Divinity Jam
74 A Makeshift Surgery, Breaking The Limi
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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74 A Makeshift Surgery, Breaking The Limi

Jam took off Xie Xinyi's top, it was an action that seriously disturbed Xie Ming, but now was not the time to be picky. He obviously wouldn't have let Jam do this if he could heal her himself… Jam's then lack of expression while looking at his Dao Companion brought about yet another mix of emotions to Xie Ming.

On one hand he was happy that Jam was as serious as before, but there wasn't even a hint of appreciation or lust in his eyes. It was as if Jam was looking at a man, or better yet, nothing at all! It was these sort of moments that made people question Jam's sexuality. 'Could he really be gay?' Xie Ming couldn't help but think. He knew what his wife looked like. Hell, she was right there unclothed, next to him.

Oblivious to the thoughts of Xie Ming, Jam stared at Xie Xinyi and thought about what to do. There was a deep slash that ran across her entire torso diagonally. Several of her organs had been punctured and displaced, and even more of her bones had been broken. Jam thought back to the book on anatomy he had read from way back when and settled on using his healing Yang fire.

He used Cosmic Control with Divinity ot boost his Yang's prowess, and covered Xie Xinyi in his Yang Dao Domain. Inside the Domain, Jam pointed right hand's index finger and used a very weak yang beam to actually cut into Xinyi's flesh. He wasn't a certified doctor or anything like that, but with his knowledge of the human body and the his control over energies, Jam resolved to complete a makeshift surgery.

He used his Yang Dao Domain to keep everything within constantly healing with constant infusion of vitality, and after Xie Xinyi was opened up, he used his yang fire to slowly realign the shifted organs within her body back to their usual locations. Jam moved the mildly healed the organs first, making sure that all the organs within her body were at the very least, sealed up and no longer leaking blood or any other "contents..."

With the organs in working order, the rest of the process wasn't that hard for Jam to finish. He used a stronger Yang Flame to smelt any bones he found out of place, back together. Sealing up the cut he had enlarged with his yang beam-turned-scalpel wasn't even a challenge to Jam after he had reassembled Xie Ming body.

The only problem was… The cut went through Xie Xinyi's left breast. At this final moment, after essentially staring at Xinyi's exposed top for well over half an hour, Jam finally felt the need to consult with Xie Ming before touching her breast. "Hey uh, I know she's your wife and all, but I sort of need to touch her… you know..." Jam said while gesturing at her left breast.

Xie Ming just looked at Jam with disbelief… disbelief that this was something he brought up now… "Y-you… You know what? You've already healed her up, so obviously you need to "touch" that area to close her up..."

Jam figured that was a "yes," so he started cauterizing the wound and closing her up. What made Xie Ming almost cringe was the fact that Jam… this fucking troublemaker, even after asking for consent to "touch" her, he didn't even physically touch her; effectively using his Yang Flames to seal her up.

With Xie Ming, cursing profanities internally by his side, Jam looked at Xie Xinyi and confirmed she was ready to take his Tier 4 Regeneration Pills. He walked back up to his Pill Cauldron and told Xie Ming to clothe his wife while he worked.

Xie Ming grumbled, but he had seen Jam's magic first hand. His abilities were the real deal. He had been unconscious while Jam worked on reassembling himself, but Xie Ming had stood over Jam and watched as he restored his wife's organs and bones. He even used his divine sense and confirmed that his wife really was being restored back to normal.

Still, when he looked at the large scar that ran across his wife's body, a sadness would well up in his heart. For a while, he just place his hands on the line running across her body. Lost in his thoughts, he mocked himself for being so stupid and inattentive during the war. If he had just paid more attention to the situation around him, at least as much as she had… she wouldn't have this scar now.

Xie Ming's thoughts were disrupted, as he felt Jam's fists. Jam had started with pokes, and then punches. Now, he was about to start dealing energy infused attacks to get Xie Ming's attention, but the guy finally reacted to him. "You're done? It's only been like a minute..."

Jam once again looked at Xie Ming with a special kind of derision, he gave him two bottles and said "This bottle filled with white pills has Regeneration Pills. They will heal your wife back up in no time. These other pills on the other hand..." Jam noticed that Xie Ming had yet to cover up his wife and that his hands were touching that scar that was left behind "Those pills are Shedding Pills, they'll remove that scar after she heals up..."

Jam turned away and said moved towards Danger Noodle. He said "Now get out of here and meet me back in Village. It should be almost 200 million kilometers that way."

Xie Ming held his Dao Companion in his arms after he stored the pills away in his space ring. "Lone Spirit… I, I won't forget this… After you finish whatever it is you plan on doing here, come back to my place..." Xie Ming didn't say anything else. He gave Jam the deepest bow he could muster and moved to leave.

It was at that moment that Jam said "Uh… you can just call me Jam. That's my real name and hearing you saying Lone Spirit… it really killed the mood." They were already pretty close, so Jam didn't mind if Xie Ming called him by his real name. With that out of the way, Xie Ming gave him a nod and teleported away; quickly crossing over the horizon and leaving Jam's line of sight.

With Xie Ming gone, Jam turned to Danger Noodle. She had been a wreck after the effects of the Bloodsent Lotus were fully absorbed into her body. Before the war, she had made a breakthrough and gained her own Sage Thunder Dao Domain. Though she was way ahead of schedule with regards to Dao Cultivation, her body was still far too young to transition into Sagehood.

But then, she at the Bloodsent Lotus; a Tier 7 Demon Dao treasure. In normal circumstances eating such a volatile herb while she was still just a Saint God would have either killed her outright or damaged her constitution for centuries if not millenia. Fortunately, she didn't eat the lotus in normal circumstances and Jam had been there suppressing the negativity of the Demon Dao.

For a short time, Danger Noodle had become a Sage-like demonic being, and after that time passed, she had absorbed all the positive and medical essences within the Tier 7 herb. Zero side effects would impact her, so why was she currently heaving and panting as if she was pained and exhausted beyond her limits?

The answer? She was making another breakthrough. Danger Noodle told Jam outright that if this event came several years later, she wouldn't have been stressed out this much. Alas, she was still much too young and her body wasn't exactly ready to handle the upcoming 6-9 Thunder Tribulation.

Well, ready or not, Heaven waits for no one. Thus, in her current delirious state, Danger Noodle was forced to take on her next Tribulation. Jam brought her outside and even took out all the thunder and yin attribute herbs he had on him.

He couldn't do much to help her aside from letting her eat and use up all these herbs. Unlike the 3-9 Tribulation that Rebirth Stage cultivators took to force their energy, body, and soul energies together, the 6-9 Tribulation was a bit different. It wouldn't have that kind of effect as it would be pointless after completing the 3-9 Tribulation, and it could be defended against.

Rather, this test would only come down when a cultivator's energy and dantian surpassed the threshold of Saint. It would come to those who's Dantians were expanded beyond their Saint level limits, and only those with Sage Domains could survive the upcoming onslaught of thunderous waves.

Danger Noodle being a demonic beast also had the added benefit that she could consume spiritual herbs directly during the Tribulation. She quickly assumed her complete form and swayed around as her Sage Dao Domain manifested to defend against the overhead thunder. It was unfortunate that she would take this tribulation prematurely, but with all the preparations Jam had set up for her, it was unlikely that she would die.

Jam stood a couple hundred kilometers away watching with a bit of guilt and worry in his heart. If not for him asking Danger Noodle to eat the Bloodsent Lotus, she wouldn't be in this mess. Still, he couldn't do anything now, so he sat down and waited to see what would happen.

The first bolt of lightning fell from the skies didn't even break through Danger Noodle's Sage Domain. Jam frowned "What the fuck? This is weaker than even my first bolt for the 3-9 Tribulation! Shouldn't it be stronger than the third bolt?"

Tzatziki replied, his voice sullen "Not everyone is as ridiculous as you! That first bolt you just saw probably was stronger than the third bolt that struck her during her 3-9 Tribulation… Remember, everyone's Tribulation scales with strenght."

Jam understood and watched the tribulation unfold. The second bolt was just barely stronger than the first; it too didn't penetrate deep into Danger Noodle's Dao Domain. The third bolt cut halfway through the domain before being snuffed out. The fourth bolt made it 75% though before ending as well, and by that point Jam was starting to mock himself for being worried. If the bolts couldn't even touch Danger Noodle, what was there to worry about?

The fifth bolt made it 90% through the Dao Domain, before the Tribulation Cloud above Danger Noodle's head gave her a moment to breath as it charged up its final bolt. Jam was a bit surprised as he watched the final bolt condense. Much like his own Tribulation, when the final bolt condensed, it was different from those before it.

However… unlike Jam, who had to withstand Immortal Thunder at the Soul Fusion level, Danger Noodle only had to resist a slightly stronger Sage Thunder; identified by the lack of purple in the final bolt's color scheme. Danger Noodle's last thunder bolt… it was just a deeper red than before.

Off to the side, Jam was utterly livid. Where was the equality?! I had to take on Immortal Thunder at the Soul Fusion stage, while Danger Noodle, a Saint GOD, only needs to defend against what? Sage King or Sage Emperor Thunder? Who is running the heavens and why is he so unfair?!

Needless to say, Danger Noodle survive the final bolt… over 80% of the thunder's power had been consumed by her Sage Dao Domain, and the remaining 20% of the thunder's power barely even split the scales on her body. All that worrying Jam had done, all those herbs he had summoned for Danger Noodle, all of it… pointless.

In any case, now a true calamity would befall Danger Noodle if Jam kept sulking, so as soon as the Tribulation ended, he teleported over to Danger Noodle's side. He didn't even wait for her to finish her breakthrough or heal herself; directly tossing her into his Storage dimension. Else, the Pocket Dimension's world would target her for breaking its rules on cultivation.

He tossed the herbs he had prepared into his Storage Dimension as well in case Danger Noodle needed them, and also wrote her a short letter explaining why she wouldn't be able to leave; in case, she didn't already know about the rule.


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