Divinity Jam
64 Divinity To The Rescue
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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64 Divinity To The Rescue

In the skies, where Jam and Danger Noodle were sparring, everything for hundreds of kilometers below them was in ruins. Trees were burning, fissures ran across entire mountains, the skies were covered in storms of thunder and fire, and even the air was scorching. Jam's demonifyed body was covered in fire and thunder as he fought with Danger Noodle in her titanic 150 meter long true form.

Danger Noodle's new Sage Dao Domain could only be warded with the application of all four of Jam's Saint Dao Domains and his transformed state. Even then, it would just barely put him on the same level as Danger Noodle, and a significant portion of his stunning image was dimmed down.

An endless stream of energy arrows, clashed against endless waves of red thunder, when suddenly "Stop!" Jam sent an urgent energy transmission at Danger Noodle. The previously tense atmosphere instantly lit up as the attacks ceased.

Jam sent Danger Noodle another message "Its a code black..." Instantly, both Jam and Danger Noodle's faces turned downcast. As cultivators, certain codes were universal. Code Red meant there was an emergency and help was urgently needed. But Code Black meant that a crisis implicating everyone on one side was taking place. Everyone, from Jam and his friends, to the two other tribes allied with the Junkies would be notified immediately when a Code Black was called for and everyone would have to gather as soon as possible to combat this threat.

Danger Noodle immediately transformed back into her noodle form and coiled up Jam's arm. When they were bonded together, Jam started back to back teleportations. He knew how serious this situation was, so he pulled out all his cards to move as fast as possible. Divinity Form in his eyes used the Superpower Space God to amplify all his space abilities significantly, and on top of his teleportation ability, his Divinity itself used another Superpower, Space Rending, to slice the spacetime in front of him; all in an effort to move at his absolute max speed.

Now possessing speed that would put a large majority of Sages to shame, Jam shot across millions of kilometers every second. With Space God improving all of Jam's space related abilities, he could communicate with the local space intuitively to see far ahead and scope out what was happening before any of the Saint Gods could detect him.

By the time he actually arrived at the scene of the battle as Wang Bo was talking down to Xie Xinyi; the massacre of Saint Lords and Grandmasters down below had not finished. Jam analyzed the situation before entering the enemy's range of detection and immediately came up with a plan. He sent a message to Danger Noodle to use her Domain to shield him at an opportune time and switched Superpowers; trading Space Rending for Reverse Displacement.

As Jam just about entered the area where he could be discovered, he started executing his plan. Wang Bo was in the middle of a rampant cursing session, saying "Dumb slut! I'll have you gutted and sprawl..." when out of nowhere, Xinyi who's hair he had been forcefully pulling, was suddenly replaced with Jam. Already sporting all his ridiculous boosting abilities, Jam dealt a serious punch to Wang Bo, but was severely outmatched after the other Saint Gods acted to suppress him.

Jam wasn't expecting to deal any major damage in this confrontation as he was outnumbered. Instead, his punch was a distraction to cause everyone to focus on him. Leaving him the opportunity to change superpowers once more, from Reverse Teleportation to Time Dilation, allowing him teleport almost instantly; ignoring the buffering time his teleportation required for subsequent teleportations at the cost of a large portion of Jam's energy reserves.

The surprise teleportation was so fast that no one managed to react to it in time, allowing Jam the chance to recover Xie Tian. Under Time Dilation, Jam moved back to Danger Noodle and quickly dispelled the superpower; even for him, it would drain his energy far too fast to keep Time Dilation active.

With the two Saint Gods back to safety, Jam took out two Interference Talismans and tagged Xie Tian and Xie Xinyi with them, all while Danger Noodle teleported them around the battlefield. She had an especially hard time dodging the twenty odd Saint Gods, as there was another person on the field with a Sage Dao Domain. Still, Jam's movements were absurdly quick, only requiring mere moments of defense, before finishing his actions and increasing their fighting force from just having Danger Noodle, to four Saint God level combatants.

Wang Bo would have cursed Jam to no end if he weren't hidden behind his transformations. However, since that wasn't the case, he looked at the demonic pair of fiends that came out of nowhere and eyed them carefully. 'A premature Thunder Flood Dragon with a Sage Dao Domain and a Lesser Demon with the strenght of a Greater Demon? Now why would two fiends come here to save Junkies?'

"Why have a pair of demons come here!?" Wang Bo shouted with hard to miss hatred tainting his voice.

Jam ignored his question and instead just smiled a cruel smile. His face covered by the metallic armor of his Lesser Demon Form only let Wang Bo understand Jam's intentions by the tone of his voice. "Members of the Munchies? I thought I wiped you all out?" The sight of these Munchie Saint Gods set Jam's blood into a boil and his Demonic Intent skyrocketed to pressure everyone in the enemy side by another level.

The pressure Jam alone was putting out wasn't very hard to deal with, but considering the fact that he affecting 26 Saint God level combatants, while he himself wasn't even a Saint, put into perspective the absurd scope of his murderous intent.

Wang Bo and all the other Munchie Saint Gods narrowed their eyes as they glared at Jam even harder than before. After issuing a snicker, Wang Bo said "Are this Lone Spirit I've heard so much about?" The grunt that informed Wang Bo of Jam didn't know his name or even his Daoist Title, only the title that the Junkie chieftain proclaimed during his speech.

The head armor covering Jam's face slowly fell off, one scale at a time, to reveal Jam's handsome face. Though at the moment, the disdain present in his face made him look more menacing than handsome. "You already know of me? I guess it's true that word among roaches travels faster than you'd think."

Wang Bo suddenly launched a sneak attack at Jam, leaving him out of ways to retreat from a wall of dark flames. Jam gave a hmph and covered each of his fingers in Lesser Compression points of Yang-Thunder-Space energy. With a wave of his hands, the dark flames attacking him dispelled along the area his hands past; he was literally singeing away the flames.

"Come on old Wang, you need to be a bit more serious if you want to threaten me." Jam's Peak Gauntlets left his hands and were replaced with his Stellar Yang Bow. A Stellar arrow as common as the air manifested, loaded within the bow. However, before Jam let the arrow soar, one of his Tier 4 Yang Boosting Talismans coated the arrow, making it blaze in rich yang flames.

By the time Jam's arrow shot off his Stellar Yang Bow and Wang Bo realized how dangerous this attack truly was, it was too late to dodge. Loaded with the most precarious of Jam's Bow Dao abilities, the Heart of the Bow, the yang boosted stellar arrow shot through the air with ludicrous speed; it actually sliced off a thin line of chaotic space throughout its flight.

It was only after receiving aid from the Saint Lord of the Nova Tribe, Dai Mingzi, that Jam's arrow managed to break mid flight. Just as the arrow broke apart, Cynthia teleported on the field with all the Saint Gods and Lords from the Junkies. Immediately, the setting of the fight became visibly less tense. Now, Jam, Danger Noodle, and the two Saint Gods they rescued were no longer suffocating under the pressure of all the Domains activating on them. There was still a terrible pressure, but with 10 Saint God level powerhouses backing them up, the threat instantly decline; by more than a few degrees.

Above a section of a Wind Plain, the two opposing sides stood in horizontal formation; almost as if by design. The two sides stared down at their enemies as a storm of energy dispersed most of the Dao infused winds. The sun stood at its zenith, while several Fire, Ice, Thunder, Yin and Yang Domains turned the previously cool and calm air into a melting pot of icy hot chaos.

Xie Fang, the leader of the Junkies, suddenly barked "Wang Bo! What is the meaning of this?! Are you trying to start a war?!"

Wang Bo responded by first launching an all out barrage of dark flames, prompting everyone from his side to start the inevitable. As his corrosive flames covered the sky, he said "Don't pretend you don't know exactly what we're doing! And don't think for a second that I don't know you've already issued out a Code Black!"

Xie Fang's face turned downcast as he cursed Wang Bo. His face further matured as he heard "We'll destroy you lot first, and then the two other Tribes that dared to call you friends. You obviously arrived this fast because of a Space Dao Domains. However, I know for a fact that none of the Saints in the Red Hawks or the Whirls have mastered space to that level."

'Shit...' Xie Fang thought he could buy some time fooling around with Wang Bo, but that crafty old dog stood one step ahead of him.

As Xie Fang — and frankly, everyone else — was panicking thinking what they were supposed to do to handle 26 Saint Gods and the thousands of Saint Lords under them, Jam was excited to fully let loose. All this time, his collection of talismans and pills were just collecting dust in his personal storage dimension, and now would be a great time to test out what would happen, should he unleash them with wanton abandon.


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