Divinity Jam
62 Undercurrents
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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62 Undercurrents

To fix the segmented Saint God, Jam had to go through a lengthy restoration process. Since the Saint God's skin had been flayed off, it had to stay that way until Jam reattached all of the cut up pieces of his body. Jam began the reattachment process with the arms. He reattached the upper arms, then the forearms, and finally the hands. Unfortunately both hands had the fingers cut up into 14 segments for each hand (2 segments for the thumb and 3 for each of the other fingers).

The process of reattaching all these segmented body parts would have been several times worse if Jam didn't practice the Dao of Yang. More specifically, because of Jam's Solar Upheaval skill, even though he didn't have any active healing skills, Jam could infuse yang aspects to his flames.

The Yang Dao aspects of Virtue and Light allowed Jam to imbue extreme healing and nourishing properties to his skills. Not only were his flames cauterizing the body parts back onto the Saint God, his vitality was also being nourished and healed because of Jam's yang fire.

It took Jam three hours to completely assemble to top half of the Saint God back together. After that Jam began to piece together the Saint God's lower torso and legs; fortunately the Saint God wasn't castrated. Jam finished the bottom half of the Saint God after another 5 hours.

Once the Saint God had his body reconnected, Jam told the female Saint God to feed him some of the Tier 4 Regeneration Pills he gave her. Because all of Jam's pills were perfect, he told the female Saint God that only high-level tier 5 pills or regular tier 6 regeneration pills would be more effective than his pills.

Before leaving, the female Saint God stopped Jam and said "I, Xie Xinyi, will not forget this favor, and I'm sure Xie Ming won't as well. I'll see you tonight at the feast." She did an over-the-top Daoist bowing gesture and Jam left, not knowing how to react.

Jam went to the house that had been given to his group, the first thing he saw after entering the house was Cynthia tending to Arnold's burned body; she was helping dress all the burn marks on his body. Arnold looked quite pitiful in his current state, even if he truly wasn't as wounded as he appeared, so Jam decided to make some Tier 4 Shedding Pills.

Usually these pills were used only by women, to discard any old or scarred skin, so that they would look perfect all the time. But for Arnold's case, it would effectively get rid of all the burns on his body. Shedding Pills weren't very hard to create, so Jam created a perfect batch of thirteen on his first attempt. He gave one to Arnold, and the rest of the pills went to Cynthia and Rina.

The effects of the pill were near instantaneous. Arnold took the pill and his burned skin start turning black and fell off of him as if he were a mortal with a sunburn. When the process was done Arnold looked like he did when Jam saw him before entering the Titanic Beast Mountain Range pocket dimension; his left arm was still missing though, so he had that problem.

With Arnold being taken care of, Jam went to his room and started meditating on the Space Dao while waiting for the feast to start. He wasn't in a special environment for Space, so the meditation session didn't yield significant result. But, any amount of training was welcomed by Jam.

Once the time for the feast had arrived, Jam and co. left together to the village square. There, they found that literally everyone from the village had arrived, even though the feast didn't officially start for another couple minutes.

Jam was invited to sit in the seat of honor in the table that housed all the powerhouses in Junkie village. The rest of Jam's friends were also seated near him, but in the normal seats.

The leader of the Junkie Tribe started the feast with a short speech. After everyone quieted down, he said "As you all know, yesterday several of our captured comrades came back to the village."

He paused and pointed towards Jam, before continuing "This young man, on his adventure in our world, took it upon himself to infiltrate and rescue everyone from the Muchie's prison and he did it SINGLE HANDEDLY. Not only have we come together today to celebrate the return of our brothers, we're here to show him the gratitude he rightfully deserves.

As the benefactor of our tribe, he will be known from this day forward as the Lone Spirit of the Junkie Tribe. He will always have a place in our tribe and will be treated as such."

Once the leader of the Saint Gods finished his speech, the feast officially started and everyone started eating. Nothing eventful happened during the formal event. It was only after the evening was coming to a close, that the Saint Gods asked Jam to stay behind to discuss something.

Jam told his friends that he had something to do, and that he would go to their house later when he was finished. Once it was only the nine Saint Gods and Jam, the leader of the Saint Gods started a new conversation.

"Now that we have some privacy, let get down to business. You may or may not know this but currently we, the Junkie Tribe, are allied with the Red Hawks and the Whirls Tribe. We have always been allied, and we constantly fight against the Munchie and Nova Tribes, and then there are the Mu and Li Clans.

The Munchie and Nova Tribes are in a very good relationship, much like our relationship with our two allied tribes, and they are neutral to the Clans. The Clans are likewise neutral towards the Munchies and the Nova Tribes, as well as us and our allied party.

According to your story, the Saint Gods of the Munchies probably survived and escaped from your attack. It won't take long for them to go to the Nova, and request for backup to take revenge. Since you didn't alert anyone from the Munchies during your rescue mission, they won't know who did the act. All they saw was your face, and since you aren't a part of any tribe, they shouldn't go after any of our allied tribes. Furthermore, you rescued people from all three parties allied with us, they have even less of a track to follow as a result.

However, the extermination of an entire Tribe will probably be a catalyst for the enemy tribes to go to war. We're going to need to inform the Red Hawks and Whirls Tribes as the battle will probably begin sooner rather than later."

After the leader of the Junkie Tribe Saint Gods, Xie Fang, stopped talking, he gave a chance to the other Saint Gods to give their input. Xie Xinyi, volunteered to go to the Red Hawks Tribe to fill them in on the situation as well as escort the Red Hawks members that Jam had rescued.

Another Saint God, Xie Tian, chose to to the same of Xie Xinyi, but with the Whirls Tribe. Both Xie Xinyi and Xie Tian, would now go and inform the other tribesmen that they will be escorted back to their respective tribes tomorrow morning.

As this secret meeting was wrapping up, in one of the houses of the Junkie tribesmen, there was a man in the basement of his house, communicating through an array.

The man was a spy for the Munchies and he was currently making his report of the week. He would have liked to report the incident surrounding Jam earlier, but because the array had so many features — long distance communication, concealing, disguising, energy dissipation, etc… — his array would only work once a week, after he earned enough spirit stones to power it.

Through the communication array, the spy talked with a hologram of one of the Munchie Saint Gods. The spy was just a low level grunt, so he had to wait for the Saint God to talk first. The Munchie Saint God said "We are currently under a code red emergency. You don't have to do anything with regards to collecting intel on the Junkies from now on. Be on the lookout for this man." The Saint God then showed the spy a picture of Jam.

The spy was shocked as the picture he was presented with was one of Jam. There was no one in the Munchie village who didn't know about Jam. The spy said "Lord Wang Bo, the man in the picture you showed me, is here in Munchie village..." The spy then recounted to the Saint God about all that things that happened during these two days.

After hearing the spy's report Wang Bo showed an evil smile and thought to himself 'Good, good, good… Now that I know where you're hiding I can make a preemptive strike. I hope you enjoy your final hours alive, since tomorrow I will personally make sure you don't exist.'


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