Divinity Jam
61 Junkie Territory
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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61 Junkie Territory

After the dust settled from the barrage of Final Resorts, Jam collected everyone into his Storage Dimension and used Return Teleportation to reunite with the group of Junkie Tribesmen that had been travelling with Rina and Kirin. The group of Junkie Tribesmen had only travelled a couple hundred thousand kilometers since Jam left their side, so Return Teleportation was well within range.

When the Junkies saw Jam teleport in front of them again, while they were alerted, they calmed down much faster than their initial encounter, now that they knew that Jam was an ally. Jam turned to the leader and said "I've already rescued everyone from the Muchie's prison. Should I release them here? Or should I travel with you to the Junkie village and release them there?"

"What?!" The leader couldn't believe what Jam just said.

Jam thought it would be too much trouble to explain himself, so he just released everyone from his Spatial Storage Dimension. After the wandering Junkie tribesmen saw the familiar faces of those that had been captured in previous battles, they were ecstatic. They couldn't help but begin to express their gratitude towards Jam.

They had to admit that Jam was a monster. Even if all the people he rescued were not from the Junkie tribe, there were still tens of thousands of prisoners present in front of them. Those that were captured by the Muchie Tribe were all either Junkie tribesmen or tribesmen allied with the Junkies; very few were foreign cultivators that came to the Titanic Beast Mountain Range with the same intentions as Jam and his friends.

Now that all the people Jam rescued were out facing the Junkie Tribesmen, they began discussing what the next course of action would be. It wasn't much of a debate, since everyone wanted to go to the Junkie Village. Even the non-Junkie tribesmen would go there as well, not only to recover from their "imprisonment," but also to have someone from the Junkie Tribe send word to their tribes that they had been rescued.

In the end, it was decided that Jam would collect everyone and teleport them to the Junkie village. Cynthia might have a much greater range for true teleportation than Jam, but she didn't have the Spatial Storage technique. Given that it was a technique that Tzatziki impart to Jam, Jam felt he had no right to share the technique without Tzatziki's permission.

When Jam asked Tzatziki if he could give her the technique, he said "You can do whatever you want. Even if you told the world about any of the techniques I've given you, nothing bad would happen to you since there is no consequence for such an action in the soul contract. However, if you could please limit the distribution of my techniques to only important people like your Tamed Beasts and Dao Companions, that would be much appreciated."

Jam wasn't ungrateful, so he took Tzatziki's words to heart and didn't teach Cynthia the technique. Besides, the difference in their range was within a couple hundred meters; with the rate of teleportation being several times a second, having to teleport a couple dozen more times than Cynthia wouldn't waste much time.

After Jam learned what direction to teleport and the distance, he gathered everyone into his personal storage dimension and quickly made his way to the Junkie village. Once he could sense the village in his teleportation range, he teleported just a couple kilometers away from the entrance and released everyone from his dimension.

Everyone knew exactly where they were, thus they headed towards the village. Almost immediately after they were transported from the Spatial Storage Dimension to the outside world, the Junkie Tribe became alerted. Since no one had hidden their spiritual aura, it was very easy to detect them, as they were only a couple kilometers away from the entrance.

The sudden influx of spiritual aura generated by tens of thousands of Saint Realm Cultivators spooked the Junkie village to the point that their eight Saint Gods came out to confront all the people that suddenly appeared.

However, the tension was cut off almost as fast as it appeared. Once the Saint Gods took a closer look at who had appeared outside their village, they showed several emotions at the same time.

Some of these Saint Gods had friends and family that were captured by the Munchies, seeing all of them appear again as well as other tribe members caused them to lose their cool. All of the Junkie Saint Gods were in a good mood at the very least.

As the Saint Gods flew towards the returning members they began to have a happy reunion. One of the Saint Gods though, was visibly distraught after not seeing someone in particular. Even after scanning all the people with her divine sense she couldn't find the person she was looking for, so she asked "Is this really everyone?"

There were many prisoners that had been killed after been thoroughly interrogated, so it would make sense if she was the wife of some prisoner that had unfortunately died before Jam could save them. The Saint God had almost given up, when suddenly Jam said "I have one more person with me, but he's in critical condition and needs to rest. That's the reason I haven't taken him out of my personal dimension."

In an effort to calm down the Saint God, he took out the "main part" of the Saint God that had been flayed and cut up into segments from his dimension; it was just a torso and head at this point. The poor Saint God that had been tortured still haven't received any pills as Jam had yet to cauterize his cut up limbs back onto his body.

When the Saint God that asked Jam saw the man, which had been taken out of Jam's personal dimension, she visibly shook and her aura momentarily lost it balance. She was at first very appalled by the sight of the the desecrated man and couldn't immediately recognize who the person was. But after picking up on the man's energy signature, she knew it was the person she was looking for and became both very angry and happy at the same time.

She was happy that her Dao Companion was still alive, but very angry at those that caused his current state. In that moment, the female Saint God had the glow of the Heavenly Dao surrounded her as she said "Munchies! You and I can no longer live under the same sky! Until only one of us remain, I will continue to seek out your annihilation at every opportunity or my Dao shall perish!" The world recognized her promise and thunder rained down from the sky even though there weren't any cumulonimbus clouds.

Even though the other Junkie Saint Gods were sharing the female Saint God's feelings with regards to the returning Saint God, they didn't make a promise on their Dao like she did, as it wasn't as serious to them. A promise one made to their Dao was more important than one's life. At least if you died, you would have a chance for reincarnation, the same could not be said for someone not going through with a promise they made to their Dao.

After a quick reunion at the entrance to the village, everyone was escorted to the inside of the village to talk about what had happened. As Jam walked through the village he saw many people looking back at him. He was the only Soul Fusion Cultivator walking among the tribe's Saint Gods, so it was an understatement to say he caught the bystanders' attention.

As he was being led by the Saint Gods to the center of the village, Jam saw many regular villagers share heartwarming reunions and soon a large crowd began to march together. In the large village square, every person returning from the Munchie prison as well as all the regular villagers of the Junkie tribe assembled to hear how everyone managed to come back.

The leader of the Saint Gods of the Junkie tribe commenced the meeting. He said, addressing all the villagers "As all of you can see, some of our comrades have managed to come back from the Munchie prison. This is a joyous occasion and later we will definitely host a feast, but for now we would all like to know how exactly this came about. Can someone please come up and explain what happened."

Jam went up to the stage to tell the Junkies about the mission. Some of the people in attendance didn't understand why some no-name Rebirth Stage cultivator had the honor of explaining what happened. But after these people saw that none of the Saint Gods or even the returning members said a word, they kept these thoughts to themselves.

Jam made it to the podium on the stage, and began to recount exactly how he met up with his friends Rina and Kirin travelling with some of the Junkie tribesmen.

Jam talked about the two step plan which ultimately led to the rescue of thousands of prisoners and slaves. He talked about his accomplishments and didn't forget to mention Rina, Kirin, Cynthia, and Danger Noodle's efforts.

Most people wouldn't believe Jam's story as he was only a Soul Fusion Stage cultivator. How would he infiltrate the Munchie Village without alerting anyone? How would he be able to instakill Saint Lord Stage cultivators without alerting others inside the prison? Blow up the village? The Munchie village was over 250 square kilometers in size! Even Saint Gods would be hard pressed to create an attack on that level.

However, after most Saint Lords that were rescued from the prison vouched for Jam, explaining that he had blown up the interrogators' heads before they could even realize it, people started to believe in Jam.

After Jam told everyone how he single handedly rescued everyone from the Munchie prison as well as destroyed the Muchie village, and probably killed most of the Munchie off as well, the Saint Gods of the Junkie Tribe openly accept Jam and his friends into the village and granted them the right to stay for as long as they wanted.

Jam and his friends were given a house to share, all of them decided to recover for a couple days before deciding on their next move. Since they were going to stay, Jam's group was invited to the feast that was going to be held the next day to celebrate the return of the former prisoners.

Jam agreed to attend, but instead of idly wasting the time, he went to the female Saint God's residence and helped treat her Dao Companion. After gaining the female Saint God's permission, Jam started an intense healing session; he had given the female Saint God her Dao Companion's body and body parts before entering the village.


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