Divinity Jam
68 Go To Sleep!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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68 Go To Sleep!

"Jam! Knock Cynthia out right now! She's going to kill herself!" Tzatziki spoke up for the first time in what seemed like ages. He had been chilling back in Jam's soulscape, watching with much satisfaction as his little disciple acted like a bigshot; adventuring and fighting for his friends like a real cultivator.

All this time, Tzatziki never helped Jam out as he saw no reason to do so. Everyone's path was different and Jam following his guidance for the smallest details would do more harm than good. However, now was not the time to mess around. This was Jam's first major fight; a true battle of life or death. The current setup of the battlefield made it hard to tell who would win, and Cynthia's eruption seemed like it would be the move to win. If winning was all Tzatziki or Jam cared about, there would be no reason to act out; leaving Cynthia to her devices would be enough.

But both Tzatziki and Jam held the concept of friendships with high regards; not acting out to win this battle would result in a pyrrhic victory. Would winning really be worth it, if it cost Jam one of his good friends? Tzatziki spoke up now, because there was no way Jam would know the consequences of activating a mythical bloodline without establishing a stable enough foundation.

"WHAT!?" Jam became stunned silly for just the slightest moment before he started thinking of ways to stop Cynthia. She had gone berserk and turned into a Stellar Roc; even Greater Sages would steer clear of her, at this moment.

Jam narrowed his eyes as he sunk into his thoughts. At the moment, all the enemy Tribes and Clans had to concentrate on defending as they were being assaulted by countless streams of Stellar Wind, so he could focus all his attention on stopping Cynthia.

'Mhmm… Her energy and physical levels of strenght make me look like a bitch even after I buffed myself into oblivion… Her reaction speed and aggression also make it dangerous for me to approach her… None of my attacks will stop her, even if I wanted to take that approach to disable her… Just what will I do to stop Cynthia? Energy? Physique? Oh Shit! That's right! Her soul!'

Jam recalled from his time studying Beast Taming, that Demonic Beasts, even those with outstanding bloodlines, usually only received enhancements to their energy and physique. Its their souls which make up their most fundamental weakness. With Cynthia transformed into a Stellar Roc, a demonic beast with close to no advantages in the aspect of souls, targeting her soul would be the best way to handle the situation.

Messing with Cynthia's soul would be much easier if Jam had the foresight to let Danger Noodle make more of her Tier 6 talismans. She was well versed in all manner of illusion talismans, and a Tier 6 Fettered Hypnosis talisman would be very useful right now. Alas, Jam only had his stock of Tier 4 talismans.

To a being with Greater Sage levels of power, Jam's Fettered Hypnosis talismans would be a complete joke. However, several factors made the chances of the talisman working increase dramatically.

First off, Cynthia had gone completely berserk; her soul was currently at its weakest state, left with little to no protection. Then, there was the fact that Jam could use his personal Illusion skills on top of the talisman's effects to make it all the more potent. The last important trick Jam had up his sleeve was the all encompassing Divinity and Divinity Form combo; Boosting his soul's strenght while casting his illusion would probably be enough to knock Cynthia out.

Jam drew out a couple Spirit Replenishing Pills from his Storage Dimension with the swipe of his hands and ate them immediately. He was already running low on energy, and the upcoming stunt would suck him dry if he didn't take the necessary measures now.

Jam teleported over to Cynthia's side and appeared on her head. With several dozen Fettered Hypnosis talismans covering the back of the Stellar Roc's head, it started showing signs of drowsiness. However, putting Cynthia to sleep wouldn't be that easy; the retaliation in the form of stellar lights aimed at Jam were fair proof.

Jam, surrounded by the swords, revolving in stellar light, didn't panic. These dangerous lights were actually beneficial to Jam as he was going to use their blinding effect to use momentarily. His eyes momentarily lost the illusion that normally covered them, revealing the awe-inspiring pressure of his Divinity Form. He boosted his soul with True Soul and used the totality of his soul's strenght to enhance the Earthsent Sleep Illusion he was preparing.

Jam stood still for one second before the illusion was primed and ready to be unleashed. Luckily, Cynthia didn't attack him during this time. Whether it was because her rage was aimed at the enemy tribes and clans, or because she had an iota of her consciousness left in her, rendering her harmless to Jam and the rest of the core disciples, Jam didn't know. But at this moment, it didn't matter, Jam had everything ready, thus he started talking.

"Cynthia..." his words carried with them a calming presence; making everyone who heard him feel a bit drowsy. Still, the illusion was aimed at Cynthia, allowing everyone else to resist the effects with little to no strenght required. "Turn back… You've already done enough..."

Though the power of Jam's Illusion and talismans would have certainly forced even Lesser Sages to fall asleep right then and there, an enraged Stellar Roc wasn't so quick to capitulate. Cynthia's Roc head turned back to face Jam, screaming and screeching in his face "NO! Why? Why would I?! They… They killed Arnold!" Crystalline tears fell from her face to the ruined terrain down below.

Her spirit was more robust than anyone gave her credit for. It seemed like none of the mythical beast bloodlines were to be underestimated…. Jam's Illusion fell short of ensnaring Cynthia and saving her from herself, but it seemed like nothing would calm her down. 'Damn… Arnold's dead and now Cynthia… Mhmm?' Below Jam and the Stellar Roc, Arnold wasn't dead… he was staring at the fiasco playing out above him with just as much wonder as everyone else…

Jam looked down and saw Arnold's very "alive" face, black lines appeared on his forehead. He turned to the Stellar Roc who was still going insane with the barrage of Stellar Wind and sighed. Teleporting twice in quick succession, Jam appeared once again on Cynthia's head; now Arnold was also present.

Jam yelled "Arnold isn't dead! He's fine! Now calm down and go to sleep!" Closing his eyes once more and casting the Earthsent Sleep Illusion, Jam succeeded and getting Cynthia back on the brink of collapse after tagging her with several more Fettered Hypnosis Talismans.

Of course, Cynthia could only see red and wish for murder in her current state, so it was only when her soul was at the crest of crumbling down, that her reason kicked back in. She was prepared to keep fighting against Jam's attempts of restraining her; hoping to end all instances of her enemies. But upon coming back to her senses and seeing Arnold standing beside Jam like nothing happened, her mind stopped thinking for a split second.

Arnold… was he really not dead? But she saw him lose his heart? Actually… she only saw the blade about to pierce Arnold's heart. Before the action actually took place she lost her mind and annihilated those that threatened Arnold's life. In any case, this moment of vulnerability was all Jam needed to squeeze his way into her soulscape and force her to sleep with his Illusion.

At that moment, the Roc's face who's shock couldn't quite easily be described, had its pupils fade to white, indicating its descent into unconsciousness. Jam held onto Cynthia's Roc body and quickly put her into his Storage Dimension before she transformed back. The war was still nowhere near over and keeping her out in the open would not help in any sense. Furthermore, the damage her body accrued by forcefully activating its bloodline… not even Tzatziki knew if she would make it out alive at the end of the day.

Now standing in the skies with only Arnold by his side Jam turned to face the enemies. While eating Spirit Replenishing Pills, he asked "So? You gonna give up or what?" The lack of fucks present in his voice were unappealing even to his allies. 'Damn… this Rebirth Stage kid… does nothing faze him?' were the thoughts most had towards the way he dealt with "problems."

"Give up? Why? You think you won just cause you killed those Mu Clan failures?" Wang Bo couldn't help but laugh.

"Yep~ You lost a CLAN, isn't that an entire formation? We might have lost Cynthia, but Kirin can just change formatio..." before Jam could finish his sentence his latent detection form couldn't help but pick up movement right next to Kirin. Jam thought about teleporting over and dealing with whatever was trying to ambush his friends, but then… he recognized the energy signature that was manifesting.


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