Divinity Jam
76 Heroes Return
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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76 Heroes Return

A full day after the war ended and Jam began the various healing treatments within his hand carved cave, the man in question could be seen walking out of the cave with a fair maiden on his left side.

The threat of death creeped up Jam's spine as Cynthia glared at him "No one is to know of what went down in there..."

Jam felt a single bead of sweat fall down his face as he felt genuine fear since who knows how long. He responded "O-of course." a fake/forced smile pressed on his face.

Jam led her out of the desolate area he had chosen and the two teleported together back to the Junkie Village. Along the way, Jam messed around with the Blood Dao technique Tzatziki had gifted him. It was the "easiest" technique to learn that he knew of, so he might as well practice it to completion.

Tzatziki's Blood Dao technique didn't have a name; it was after all, just some playing around a bored god did on his free time. However, thought it wasn't a heavenly technique, Jam could find some benefits from improving the quality and strenght of his Blood Essence. At the moment, working on his Blood Essence would just barely give his Bone Realm body an extra bit of strenght, but the true benefits would only be reaped when Jam became a Saint.

Jam had already reached Dao Infusion in his Blood Dao cultivation, so it was to no one's surprise that he had "mastered" Tzatziki's technique before he even reached the Junkie Village. Jam was sure that if he had to treat Cynthia once more, he'd only need three hours to completely replace her activated blood.

When Jam finally appeared on the airspace of the Junkie Village several high ranking members of the Junkie Tribesmen greeted him; though it was better described as worshiped… Jam didn't like how people were bowing and kowtowing towards his direction; especially when he noticed that a couple Saint Lords partook in such actions.

Jam awkwardly excused himself from the horde of people surrounding him and took Cynthia back to what used to be their shared house. Cynthia disliked being worshipped as well — she might have even gotten the treatment worse than Jam, since she singlehandedly wiped out the Mu Clan — However, as the princess of the Smith Family, she was somewhat more used to this kind of treatment.

When Jam and Cynthia went back to where they previously stayed, they found their house had gone through some "improvements." Previously, they were given a large plot of land with several decent courtyards. But now… the previously dainty and cute courtyards were gone. They actually replaced the already nice dwellings with giant mansions; one for each of Jam's friends, with an extra one added for Alex…

Jam stood with Cynthia confused until a displeased Alex teleported before them. He gave Jam an annoyed look and said "Go help restore the earth over in the Nova's territory you said? It would have been easier to just create one of the mountains from this god forsaken place!" He was still very salty from all the work he did to make the Nova Tribe's new territory habitable.

Kirin, Rina, and Jam had truly outdone themselves with that final blast, as even with Alex's Foundational Domain refilling the area that they vaporized took over 17 hours to complete. In that time, Alex very well could have recreated one of the mountains nearby…

"Che! I never said it was going to be easy… You were the one who didn't mind filling in some "small spots," right?" Jam retorted. He couldn't understand why Alex was upset.

"Mhmm… whatever, it's not like it was a big deal..." Alex pouted, but then he saw Cynthia and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Ay, look who's back~ You had me worried for a second." Alex already knew that Jam had knocked her out and taken her away for healing from a conversation with Arnold.

"Yeah… but I'm fine now. So… where do we stay?" Cynthia said, she didn't want to draw the focus of the conversation anywhere near the topic of her "recovery."

Alex said "Well, Jam stays..." He was about to continue when several people teleported over to greet Jam and Cynthia.

"Ay, look who's back~" Arnold said, he gave Cynthia a nice bright smile; almost as bright as the reflection of the sun shooting of from his bald head.

"...Uh, hi." Oddly enough, Cynthia let out an awkward greeting. She was nervous for some reason, even though Alex had said the exact same thing to her and in almost the exact same way.

Jam looked at this situation with squinted eyes and thought 'strange… mhmm… very strange...' though his act was cut short from another one of Cynthia's death stares. Her eyes seemed to convey a very specific message "Talk and die..." It was very traumatic for Jam.

To escape from impending doom, Jam laughed, almost robotically, and said "Hah, w-whats up, guys?" he started whistling and flying around in circles.

This was too strange, so Alex continued saying "Anyways, how about I just take you to your mansion?"

"Hah, yes, please do so..." Jam said, grateful to Alex for saving him from whatever Cynthia might do to him if he stayed in the immediate vicinity.

Alex then turned to Cynthia and said "Mhmm, Rina can go show you to your mansion."

"Right..." Cynthia said, a bit dissatisfied. But, she quickly cheered up when Arnold volunteered to check up on her, saying "Kirin, you should go with Jam and Alex, I'll go with Cynthia and help Rina filled her in with what's going on right now."

"Aight~" Kirin said. He was still as chummy as ever.

Thus, the group split up and Jam was taken to a very large black mansion. Inside there were a myriad of rooms and countless pieces of luxury furniture. On the main living room, Jam and his two pals, stopped and sat down on comfy cultivation cushions before briefing Jam.

"So… what happened while I was gone?" Jam said, his silly robotic act was put to rest and he grew serious.

"Well, I fixed the mess you made in the Munchie's previous territory, and then helped the Nova move in." Alex said.

"After the war ended Rina, Arnold, and I, attended a conference with the Saint Gods of the Junkie, Whirls, and Red Hawks Tribes. There they talk about how they would distribute the loot recovered from the enemy Saint God bodies, as well as how they would deal with the lower level members of those Clans. We already kind of annihilated the Munchie Tribe's lower level members so they weren't a part of the conference." Kirin said

"Mhmm… So, what did you guys negotiate for us?" Jam asked. He didn't really care about the treasures of Saint Gods, and the rest of the core disciples probably felt the same.

"Well… at first Junkies tried to give us a large portion of the fallen Saint God treasures, but none of us wanted that. They kept insisting on giving us over 50%, and that only became higher after Xie Ming returned in the middle of the conference vouching to give his share to you as well… It went from 50% to over 80% in an instant, but after we told Xie Ming what he'd been telling the others he didn't push the issue.

Instead, he called for some sort of opening? I don't really know what he was talking about. But after he brought it up, everyone became silent and decided to wait for you to arrive to see if you would choose getting the treasures or completing the opening."

"An opening? Well, to be honest I also don't really care about the treasures of those fallen Saint Gods… Lets go ask what this opening is. If its anything good, I'll pick it over the treasures. But! You guys also played a huge role in the war so I'd like all of us to go at the same time."

With that decided, Jam, Kirin, and Alex stood up and went over to Cynthia's mansion.


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