Divinity Jam
63 Red Thunder Evolution, Advent Of A War
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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63 Red Thunder Evolution, Advent Of A War

After the meeting with the Saint Gods, Jam went back to the house the Munchies gave him. There, he briefed his friends on the things that were discussed in the meeting. Afterwards, the group talked about their next course of action. Somewhere along the conversation Kirin asked Jam "Have you asked the Junkie Elders about the special environments?"

Kirin had a point. The Junkie Tribe was one of the biggest groups in the center of the pocket dimension. If anyone knew where the best special environments where located, it was bound to be them.

Jam took note, and confirmed "Tomorrow I'll ask the Junkie Elders where some of the special environments around the center of the pocket dimension are."

Jam continued chatting with his friends for a while, before leaving for his room. He wanted to spend some more time meditating on the Space Dao as that was the only thing holding back from reaching the Saint Realm. However, Danger Noodle asked Jam if they could trade Dao insights.

Jam agreed to her request since he felt bad for not interacting with her all this time. Jam was starting to understand that he was neglecting the people around him, trading the time he would have spent talking to his friends with cultivation.

Tzatziki had once mentioned that Cultivation was not just about mindlessly meditating and absorbing energy. Experiences were sometimes the most crucial parts of cultivation; life experiences to be exact.

Jam walked out of the house and headed to the forested area outside of the village to discuss Dao Insights with Danger Noodle. Since both of them had Thunder Dao Domains, one of the best ways for them to trade insights would be to show the application of their insights through a domain.

Since Danger Noodle was a Saint Lord with a legitimate Thunder Dao Domain, she began the discussion. She casted out her Dao Domain, which at this point had a range of over 8,000 kilometers, and said "Let's start off with the simplest aspect of thunder; Essence. As you know the quality of thunder energy you can produce relies almost entirely on the level of your insights towards thunder's essence..."

Danger Noodle condensed some thunder energy into actual thunder and began explaining to Jam how she thought of thunder.

"Thunder is dangerous and hard to control, the better you get a controlling its berserk nature, the greater the potency of the thunder you yield. As you know, our thunder is predominantly red with a yellow outline since we are at the Lesser Dao Mastery level — Saint Dao Domain level. Once we gain enough control, the color will turn completely red and our Daos of Thunder will reach the Greater Dao Accomplishment level — Sage Dao Domain level."

Jam would periodically chip in his thoughts and as he heard this comment from Danger Noodle, he said. "While I won't say your Dao of Thunder is wrong, each person has their own personal Dao and I respect that, I'll disagree with you with regards to the nature of thunder."

He showed some thunder move around in his hands and said "I see what you mean when you say that thunder is berserk in nature, but for me at least, to improve in the Dao of Thunder, I try to find the patterns of behavior that fit for my attacks and use the thunder without directly controlling that berserk nature."

Jam went through a couple examples for Danger Noodle to see his point, when all of a sudden Danger Doodle's eyes started glowing. Jam could see Danger Noodle's Dao Domain increase the thunder energy density while also expanding in size and realized that Danger Noodle was making a breakthrough in her Dao Cultivation.

Jam saw that this was a good chance to improve her cultivation base as well so he started using Essense Devouring with his Divinity and Divinity Form. At his current level, he could manipulate the maelstrom he generated and allowed Danger Noodle to take in all the energy he summoned from the environment. With Jam's help, Danger Noodle took in all the energy within a couple thousand kilometers around them.

As Danger Noodle floated in the air and absorbed the energy Jam gathered for her, her body started growing; elongating in length and becoming thicker. The energy generated from the maelstrom of Essence Devouring shot into Danger Noodle's mouth like a beam from the heavens. Even with her increasingly growing body, she looked like a thin branch when juxtaposed with the beam of energy which formed tumultuous clouds above her.

At the last moment that her Dao Domain was being upgraded, everything within the Dao Domain received a substantial shock of thunder energy.

Since the Domain was being upgraded, it was also expanding rapidly, only stopping once it reached above 10,000 kilometers in diameter. Everything in range was charred black instantaneously by streaks of red thunder; except for Jam of course. With his power, the thunder energy that charred the world only stung a bit.

It was a good thing that they decided to move away from the Junkie Village, else the village would be in pretty bad shape right about now. Cultivators below the Saint Realm would find it difficult to survive these pieces of thunder, so all the non-cultivators and young people would have died.

After the dust from Danger Noodle's outburst settled, Jam found Danger Noodle hovering in front of him. Not only had Danger Noodle grown to a ridiculous size of 150 meters long, from the pressure she was emitting, Jam could tell that she had advanced to the Saint God Stage. Now that she was a Saint God with a Sage-tier Dao Domain, there would no longer be many people that can challenge her in the Titanic Beast Mountain Range.

Danger Noodle shrunk down into her "noodle" form and began to wrap herself around Jam body; presumably to show her gratitude. She said "Thank you so much master!" she didn't even realize that she had called Jam "master."

Jam stopped her little snake head, and with a stern look, he said "Don't call me master! Our relationship is more like that of a brother and sister, so if you want to use honorifics just call me Brother Jam, or Senior Brother Jam..." He didn't feel right about Danger Noodle calling him master. But more importantly, he had to stop her from rubbing her snake face against him, as she grew two very sharp horns on the sides of her temples!

When Danger Noodle finally calmed down, she jumped off of Jam quite flustered. Even Jam, who by most definitions was socially inept, could tell from her red face and awkward movements, that something was off. Jam didn't like this bizzare period of uncertainty, so he called out to Danger Noodle "Anyways, let's have a sparring match to get you acclimated to the Saint God Stage."

Danger Noodle stopped herself from continuing to act like a kid on amphetamines and nodded back at Jam. She transformed back to her natural combat form and told Jam to come at her whenever he was ready.

Off of the Junkie Territory, about 67 million kilometers away from the Village, the two Saint Gods of the Junkies escorting the returning prisoners that Jam rescued back from the Munchie Prison, were travelling together. Since the morning, when Jam and Danger Noodle left to discuss insights, these two groups had been travelling together.

They needed to pass a bit over two million more kilometers, before having to split up. However, a terrifying aura stopped the two Saint Gods and their caravan-like arrangement.

An arrogant and harsh voice assaulted the Junkie Saint Gods, saying "Well, well, well… If it isn't Xie Tian and Xie Xinyi. Here I was, wondering when we could have another skirmish and the two of you just up and popped up for me to kill? What a time to be alive~"

Xie Xinyi had a look of utter disgust on her face as she said "Shut your filthy mouth Wang Bo! We don't have time to deal with you, so fuck off bef..." before she could finish her words, a couple more Saint God auras pressured her into silence. As Xinyi counted how many auras sprung into existence she muttered "t-twenty s-s-six?!" This was much more than the Munchie and Nova Clan combined!

The two Junkie Saint Gods took a cautious glance at all the Saint Gods and shivered as they saw every single Saint God level combatant from the Munchie and Nova Tribes, as well as the Mu and Li Clans. There were 25 Saint Gods present as well as a special Saint Lord of the Nova Tribe that had the aura of a Saint God, the Domain of a Sage, yet only the cultivation of a Saint Lord; he was definitely one of the most dangerous in this bunch…

Xie Tian took out a Signalling Talisman labeled "Code Black" and crushed it. This was certain death unless backup arrived immediately. However, even with the talisman being activated and the people back at home knowing immediately, it would still take a while for anyone to cross the distance that Xie Tian and Xie Xinyi teleported through and help them.

Thus, after the battle began, the Junkie Saint Gods quickly lost out and were captured. Under the pressure of over a dozen Saint God Domains and a Sage Domain, one of the Saint Gods of the enemy, proficient in whips used his treasure to bind both Xie Tian and Xie Xinyi. The captured Saint Gods were brought before Wang Bo, the leader of this conquest, and were then forced to watch the annihilation of the people they were transporting.

Under the hostile Saint Gods, there were also hundreds of Saint Lords, Grandmasters, and so on. The Saint Gods watched from above as a "fight" began and chose to stay out of it, to let their weaker counterparts gain some experience. It appeared that the enemy had prepared for a war, bring along all their powerhouses and military might.

With Saint Gods watching from above, there was hardly a threat to the enemy's weaker cultivators, but from the Junkie's side, any moment could lead to death. Though it progressed slowly, the "fight" would be better described as a slaughter, and as this slaughter progressed, Wang Bo took it upon himself to use up two Tier 6 Dantian Negation Talismans on the two Junkie Saint Gods. With them in place, their cultivation would be sealed for years unless another Saint God intervened.

Wang Bo took Xie Xinyi by the throat and pulled her close to his face as the massacre raged on. He whispered in her ear "Its been a while since I tasted a furnace of this quality." His maniacal laughter brought chills to even the people on his side, still conducting their killing frenzy.

To Wang Bo's disgusting behavior and words, Xie Xinyi laughed. Her angelic laughter brought about odd looks from everyone, including Xie Tian who was held captive right next to her. He knew more than anyone just how horrible being captured by this true-blue sexfiend was bound to be for a female as enticing as her.

Xinyi's laughter brought about odd looks, but her next move temporarily stopped the movement of action across the entire battlefield. With Wang Bo's attention successfully captured, he showed a cruel smile; teeth and all. And at that exact moment Xinyi actually spit right into his mouth in front of everyone!

Her laughter from his humiliation and confusion heightened to its peak, and she cursed at him with little regard for the consequences "Dumb bitch! I dare you to try and touch me! I'll just kill myself before you get the chance, idiot!"

After a second to fully process what happened, Wang Bo lost his shit and slapped Xinyi from over a hundred feet in the air, down to the ground. The impact crater left behind from a cultivator with no energy at their disposal to defend themselves wasn't too extraordinary; looking like a bullet passing through paper, leaving an outline of their body behind.

Wang Bo looked on from the skies with hate and rage, but in truth, he knew that she was completely right. His Tier 6 Dantian Negation Talismans could only suppress a Saint God's energy, not seal it completely. At any moment, Xinyi could just self detonate. He teleported over to Xinyi's crash site and picked up her haggard body from the rubble. With evil eyes, he stared her down and said "Don't worry if all else fails, I can just try it when your hubby arrives. Either you'll comply and get raped in front of him, or you'll kill yourself before him! Isn't it fun just thinking about it?"

Again, the depravity of this Saint God astounded everyone around him; friend and foe alike.


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