Divinity Jam
70 A True Demon Dies
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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70 A True Demon Dies

Xie Ming's Silver Blood Pill didn't take away his reason. Thus, even if his appearance had changed to be more demonic than Jam, Cynthia, and Danger Noodle combined, he still possessed complete control over his body. For all intents and purposes he had essentially become a fully fledged Sage upon taking the pill, because the pill was originally intended for Sages to consume.

The Silver Blood Pill… it could be both a blessing or a curse. Like Arnold's Bedevilment pill, it gave a cultivator powers transcendant to their own, but in return, the side effects were a bit "extreme." If Xie Ming were a Sage, even the weakest Lesser Sage only possessing a Sage Domain, he'd still be within the acceptable range for surviving the lethal backlash that would inevitably strike when the pill's "good" effects dissipated.

Now, not only did he take the pill before reaching the minimum barrier to combat the side effects, he was also not a young chap like Jam and company… Xie Ming, and frankly 99% of the Saint Gods in attendance, were all at least halfway through the lifespan. Unlike Jam who had lived 0.002% of his lifespan, Xie Ming was almost 6,000 years old! To a Saint God who could live for up to 10,000 years, he was well into his middle ages.

Xie Ming barely had a chance to raise his cultivation; he had stagnated for too long. After coming down from this power high, he'd… he'd probably die.

On the field, Xie Ming ripped through the Munchies like they were stuffed toys. A wave of his hands would command hundreds of thousands of sharp Sage Metals to rip the opposition's defense. He flew around a small sword-like metal amalgamation, dozens of times the speed of sound.

In less than a second, three Munchies were killed off. With less Munchies on the field, their already unoptimized Owl Formation became even more unstable; rendering them even more helpless before Xie Ming.

It also didn't help that Jam took one out of every dozen support beam to fire at the Munchies. He may have acted mischievously and even coy when confronting Wang Bo, but god knows that the second they really did lose out to him, he'd cast unearthly terror upon them. He had a lot on his plate wiping out the horde of Saint Lord Demonic Beasts that Dai Mingzi summoned as well as holding down the man in question. But, for the sake of hastening the destruction of the Munchies, he allocated some of his manpower to Xie Ming's aid.

Needless to say, with Jam shooting off a support beam every couple seconds, Xie Ming killed all eight Munchies controlling their formation in a flash. He still had a couple hours left to his transformation, so Xie Ming flew off with his metal storm to finish Wang Bo once and for all.

Off to Kirin's side of the battlefield, the second Wang Bo saw Xie Ming actually take the Silver Blood Pill into his mouth he had immediately tried to turn tail and run with all his might. Alas, things didn't go as planned as Kirin noticed immediately.

As the leader of the formation it had been up to Kirin to take notice of everything, and as a competent leader, he easily noticed the change in Wang Bo's style of combat when things turned against his favor. Neither Kirin nor anyone within his formation could hold down Wang Bo forcefully, but that didn't stop them from delivering a final sinister blow…

All throughout the fight, since Wang Bo had taken that bloody talisman and summoned his Soul Severing Owl, he had changed to become a melee fighter. His corrosive flames became a sticky mass that would scorch all it touched until its complete disintegration. Obviously, to combat this horrifying foe, the entire Cardinal Formation had played defensively and from a distance. They had sent countless attacks of different Daos towards Wang Bo, but in the end they didn't accomplish much, aside from keeping him tied down.

Now, that Wang Bo wanted to leave, Rina came up with a pretty good idea. She first sent Kirin a transmission "Hey, do you have any Space Locking Talismans?"

"Yeah, I do. Why? You want to trap that guy for a fraction of a second? I only have Tier 6 Space Locking Talismans." Kirin couldn't understand how this would help, but they he looked at Rina and noticed her gesturing at the ground. 'This girl… she's scary...' Along with these dark thoughts came chills that assaulted his spine.

After confirming with Kirin, Rina sent everyone the same transmission "Everyone teleport over to me, QUICKLY!" With everyone together, they all feigned to charge up several attacks; purposely stalling as bait.

Seeing everyone huddle together so close… even if it was an obvious bait, Wang Bo felt like it was worth it to try his luck. With his current abilities nearing that of a Greater Sage, nothing a couple of Saint Master and Saint Grandmaster kids threw at him should be able to even scratch him.

He flew over on his Owl Beast Companion with unprecedented speed and prepared to deal one last attack before flying away from the walking calamity known as Xie Ming. The moment he was within a hundred meters of Kirin's formation, the Space Locking Talisman appeared pointed at Wang Bo. It exploded into infinitesimally small specks of space dust and restrained him for the slightest moment.

Yet, in that slight moment of restrain, all the core disciples teleported away. Kirin grabbed Arnold, while Rina grabbed Alex. In milliseconds worth of time Rina told Alex "Use your Foundational Domain to trapped everything within ten kilometers of where we were!" Alex didn't need to be told twice, he just did as he was asked, and a solid dome of Saint Earth formed and compacted everything around the frozen Wang Bo for 10 kilometers. With his Foundational Domain being pushed to the brink, the enormous dome formed within fractions of a second.

Then, Rina and Kirin both did some gestures with their hands the Thunder and Fire Blight Runes they had set up earlier all combusted at the same time. Inside the Earth Dome Alex created, the original dark world, cut of from the sun outside filled with brightness from the thousands of Fire and Thunder Blight Runes. The Earth Dome captured most of the energy of the blast, but a good portion of it escaped out to the outside world and caused a grand earthquake for dozens of thousands of kilometers.

When the dust settle, and pieces of Alex's Earth Dome started to crumble to the floor, a heavily wounded and hateful Wang Bo shot out and tried to escape. Most of his clothes had been torn into rags and apparently, he had even abandoned his Soul Severing Owl. Most of his hair had been singed off and numerous burn wounds appeared all over his haggard body.

Not only was he completely powerless in the time the Space Locking Talisman restrained him, Alex's dome of earth formed from his superpower added a wicked property of containment, ensuring that everything within the dome experienced a much more concentrated blast from the explosion of Blight Runes.

Wang Bo tried to fly away, he still was faster and stronger than any of the core disciples that dealt him that final heavy blow. However, those few extra moments he had been restrained and wounded gave Xie Ming the chance to deal with the other Munchies and catch up to him. Towards Wang Bo, Xie Ming had nothing but utter hatred, so it was with no mercy that he caught Wang Bo and directly tore off his head.

There were no extra chances, no final words, no meaningless final struggles. Xie Ming stopped at nothing to directly end that true demon's worthless life. And after Xie Ming got his revenge, he didn't stand triumphantly. Rather, an even hollower, more sorrowful, howl of depression escaped from his metallic mouth.

He didn't feel at all proud of his actions, instead a terrible depression was cast in his heart. Sure he got his revenge, sure his return from torture was not in vain. He had saved his Tribe in their time of crisis and would be the key to finishing the war. His Dao Companion would most definitely survive from her earlier injuries, and might even go on to reach higher heights.

Everything seemed fine, no? Not at all… He knew that after a couple more minutes of reckless slaughter, his life would end. The glory and honor he would receive as the "VIP" in this war would be worthless to him in death, and he had no offspring that would benefit from his acquired prestige. His wife… she would go on without him. Yes, that was the only thing he could look forward to. For his Dao Companion to live a meaningful and fulfilling life...


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