Divinity Jam
72 Attempting The Impossible
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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72 Attempting The Impossible

Jam teleported a couple times, and used several detection abilities before concluding that no one could detect him or his actions. Still a bit paranoid from that encounter with the Yin Phantom, Jam used Divinity Form to hide himself with Soul Dispersion. Back when he was a mere Soul Condensing level cultivator, he could hide from mid level Saints. Now, he could even walk by low level Sages under Soul Dispersion's effects, with none the wiser.

He used Space God with his Main Divinity superpower and began teleporting. A minute later, he was close to a hundred million kilometers away, or far enough for his tastes. He carved out a cave in one of the mountains at random, making sure that the space inside was large enough for even Danger Noodle to run around comfortably.

A couple moments later, he took Xie Ming, Xie Xinyi, and Cynthia out of his Storage Dimension and turned to Xie Ming with the most serious face he had shown thus far. He said "Nothing you see or hear while we are in this room is to be shared with a soul, understand?"

Jam wasn't playing around, and neither was Xie Ming as he immediately swore to his Dao that he would keep any and all of Jam's secrets to himself even if he died, or soul would perish before reincarnating.

Xie Ming was still under the effects of the Silver Blood Pill, though the backlash could start at any moment. The only reason it held out for this long was that Xie Ming was no longer recklessly abusing the overwhelming power the pill granted him.

Jam knew all of this since he was quite the knowledgeable pill master himself. He had long since memorized all the pills that the Cultivation Academy knew of until the 7th Tier. Included in that vast array of knowledge was the recipe, effects, and treatments for the Silver Blood Pill. The only recorded treatments Jam had heard of were for people that had already reached the Sage Realm. They were after all the demographic the Silver Blood Pill was originally intended for anyways…

Thus, to save Xie Ming, Jam had to get creative; he had to be daring and even a bit insane. Jam took out his Pill Cauldron an tried concocting a Tier 5 pill… He had already planned on trying this after thinking about the Soul boosting effects of his Divinity and Divinity Form, unfortunately there were very high stakes on the line.

Trying to concoct a Tier 5 Pill was the daring part, but the details of this concoction… They would make most accomplished higher Tier Alchemists shit themselves. Jam wasn't trying to concoct any Tier 5 Pill, he was actually planning on using Tier 6 ingredients as the main components and creating a new pill entirely…

This was something only Tier 8 and above Alchemists would dare try, as only those with established Daos in Alchemy would dare to create their own recipes. Not only was the chance of success unbearably low, the consequences of messing with ingredients in an undocumented, unregistered way… who knew what kind of catastrophe would befall those unlucky enough to be caught off guard?

Xie Ming was no Alchemist, thus he thought nothing of the sweat appearing on Jam's face. The silent and careful mood present with the cave was just something all Alchemists needed when they worked, right? Wrong! Any slip up or wrong deduction and the mountain might explode, a corrosive mist might erupt and melt everything it touched… the list of horrifying consequences for failing while creating a new pill would make any up and coming Alchemist feel resigned.

Nevertheless, Jam began. He took a deep breath and emptied himself of all distracting thoughts. Xie Ming would die as soon as the Silver Blood Pills positive effects ran dry, so he couldn't dilly dally around at such a precarious time! Jam used Divinity to boost his soul with True Soul, as Purification Fire manifested in his hands through the use of Divinity Form from his eyes.

Jam lit his Pill Cauldron with the Purification Fire and let it warm up as he thought through endless combinations herbs. His mind raced, even faster than normal due to the effects of True Soul. The Canon of Suppression and Augmentation Dogma appearing every time a new iteration of the pill Jam had in mind was complete.

When Jam took his test to determine if he had any talent as an Artifact Refiner, he had learned about the principles of suppression and augmentation. But, those were just small bits and pieces from the complete Canon of Suppression and Augmentation Dogma. Only cultivators that had made it to the Sage Realm and could take the step above Tier 7 could put this Canon to use, developing their Daos with the profound truths found within.

But now, Jam was forced to apply the rules of the supreme Canon while he was still far from reaching Tier 7. It would be very dangerous for others to try what he was doing prematurely, but Jam was a special case. His cultivation, though far from Sagehood, was comparable in strenght; the same could be said for his soul, after being buffed by Divinity.

Not only would he be able to take the backlash should he fail; since he most likely would. Jam was also protected in the most important area while he used the insights from the supreme Canon; his soul. Even Lesser Sages, the lowest level cultivators generally able to create their own Occupational Daos, would find it hard to handle the truths of the supreme Canon. But for some reason, Jam was… fine? No, he wasn't even slightly put off from the extreme weight hidden within each passage.

He entered a sort of meditative trance as the scripture of the Canon of Suppression and Augmentation Dogma raced through his mind, validating whether the herb combination he thought of held a chance.

The only thing Jam had to work with was his knowledge of the Silver Blood Pill. He knew that the only treatment that would work for such an explosive pill was a Cooling Yin Pill, who's pill recipe only had confirmed methods for Tier 7. Not only did he not have the ingredients of that caliber on hand, he also didn't have the strenght to make a Tier 7 pill.

But! Jam knew the properties of the Cooling Yin Pill, as he could start making them at Tier 7. Still, no Tier 5 version of that pill existed, so Jam used the supreme Canon for to fill that metaphorical void.

Good thing he picked up several Tier 4 and Tier 5 Yin and Ice herbs on the way to center. He also had a ton of Tier 5 and Tier 6 Yang and Fire herbs left over from his visits to other special environments. In the end, Jam also had to use Wood and Metal attribute herbs to mitigate the effects of the Silver Blood Pill as well, so the complete recipe he was working on needed to have at least 6 Core herbs… It wasn't exactly the optimal conditions for his first attempt at pill creation, but what else could he do? Let Xie Ming die? Not if it could be helped…

Jam sat in his lotus meditative stance for all of five full minutes before his eyes snapped open and several dozen herbs appeared around him. He took another deep breath and start his work. One minute later, after three attempts at extraction, Jam managed to complete the first step of pill making. Three minutes later, after nine attempts at refinement, Jam completed the second step of pill making!

Now… for the final stretch. The most dangerous part… pill fusion. On his first attempt at fusing the refined essences, Jam told Xie Ming to defend everyone else present in the cave. Xie Ming was still a bit dazed from the sudden appearance of Purification Fire, so he didn't quite take Jam's warning as close to heart as he should have.

That bit of confusion and doubt was quickly tossed aside, as Jam's first failure came almost as soon as he started the fusion process.

BOOM! The entire cave shook violently and came close to crumbling in on itself as Jam made his first mistake. He attributed the mistake to the method of incorporation during the fusion, it was pretty dumb adding a fire attribute herb right after adding a yang attribute herb…

Since that explosion happened almost as soon as Jam started the fusion process, the resulting explosion wasn't anything too grand — it only "almost" hurt him. Jam didn't get cold feet after such a depressing failure. He quickly completed another batched of herbs and tried a new fusion method.

BOOM!!! This time, ten herbs were fully incorporated before the inevitable implosion. And since it was an implosion and not an explosion, Jam had time to teleport the failed concoction before it catalyzed complete. Even though he teleported the connection far away, the devastating explosion from the outside shook Jam's cave just as badly as his first failure.

Ten minutes later, Jam stood in the same spot as before. He was about to finish his first set of pills! But around him… The cave looked nothing like it did originally. The previous black rocky walls that had been cleanly carved, were bleached white. Multiple holes and craters littered the floor and walls of the cave, and poor Xie Ming, even in his demonified state look at Jam with absolute terror.

'This kid… he's been exposed to burns, explosions, poisons, implosions, frostbite, lightning reversions, wood devitalization… And at such close range. This cave would have crumbled to pieces too if not for my Dao Domain...' Xie Ming stood before his Dao Companion and Jam's two close friends protecting them from all the horrible blasts that came from his pill concocting failures. He did a pretty good job too, as there were no elemental marks anywhere near the area he safeguarded. Though around him… the same could not be confirmed to be true. Remnants of Dao Fire, Ice, Yin, Yang, Lightning, Wood, Metal, and even poison were still present all around the cave.

Xie Ming watched Jam with terror and caution as he waited for the next bomb to be unleashed. Every time something went wrong, the backlash was worse and worse still. Pretty soon even if he wasn't abusing his power, Xie Ming would transform back and die. He prepared for the worst as he waited for the next explosion, but none came…


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