Divinity Jam
65 The Stages Are Se
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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65 The Stages Are Se

As the sky filled with dangerous lights of dozens of Daos, Jam's right eyebrow playfully curved upwards. A literal dome of talismans appeared and covered everyone behind Jam, shielding them from the bombardment for only second. That single second was enough for Jam to start tagging everyone with the basic power, speed, and defence enhancing talismans. For the people he knew, like Rina, Kirin, and so on, Jam also tagged them with Dao talismans.

Everyone knew what they had to do and started using their own talismans or pills to continue enhancing themselves as much as possible. Cynthia used another one of her green Great Wind talismans to redouble her already buffed speed. Kirin used a Thunderdrive Pill to put his fighting potential on double time. Similar to Kirin, Rina used an Ignition Pill to put her fighting potential on a higher level.

Jam knew that Danger Noodle could potentially change the outcome of the entire battle by herself, so for her he did something special. She wasn't a human, but a demonic beast; an impressive demonic beast with royal mythical beast blood coursing through her veins. Thus, it was possible for Danger Noodle to directly eat and ingest Heavenly Natural Treasures. Sure, the efficiency would pale in comparison to using natural treasure to make pills. However, Jam planned on giving Danger Noodle the only Tier 7 Natural Treasure he had on hand; the effect of eating a raw treasure of this caliber would be on par with Jam's consummate pills after he reached Tier 5.

Through an energy transmission, Jam said "Danger Noodle… You might not like where this is going, but for now, you'll have to put up with it if you want to come out of this fight alive." On Jam's hand, a crimson lotus appeared. This lotus stood eerily static, not moving for any reason. It looked plain, but the aura of bloody murder emanating from it was astounding.

Danger Noodle gave Jam an odd look and said "Are you serious? How am I supposed to survive eating this? I don't even practice the Demon Dao?"

Jam sighed as he looked like back at Danger Noodle. He said "That's why I said you might not like where this is going… I'll have to ride you to keep the Demon Dao's influence at bay."

The odd look Jam was getting from Danger Noodle, turned into pure confusion. 'Why would I care if he wants to ride me? How many times do I have to tell this idiot that I'm his demonic beast?'

For some reason, Jam couldn't quite get it through his head that Danger Noodle was HIS demonic beast. She understood fully well and expected to be treated like a tool, but to a cultivator like Jam, that was unfathomable. To Jam, she was family; riding her like a wild beast wouldn't even be an option if Jam wasn't so insistent on hiding his Divinity. He truly cared for her as he would his friends and wouldn't even dare think to "use" her like a tool.

"Uh… That's fine?" Danger Noodle whispered back. She ate the Bloodsent Lotus and had to immediately teleport out of the dome of talismans as her body uncontrollably expanded back to its natural 150 meter long size.

This entire exchange of tagging talismans and talking to Danger Noodle took less than a second of time. Thus, even with Jam and Danger Noodle teleporting out of the defensive wall of talismans, the people inside still had "ample time" to make further preparations.

In the dome of talismans, Xie Fang gave his fellow Junkie Saint Gods array flags and they set up their battle formation; the Nine Souls Formation. Likewise, Kirin gave Rina, Cynthia, and Arnold his own flags to set up one of the less complex Tier 5 Cardinal Battle Formations; as a Saint Master, he could support Tier 5 formations with no problems.

The Nine Souls Formation was a Tier 6 battle formation all the members of the Junkie Tribe would learn upon entering the Saint God level. It could support small groups of three to build up exponential soul strenght. Thought, at the moment it was a bit unstable as Xie Ming, the tortured Saint God prisoner Jam rescued, wasn't back to his peak form.

Kirin's Cardinal Battle Formation was a bit more flexible, being capable of supporting builds of teams of four or five, and with exactly four people sustaining it, the formation was several degrees weaker than then Junkie's formation. However, with Kirin leading as the core, everyone's Saint Lord levels of power would rise to an entire step to the Saint God stage.

The the dome of talismans finally collapsed and revealed the two battle formations on Jam's side, the enemy didn't just sit back and wait to be ambushed. They also moved to enter their own battle formations. Naturally, since the enemy was made up of four groups, they were divided up into four battle formations.

As the Nine Souls Formation came to life, a phantom wolf manifested around the nine Junkie Saint Gods. The Wolf incarnation shot off to deal with the Munchie Tribe's Owl incarnation. As they moved to fight the Munchies, Xie Fang used a special space ring with true space inside, to release all of the Saint Lords and Saint Grandmasters of his Tribe to assist in the separate battlefield were all the prisoners struggling.

Kirin's Cardinal Battle Formation captured him and the three others supporting the formation in the incarnation of a compass. It flew off like a spaceship to deal with the Mu Clan's battle formation.

Before the last two formations had the chance to intrude on the field that had been set up, Jam, clad in demon armor standing on top of Danger Noodle's head caught their attention. Under the heavy use of the Demon Dao, Jam was just barely able to keep Danger Noodle conscious after she consumed the Bloodsent Lotus. For a time, Danger Noodle could be considered a Sage. She already had the Domain, while the energy she gained from the lotus could be used to charge up her Saint energy into something akin to Sage energy.

Jam standing on top of Danger Noodle's head was actually even scarier than her; and that was, in many aspects. What made this sole Rebirth stage cultivator the most dangerous player in this war was his versatility. He had plenty of ways to be covert about operating Divinity. But even if that wasn't accounted for, the talismans he created on the spaceship while commuting to this pocket dimension would be a nightmare to deal with; even for sages, if used correctly…

While standing on Danger Noodle's head Jam's first move was to stop the two battle formations of the Nova Tribe and Li Clan. He obviously couldn't kill off all their Saint Gods, even if Danger Noodle was accounted for. However, if he could hold these two factions down until the Red Hawks and Whirls arrived, the battle would much less dangerous.

He kicked both his Divinity and Divinity Form into high gear and summoned all the abilities his superpower, "Cosmic Control," could muster with his current strenght. The Stellar Yang Bow shot off like a machine gun, while endless stellar arrows condensed all around his enemies. Within Jam's Yang Domain, stellar yang arrows could spawn near instantaneously and with Cosmic Control being used even the normal stellar arrows turned into fatal pieces of ammunition for Saint Lords; thought Saint Gods could take the hit, it would wound them.

The arrows Jam shot from his Stellar Yang bow, all had the essence of Heart of the Bow instill in them; they could kill a negligent Saint God, but weren't fast enough.

As Jam's body stood static on Danger Noodle's head, she weaved around the skies to dodge the attacks the two battle formations threw their way. These formations could threaten even groups of Lesser Sages, so Jam had to take caution when firing his attacks. He would primarily use the stellar arrows to weaken the attacks he couldn't dodge and finish them off with his Heart of the Bow attacks.

Since Jam had true teleportation, he could teleport himself and Danger Noodle out of harm's way in most situations. This left him with plenty of chances to try picking off the enemies within the two battle formations. His Heart of the Bow was just barely strong enough the penetrate through the incarnations of the formations, but they would be all but exhausted of their power thereafter.

Thus, Jam had to use his Tier 4 Boost type talismans to make his already ridiculous attacks all the most unbelievable. Though he had a full stock of talismans in his storage dimension, Jam couldn't just fire them off willy nilly; if he did, there might not be anymore within minutes. Jam could only fly around on Danger Noodle's head, waiting for the opportune moment to shoot off a boosted arrow.

While it did help that Danger Noodle used her Sage Domain and red lightning to wreak havoc and create opportunities. The enemies were all battle hardened Saint Gods; they wouldn't make mistakes easily. Furthermore, the Nova Tribe's Dai Mingzi used his Sage Domain to keep any advantage Danger Noodle might've had at bay.

For a time, the skies around Jam were flooded with red streaks of lightning striking down at the otherwise calm plains. A demon commanding his flood dragon beast fought against an eagle and a bear incantation; the beasts were all of equal size.


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