Divinity Jam
75 An Odd Way To Heal, Tenth Dao Secured
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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75 An Odd Way To Heal, Tenth Dao Secured

Jam flew back to the cave he had created and felt a headache coming as he stared at Cynthia. While he had dealt with Xie Ming, Xinyi, and Danger Noodle, Cynthia had been slowly transforming from a humanoid Roc back to a regular human. Now, she was back to normal, only… naked. She didn't have Tier 5 Armor which could expand and shrink, and at the time of transforming in to a Stellar Roc she wasn't in her right mind to put away her armor, so it had been torn to shred.

But that wasn't important right now! Was was important, however, was the fact that Cynthia was currently struggling for dear life; it was no time to care about her level of exposure! Cynthia's skin was for all intents and purposes scalding red, and her blood vessels were under heavy pressure. Her beast bloodline was still acting up even though her circulatory system had taken such a heavy blow.

Blood? Demonic Beast Blood? Mythical Demonic Beast Blood? How was Jam suppose to fix this? There wasn't exactly a pill or talisman that he knew of for this purpose. Would a Cooling Yin Pill work? Probably not, it wasn't like Cynthia was conscious, and even if she were, she wouldn't expunge her own bloodline.

Jam thought through his options, but nothing he thought of felt like it could accomplish much. Cynthia's current state came as a result of activating her blood. There was nothing inherently wrong with her blood, just that her body wasn't strong enough to deal with its side effects. Strengthening her body would be impossible for Jam as she was already a Saint Grandmaster. Furthermore, her unconsciousness was a bit problem as she couldn't actively make herself stronger.

"Mhmm... " seconds turned to minutes and Jam just stood there, getting increasingly frustrated as he couldn't think of a solution.

Finally, Tzatziki had enough! That or it also took this long for him to come up with a solution… Tzatziki sent Jam a transmission "You know… since her problem is her blood being activated, can't you just use a Blood Dao superpower to deal with it?"

"Blood Dao superpower?" Jam thought about it and decided to give it a try. He inched closer to Cynthia and tried to use a Superpower called Sub Doping. Like the name suggested, the superpower replaced blood, usually the user's, with new and "better" blood; blood infused with Blood Dao insights.

Jam put his hands on Cynthia's arm and used the superpower. The area where he used Sub Doping instantly whiten back to its original skin color, but that only lasted the duration that Jam held his hands on her body. No matter what Jam did, the effects of Sub Doping would not spread out across her body.

It also didn't help that Jam wasn't an expert in this rather esoteric Dao. If he had a greater foundation for his Divinity to work with, perhaps the results would not be so bleak… In any case, Cynthia was getting worse as time dragged on, so extreme measures needed to be taken!

Jam took off all his clothes and hugged Cynthia! His ridiculous and sudden actions surprised Tzatziki into thinking he had gone insane. But then again it would make sense if Jam lost himself to lust at this time. He was after all with an peerless beauty… No one was near them… She was unconscious… Yeah right! Jam wasn't depraved! At least the meaning behind his actions suggested that was the case.

He might have "gotten naked" and tackle-hugged another naked and defensive young lady, but it was for her own good! Sub Doping — at its current level, with no level of Blood Dao Cultivation supporting it — needed direct contact to work, so logically, the best way to spread its effects was to increase the surface area that made contact.

In this awkward state, Jam held Cynthia while simultaneously focusing on the Sub Doping superpower. Though it was ridiculously inefficient, Jam was slowly gaining Blood Dao insights, through the constant use of this superpower.

Naturally, even though Jam had taken off his clothes and hugged Cynthia, spreading out the area making contact as best as he could, he couldn't possibly touch every inch of Cynthia, and even though the Sub Doping was working, Cynthia's symptoms were getting worse. Her blood vessels were getting increasingly weaker, and Jam's ability to replace blood was pointless as the blood left untouched was agitating the new blood…

This was becoming a battle of territory within Cynthia's body, and eventually, she couldn't help but get a reaction. A hacking cough escaped Cynthia's mouth along with a splatter of blood. Jam ignored what would have been a worrying sign as he was approaching a profound truth and could not bother with the situation outside of Cynthia's body.

He started to shine with a crimson glow, and after the light dimmed down, through yet another heaven defying act Jam had acquired Dao Contact for the tenth time. This time he didn't even have a manual or technique for reference; directly gaining his understanding through the use of Blood by himself.

While the act might not mean much to a God in the Divine Plane or even an Immortal in the Immortal Plane. They could do the same if they wanted to, with their higher understanding of the Dao, they could easily reach the first couple levels of Dao Cultivation in other Daos. However, Jam wasn't a god, he wasn't even an Saint… as a Rebirth Stage cultivator, this might be one of the more absurd things he's accomplish….

Dao Contact with the Blood Dao… it wasn't anything special to Jam right now aside from the fact that he could extend the range that the superpower worked. He covered Cynthia completely in its effects and start separating from her… at least that was the plan…

It seems that reaching Dao Contact improved the effects of Sub Doping much more than Jam anticipated, and gave rise to waking a portion of Cynthia's consciousness. She was still halfway out, and could barely even use her senses. Her judgement was all but gone, and even her soul worked to use her memories to make up a false reality.

Jam was caught between a rock and a hard place, literally. Cynthia, immediately after "waking up," turned and grabbed at Jam. It seems she was living out a dream, as she yawned and called out "No~ don't leave the bed~" She turned around and snared Jam into a full frontal hug! Before he had been a gentlemen about the situation and hugged her from behind. He had done all he could to not have her wake up to this scene, only for her to create it on her own volition.

Wait. The Bed? They were on the cold hard floor of the cave. Furthermore, this was the cave that Jam had repeatedly blasted from his failed attempts at the Tier 5 Cooling Yin Pill; it was anything but a comfy bed.

Jam now caught by Cynthia used Sub Doping to its full potential once again an discovered that he had yet to completely restore Cynthia. His Dao Contact could at most repace her blood superficially, but the blood in her marrow, would still come out activated… It seems like she would stay like this for a while longer…

"It seems that your Blood Dao needs to make another breakthrough if you want to completely fix your little lover~" Tzatziki said, letting out a half hearted chuckle as he finished speaking.

"How long would that even take? I have nothing to go by. No techniques, no legacies..." Jam was depressed, he directly ignored Tzatziki's attempt at teasing him. He couldn't leave with Cynthia like this…

"Mhmm… It really would take forever for you to reach Dao Infusion. How about this, I'll give you a Blood Dao technique, but don't expect anything too crazy..."

"Wow, you have even Blood Dao techniques?"

"Kid, I have techniques for every Dao under the sun. Most of them are just little experiments I came up with after I tried to expand my expertise of the Grand and Heavenly Dao, but that doesn't take away from their validity."

"Mhmm… Ok..."

Jam received his Blood Dao technique through another transmission, and it was just like Tzatziki said; the technique was hardly worth anything. It really was just some movements that Tzatziki had recorded for practicing the Blood Dao. Its original purpose was for the user to increase the amount and quality of their internal Blood Essence with this technique; it was the most basic Blood Dao technique one could find. But, given that a god had created it, it was anything but ordinary.

Since Jam had already reached Dao Contact a great majority of the insight that Jam could pick up from the technique were almost instantly understood. Jam even managed to pick up on how to instantly summon Blood Essence. He quickly lost himself while training to understand new Blood Dao insights, but was quickly brought back to reality…

Right before him, Cynthia was pouting. In her mind, he was ignoring her. And to get his attention, she couldn't help but become a bit mischievous. To her this was just a dream and it wasn't even Jam that was before her… She reached down and grabbed at Jam's little brother.

"Don't hide from me!" Cynthia said, as Jam instinctually teleported away from her. An endless stream of sweat fell down his face as he thought 'That was a close call… She almost killed me.'

Cynthia was powerless and with Jam away, the symptoms of the agitated blood quickly made her skin burn red again. She almost lost consciousness, but Jam teleported back to her side. This time, he completely avoided direct contact and even put his clothes back on. In an effort to better understand the Blood Dao Jam even started ingesting several healing pills which effected blood.

Cynthia lay there on the floor grumpy that the "lover" from her dream left her bedside and started flailing around and waving her fists in the air. She kept reached for Jam who stood over her trying her best to pull him back into her embrace. Occasionally she would mutter incoherent ramblings with somewhat understandable bits and pieces of actual language. "You.. you dumb baldy! After all I've done for you… Why won't you come back to my side..."

Jam was oblivious to all of this, as his Blood Dao increased at a breakneck pace. Even the world record he had when he broke through in his Yang Dao was shattered this time around. And in less than an hour, another Dao Infusion in the form of the Blood Dao was under Jam's belt.

With Blood Dao Infusion, Sub Doping would now penetrate through the bone and effect the marrow. The process thereafter was slow. Heartbreakingly slow. But the conversion from active to inactive bloodline was finally progressing. So, for the next eleven hours, Jam stood next to Cynthia. When he noticed that the treatment was starting to cure her, he moved to knock her out; the last thing he wanted now, was for Cynthia to wake up in the middle of half awake and freak out. Alas, Sub Doping cursed her with the ability to never be unconscious. No. Matter. What…

Worse still, no matter what Jam did, under Cynthia's current state she wouldn't put on any of the clothes Jam gave her. At one point, Jam even restrained her and forcefully clothed her, but upon loosening the restrains, she would throw the clothes away! Jam even tried to Space and Time Locking, but she had mythical blood activated; it as like trying to restrain a Sage...

In the end Jam's fears were realized at the seventh hour. By then, he had been exposed to Cynthia confessing countless heartwarming messages to a mysterious baldy. In fact, she had woken up in the middle of one of those confession. As the treatment gradually cured her, the slurring and incoherent nature of her words had decreased, so even a dense idiot like Jam eventually understood who the baldy was.

Needless to say, when Cynthia woke up, she first looked at Jam confused. But upon noticing her unclothed state, a panicked look appeared. She could remember some of the things she had said in the last two hours before completely coming back conscious. She also remember all the attempts Jam made to get her clothed, and her face couldn't help but grow downcast.

Still, the treatment wasn't over yet, so even after she woke up, she had to put up with the embarrassed feeling that washed all over her and sit next to Jam. For the next five hours neither Jam nor Cynthia brought up a topic to talk...


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