the southwestern direction, before saying "They're that way. About eighty-seven thousand kilometers from here." Jam give him a "thanks" and a nod, before passing him a mark for his returning teleportation as well as a Signalling Talisman.

Jam said "When I'm through with the Munchies, I'll go pay you guys a visit." The leader gave Jam a nod and accepted both the Signalling Talisman and the mark.

When Kirin and Rina asked to join Jam in his rescue mission, he allowed them into his party and collected them in his Spatial Storage Dimension. Cynthia would naturally follow in Jam's path, as all the core disciples — even Evangeline to a certain extent — had developed bonds with each other, while messing around these past few months; especially on the spaceship.

Cynthia knew Jam's strength, and both of them had strong enough survival abilities to escape from Saint Gods. If worse came to worst, fleeing would have to do. Though, they didn't plan on fleeing, without at least gutting the Munchie Tribe in the process.

Now, Cynthia could fight head on with Saint Lords. Kirin and Rina were both at the Saint Master level as well, possessing battle prowess on the same level as Cynthia. At the moment, Jam's party currently comprised of four Saint Lords, and a pseudo Saint God — if you only looked at their strength.

Regardless of Arnold's living status, Jam subconscious made up his mind to exterminate this Munchie Tribe.


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