Divinity Jam
71 The War Ends
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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71 The War Ends

"Mingzi! Get out of here!" "Leave and get revenge for us in the future!" "Don't stick around and die in vain! You are our Tribe's final hope!" An endless barrage of energy transmissions assaulted Dai Mingzi as he wove around the skies while fighting with Jam. He truly didn't want to give up on his Clan; abandoning them while only saving himself. But, as time went on and more of the Tribe's allies died and the situation grew increasingly against him, Dai Mingzi had to chose: Die with the Clan, or leave to get stronger only to return for revenge.

He had grown up as the Tribe's prodigy. Only thirteen years old, with the cultivation of a Saint Lord, the Domain of a Sage, possessing a great Dao Domain level superpower — the same superpower that allowed him the ability to summon portals for Tamed Beasts — and he had a Saint God Companion Beast every bit an equal to Danger Noodle!

His Tribe had spoiled him and treated him like a gem, and though he was usually cold, he never forgot their treatment. It truly pained him to see his Tribe about to crumble and disappear… Alas, there was nothing he could do now. The Nova and Munchies were close allies, and to the Junkies who had effectively won the war, there was close to no chance that they would be able to negotiate for their lives. They would most likely all either die or become slaves; and for a Tribe as savage as theirs, slavery was out of the question.

Jam stood on Danger Noodle, they floated there in the skies, each staring at their apparent rivals. Danger Noodle eyed that green serpent under Dai Mingzi, while Jam playfully stared at Dai Mingzi. "Come on man, just give up~ Look around you. The Munchies dead, their Saint Lords and Demon Beasts dead, the Mu Clan dead, the Li Clan is about to fall any minute now… It's just you and your Nova Tribe."

To Jam, everyone aside from the Munchies were parties he was willing to pardon; of course, for a price. The Nova didn't really do anything except join the war in alliance with the Munchies; they hadn't really done anything to mess with his bottom line. Furthermore, this Dai Mingzi was a really nice sparring partner to have. In this pocket dimension where Saint Gods were the peak of strenght, Jam could only find a worthy adversary if he challenged Danger Noodle or a group of Saint Gods.

"Hmph! Give up? Then what? Its either slavery or death! Which would you choose?" Dai Mingzi said, everclear derision present in his voice. He couldn't believe that someone was trying to convince him to become a slave!

"Huh? Slavery or death?" Jam checked with the Saint Gods of the Junkies and apparently, those really were the only options… 'No wonder the remaining Clans and Tribes were being killed off.'

He sent a proposal to the Junkies hoping to find some sort of middle ground to preserve the Nova. They hadn't yet killed a single member, so hopefully, negotiations would still be possible. Jam said "Can't we do something less extreme for the Nova? I really don't want to lose Dai Mingzi as a sparring partner!"

Xie Fang and Xie Ming were both dumbstruck. 'This fucking kid… we're over here dealing with the aftermath of the war, and he thinks this is a game?' Xie Fang had dark lines grow on his face as he said "Are you serious?"

"Very~ I mean, it's not like the Nova managed to kill anyone on our side. Besides the Munchies were the ones who started this war! Can't we make them swear to not betray us, with their Dao at stake? Or something like that?"

"Mhmm..." Xie Fang had a headache trying to make up his mind on this topic… but then Xie Ming actually agreed with Jam "I… I support Jam's proposal!"

"WHAT!" The last person Xie Fang expected to accept this mercy plea was Xie Ming. He was still a demonic mass of silver and the weight of his words were more than Xie Fang's; which was a lot considering his status as chieftain.

"Mhmm… fine..." Xie Fang acquiesced, much to Jam's pleasure.

Cultivator transmission messages were sent, received, and comprehended in mere moments, so the time between Dai Mingzi's question and Jam's conversation with the Junkie big shots barely had any time in between them.

Jam turned to Dai Mingzi, the grumpy thirteen year old with a scowl still plastered on his face. He said "I just talked to the the big shots of the Junkie Tribe, they said that you guys could be left alone if you just swear on your Dao to not betray them or something."

"..." Dai Mingzi froze, but then he quickly barked back "Yeah? Well, if that were the case, why were the others annihilated?" He was referring to the Li Clan which were still being killed as they spoke. If they had the same chance his Tribe had, they most certainly would have waived their loyalty away in exchange for their lives.

"I personally asked for your Nova Tribe to be "excused," ok?" Jam said. Though the impact of his words were quite grand and impactful, a portion of their strenght was cut because he couldn't refrain from acting silly.

"W-why would you do that..." Dai Mingzi didn't understand. Weren't they enemies? Who in their right mind would ask to spare their enemy after they won? This wasn't a kid's game, it was the cultivation world…

"You are very strong! Strong enough to challenge little old me~ I would be a shame if I lost you as a sparring partner, when you haven't even done anything that bad." Seriously, Jam was acting extremely out of character… Even he was starting to notice.

"..." Dai Mingzi sent a transmission to the frantic Saint Gods of his Nova Tribe and quickly confirmed that Xie Fang had indeed proposed to deal with them through a Dao Contract. The way he looked at Jam changed subtly… There was still a competitive fire in his eyes, but no longer was the look cold and menacing. Rather, there was a hint of familial warmth…

Jam was no longer looked at like the Sage level threat he was to the Nova Tribe's alliance. Instead, he was a beacon for escape, and after all he had done for them… There was no way they could hold a grudge against Jam even if he did deal several injuries throughout the fight. He was the only reason they were being given a way out, so the Nova Tribe's opinion of Jam, as a group, changed.

Dai Mingzi calmly retreated back to his Tribe and after being surrounded by Jam, his companions, the Junkie, Whirls, and Red Hawks Tribes, they completed their Dao Contracts. Each Saint God, with the addition to Dai Mingzi vowed: 1) To remain a loyal ally to the Junkie Tribe. 2) To force any new Saint God that join their ranks within the Tribe to vow the same Dao Contract. 3) To move into the Junkie, Whirls, and Red Hawks territory.

That last condition was more like a benefit, since their original territory was far from the actual center of the Titanic Beast Mountain Range pocket dimension. They planned to secure a piece of that pie when Dai Mingzi became became a Saint God through cultivation, but now that would no longer be necessary.

It just goes to show how deep the value of friendship was to the Junkies. They were just as powerful as the Munchies, but instead of hoarding the resources at the center of the pocket dimension, they shared their space with their ally tribes. The Munchies, being a superpower before this war, held ALL of their center territory; even though, the Nova was supposedly in the same sort of friendship with them as the Whirls and Red Hawks were to the Junkies.

Furthermore, even after the war, the Junkies didn't hold a demeanor of superiority. They fully treated the Nova as if they were brothers after the Dao Contract was completed. Even going so far as to send a couple members back with the Nova to help them move to where the Munchies used to reside.

Jam called Alex and asked him to help them out, since you know… he kind of blow that area up beyond recognition… Alex, would have liked to catch up with everyone first, but filling up some "small spots" from a battle, in his words, wouldn't be much of a problem. If only he knew that the small spot Jam wanted him to fill covered several hundred cubic kilometers worth of earth.

The remaining cultivators with strenght less than Saint Gods from the Li Clan and Mu Clan, as well as the demonic beasts Dai Mingzi had summoned for Wang Bo were all exterminated fairly quickly as more and more Saint Gods were free to help in the less interesting battlefield.

As everyone was busy with wrapping up the aftermath of the war, Arnold returned to the dome Alex had created when the group had blown Wang Bo. It was in ruins at this time, and the Soul Severing Owl from before was still laying around near the center of the epicenter of the explosions. He had gone up to the Owl and began an applying some Beast Taming methods he had learned earlier up to the test...

There were barely any serious injuries to the powerhouses on the Junkie's side after this war, at least any that Jam had to personally heal. But, three people, Cynthia, Xie Xinyi, and Xie Ming, in particular, did indeed require some sort of divine intervention if they didn't want to die.

Jam checked if anyone else needed him, before requesting for Xie Xinyi and Xie Ming. Everyone else was "good," and Xie Fang already knew that Jam was trustworthy after restoring Xie Ming once from his "disassembled" state. Xie Fang handed over a still unconscious Xie Xinyi. Jam let Xie Ming hold onto her while they resided in his Storage Dimension and he quickly moved to a secluded area. Divinity would more than likely be used and the less people that knew about it, the better...


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