Divinity Jam
60 The Second Ac
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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60 The Second Ac

At the same moment that Jam put Arnold into his Spatial Storage dimension, he make a run for the exit of the prison to discuss what he would do afterwards with the Rina, Kirin, and Cynthia. Since he knew exactly how to leave the prison and the Tribe Grounds, Jam only spent two minutes rushing through, to reach a place suitable for discussing. Time was of the essence now that he killed a Saint Lord within the prison.

Upon summoning everyone from his Spatial Storage Dimension, Jam quickly sent an energy transmission to everyone, explaining the situation. Within seconds, there were plenty of useful ideas thrown around by the various people partaking in this mission.

Jam was the first to say "I'll be returning to the prison to save as many prisoners as possible. Afterwards, I'm blowing the place up."

Kirin said "I know how to make Thunderblight Runes that can explode upon receiving shock. Rina knows how to make Fireblight Runes which work in the same way. We can stealthy place thousands of them all around the city."

Cynthia said "I can teleport around the city with you right before we light this place up, to save the slaves and prisoners faster."

Jam nodded and handed everyone a set of variant Signalling Talismans, which would notify everyone when anyone shattered their copy. After handing out the talismans, Jam said "Danger Noodle and I will enter the prison now and rescue as many people as possible. If you finish your side immediately leave this place. If anyone is still within the city when I'm done, I'll send you into my dimension before starting the final attack. Should anyone get noticed, immediately break your talisman. The mission will end early and both Cynthia and I will be teleporting around to get you guys before leaving."

Jam pointed to one of the Signalling talismans in the set that he gave everyone and said "The blue talisman means that I'm done and will commence the final attack, If I shatter it, I want everyone except for Cynthia to leave the city immediately. She and I will have a minute after I crush the blue talisman to teleport around and rescue as many prisoners as possible.

Remember, I can keep track of everyone, so I'll wait until everyone leaves the city. The red one is for the aforementioned case in which we need to cancel the mission and leave ASAP. Understood?"

Everyone nodded and took one more talisman from Jam; the False Death Talismans, Danger Noodle created before the recon mission began. Everyone tagged themselves with the Talisman, aside from Danger Noodle and Jam, and the new mission began. Everyone shot off towards the city before immediately scattering.

When Jam returned to the prison, he ignored the entrance and shot towards the lower floors. He wanted to rescue the higher ranking members first in case he needed to leave early. In the prison, there were a total of 233 special prisoners, guarded by Saint Lords. Like Arnold, they were isolated and very far from each other. This allowed Jam to easily assassinate the interrogators and rescue the prisoners without being detected.

Jam would always store all the bodies of the interrogators into his Storage Space, as leaving it out in the open could hasten the enemy discovering his presence. If anyone used their divine sense and came into contact with the bodies of the interrogators the entire tribe would be alerted immediately. Of course, an enemy scanning the special prisoner interrogation cells, and not finding the prisoner or the interrogator, would also send red flags, but it would not be as urgent as discovering the corpse of a Saint Lord.

Even if Jam hid the bodies of the interrogators into his Storage Dimension, the Munchies would eventually realize something was going on; at most Jam had a couple hours to work with, before arousing suspicion.

Jam ran around the dungeon-like prison, assassinating interrogators and rescuing prisoners. Not all the prisoners were from the Junkie Tribe; Jam could tell from the differing tribal tattoos. However, everyone held prisoner by the Munchie were considered friends to Jam, as he had a complete hatred from the Munchies seeing the kind of culture they lived.

After clearing the special interrogation cells, Jam rescued 231 Saint Lords, and surprisingly, he also rescued a Saint God.

The Saint God prisoner was in the worst condition out of all the prisoners Jam had seen. Not only was the Saint God completely pale — as if, devoid of blood — Jam also found a pile of his cut off appendages by his side. It seemed that the Saint God was tortured by a particularly twisted interrogator, as not only were his appendages cut off. It appeared that the Saint God had experienced having his skin flayed off, then his skinless arms and legs cut off by segments.

Even Jam had a bit of vertigo looking at the horrifying sight. However, time was of the essence, and Jam couldn't fix the Saint God in a short amount of time. Thus, Jam sent him, and all his "pieces," into his Storage Dimension.

The people that had entered Jam's Storage Dimension couldn't see the outside world, but they knew Jam was very efficient and fast, from the rate of people being rescued. After Jam had left the special interrogation section of the prison, he returned to the main prison. There, Jam began a covert massacre and rescued tens of thousands of prisoners in mere minutes.

Most of the prisoners that Jam rescued were either Saint Masters or Saint Grandmasters, as the False Saints and below would not last in the conditions provided by the prison. Those who were weaker would probably be sold to the tribesmen outside the prison as slaves.

In the main section of the prison the population of guards was far denser, however, the cultivation base of the guards were lower. This allowed Jam to completely wipe out hundreds of prison guards, without alerting anyone at a time and successfully rescue everyone. It also allowed Jam the chance to perfect his Stellar Atmosphere and increase his Dao of Bows.

Jam would use Divinity to use a superpower known as Phantom Coating to make his stellar energy attacks melt into space. It was a god-like assassination superpower which allowed Jam the ability to launch hundreds of reinforced stellar arrows across the prison with none of the guards even knowing how they died. Even Danger Noodle shuddered at the efficiency of Jam's killing spree.

In next to no time, Jam completely rescued everyone. At that moment, he felt that he should leave and complete the final act of this mission; the bombing. However, as Jam was travelling out of the prison, he stopped. On his face a mischievous smile spawned and he came up with a devious plan. Jam wondered what would happen if he used Time Locking on his Final Resort attacks, before letting them rain down into the Munchie Village.

Usually, Jam could only condense and control one Final Resort at a time. However, if he used Time Locking on his own skill, as long as he didn't wish for his skill to progress, the Time Locking should stay in affect. Hypothetically, Jam could cast as many Final Resorts as his energy could support and release them all at once with the help of Time Locking.

Jam made up his mind to begin condensing Final Resorts. He thought that he wouldn't have much time anyways, as someone was bound to check up on the prison eventually. So he decided to keep condensing Final Resort until someone discovered him, or what he did in the prison.

After Jam condensed his first Final Resort, he used Time Locking; the outcome was as he predicted. The attack froze in the space next to Jam. After confirming that his theory was correct about the nature of Time Locking his own attacks, Jam proceeded to condense dozens of Final Resort.

Jam made about ninety Final Resorts before feeling a bit weak. This normally would not happen, but because Jam did not want to risk exposing himself by using his fire and thunder Dao Domains, he could not create Final Resort as easily. But Jam did not complain, ninety Final Resorts detonating simultaneously could probably severely injure Saint Gods.

Even with all the time that had passed, apparently no one had realized Jam's actions. Nor did any of his friends activate their Signalling Talismans. So, with Phantom Coating hiding away the ninety Final Resorts hovering behind him, Jam made his way back out of the prison. He did a quick scan of the city and was pleased with his friends' work.

Everyone had finished their side. Rina and Kirin had plastered close to ten thousand Blight type Runes across the city, which would give off a ridiculous explosion when shocked by the calamitous Final Resort Barrage Jam would unleash momentarily. Those two were with Cynthia, who was waiting for Jam to crush the blue talisman and begin rescuing as many slaves as they could before the final attack.

Jam took out an unused jade slip from his Spatial Storage Dimension and began to jot down the location of the slaves he found through a combination of Divine Sense, Detection form, and Phantom Coating. Within thirty seconds, all 137 slaves currently alive and outside of the prison where found.

Jam inscribed a basic map of the entire city and pinpointed exactly where the slaves were located before crushing his blue talisman. Jam met up with Cynthia, gave her the jade slip he just inscribed and told her to take care of the north side. Before he left to take care of the south side, his Phantom Coated Final Resorts slowly had their Time Locking released and gently fell towards the earth; in less than a minute, hell would raze the earth and heavens alike.

Jam began his rescuing effort as well and teleported from site to site wasting no time or energy in concealing the spatial ripples his teleportation would cause. Cynthia had already started and she didn't have anything to hide her teleportation, so Jam had no reason to conceal his existence. Furthermore, most of the slaves were being used at all times, so taking them would instantly bring him attention anyways.

Within seconds, the Saint Gods of the Munchie Tribe sprung into action; alerted by the constant space ripples. Alas, they couldn't do anything before Jam and Cynthia rescued all the slaves and left the Munchie Territory. Under the effects of Danger Noodle's False Death Talismans, the Saint Gods could only react to the spatial ripples after Jam had already left. By the time they could re-teleport, Jam and Cynthia would have teleported dozens of times with their superior true teleportation.

Jam and Cynthia completed their rescue mission in just under five seconds. After five seconds passed, they returned to the same location as Rina and Kirin. Jam collected the people Cynthia rescued into his Storage Dimension and the group waited to see just how horrifying Jam's final attack would turn out to be.

They did not expect the result… Ninety Final Resorts, buffed by thousands of Thunder and Fire Blight Runes? From well over five hundred kilometers away, everyone could see a nuke-like detonation completely destroy the enter Munchie Territory. A titanic mushroom cloud appeared in the distance as six rings expanded. The shockwave from this attack travelled for millions of kilometers and for millions more, the sound extended.

At Jam's position, tornado force winds ruined the landscape and several of the mountain peaks were leveled off. The temperature increased by several hundred degrees, and Jam could see that at the impact zone, a perfect crater appeared where the Munchie territory once stood. The ground melted into glass and nearly everyone was wiped out. Only the Saint Lords and Saint Gods outside of the prison that managed to forcefully teleport in time managed to avoid certain death; most were wounded, but none died.


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