Divinity Jam
77 The Heavens Are Out To Shock Me!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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77 The Heavens Are Out To Shock Me!

"Are you sure you're ok?" Arnold said. He was worried since every time he said something to Cynthia she become awkward. She kept sneaking glances his way, and Rina over in the corner of the room laughing to herself didn't help his case.

"Y-yeah, totally fine..." Cynthia said, those embarrassing scene of her half conscious self kept replaying over and over whenever Arnold said something, making her think of what she had done. For minutes on end, Rina had taken one step explaining what had happened while she was gone, Arnold would jump in, and all the progressed Rina had built would be lost as Cynthia's faced reddened and her mind fried.

"Hahaha, you two are so cute~" Rina, this mass of chaos… she fanned the fire with complete recklessness.

Cynthia's face turned red once again, as Rina continued "Seriously, what could you possibly be imagining?" She envisioned what would make her go that insane, and quickly stopped… There were ropes and leather, and the color black was everywhere…

A sudden knock on the mansion's entrance door woke both of the red-faced girls from their drunk-like stupor. Arnold went over to the door and welcomed the guests in. "Oi! We're going with Jam to see if the opening thing Xie Ming talked about is useful to any of us. You guys wanna come?" Kirin's loud voice was always useful in these situations.

"Opening?" Cynthia asked, she was confused because she hadn't been paying much attention to what Rina and Arnold were trying to tell her.

"Yeah, like we said earlier. We don't know what it is either." Rina said.

"Well, whatever it is, let's go discuss it with Xie Ming together." Jam said.

The group slowly flew towards Xie Ming and Xie Xinyi's house. Jam led the way as he had already been there. When they reached the door, Jam knocked on the door and waited to be invited in.

Xie Ming inside his house was whispering all sorts of sweet nothings to his lovely wife. He was a bit annoyed that he had to stop, but when he noticed it was Jam, he quickly threw on the brightest smile possible and warmly welcomed him and his friends.

"Jam! Welcome back!" He looked at Cynthia before turning to his wife and saying "See?! I told you she would be fine! Jam is a medical genius! He's healed you, me… healing his friend back to normal was the obvious result!"

Though Jam was flattered by the constant praises thrown his way, when he saw Xie Xinyi for the first time since their event in the cave, he frowned… Jam sent Xie Ming an energy transmission, his voice was uncannily dark "You didn't give her the Shedding Pills?" Xinyi wasn't exactly exposing herself for everyone to see, but to Jam, who had personally treated her, the scar mark exposed on her shoulder, just above the clavicle, couldn't escape from his sight.

"What? No! I…" Xie Ming's panicked face gave away the conversation as Xie Xinyi picked up on Jam's line of sight. She pulled on her shirt a bit more to show everyone a bit more of her scar, as she said "This? It was my choice to keep it..." She pulled her shirt back up and continued saying "I don't want to forget what happened that day..."

Upon understanding that it was Xinyi's choice, Jam audibly went "Oh~" He then threw away any sense of formality when he blurted out "Still, its a shame for Old Ming… Having to look at that scar..." Jam gave Xie Ming a pat on the shoulder and said "Good Luck…"

Xinyi donned on the same eyes that Cynthia had, inspiring fear within Jam. With a terrifying aura and smile emanating all sorts of demonic intents Xinyi approached Jam and said "Mhmm? Poor Old Ming? What's wrong with having a scar?? Are you saying he'll despise making love with me because I'll be too ugly with this scarring running down my body???" By the time she finished her last sentence, she had Jam in a chokehold…

"Making love? What the fuck?! No, I meant it's a shame the he'll have to be reminded of that day's events everytime he sees you exposed! You know, because of that day he got you hurt, and lost big chunk of his lifespan! No one's calling you ugly, so please stop strangling me!!" Jam was turning purple…

Xie Xinyi loosened her grip on his throat and said "Oh, um… ok..." She really had jumped the gun, assuming the worst from Jam's random comments.

Jam on the other hand was perfectly fine. He had been turning purple earlier which would have been a cause for concern but given his insight in the Demon Dao, he could tell that Xie Xinyi wasn't going after his life. He didn't know why she was being so hostile, and though perhaps his words were failing him again… If it was his fault he wouldn't mind a bit of punishment; so long as his life was not at risk, of course.

Now Xie Ming was at a loss… how was he to turn this weird atmosphere back around? His wife had just gone over and strangled their benefactor! In times like these, what was most for the occasion was to shock everyone and get them back on track.

As Xie Ming was brainstorming ways to shock his guests, he first had to get back on his wife's good side; who knew how she would react towards him after Jam's comment… He said to Xie Xinyi "Honey, it's fine for me if you want to keep it or not. We've been together for long enough to understand each other right?" Through his bullshit, Xie Ming snuck a kiss onto her cheek; thoroughly bringing her back on his side.

An unfortunate side effect of said action was, getting Jam to think about kisses… 'Mhmm? A random kiss? Those are expected from time to time to and from Dao Companions, right? But… I've never once given Evangeline a kiss! Not even on the cheek! Is that acceptable? Am I in the wrong for only thinking about this now? HAVE I DOOMED OUR RELATIONSHIP?' Jam lost himself to irrelevant thoughts, all because Xie Ming gave his Dao Companion a random kiss…

In this even worse environment, finally Rina had enough and brought the focus of their visit in plain view! "Alright guys! So! We're here to find out what that "Opening" you talked about during the conference was all about."

With a simple sentence everyone was brought together and a proper mood was established. Jam snapped out of his absurd thoughts and flashed Rina two thumbs ups, before Xie Ming grew serious and start explaining himself.

"Ok, so, its clear to not just me, but everyone back in the conference that you guys are pretty ridiculous. I mean seriously, you're jumping stages, and even realms — JAM — and your treasures are just as good as ours. So, when you said that you didn't want any of the treasures the Li, Mu, or Munchies had I immediately thought of something you might be interested in.

We already knew you guys were not from here and are on some sort of training expedition, so what I think you'd like the most is a training environment. The "Opening" I mentioned before is something any of us who live in the center of the mountain range would die to see. It's a reference to the opening of a path to the mountain range's Core Nexus."

As soon as those words left Xie Ming's mouth, Jam's figure slightly glowed as he used Divinity to suppress the flurry of loud words Tzatziki kept shouting out at him. "A FUCKING WHAT?! Core Nexus?! In some random pocket dimension, within the Mortal Plane? Does he even know what a Core Nexus is? You can't be serious..."

Tzatziki could handle ridiculousness; he was after all a sort of supervisor for Jam. However, hearing the term "Core Nexus" come out of a Saint's mouth… Were the heavens dead set on shocking him to death?

Core Nexus, it was rare for even Immortals to know what the term referred to, and even some of the weaker gods only understood in concept what a true Core Nexus was. In layman's terms, the Core Nexus was the creation point for a Divine Formation; usually a World Formation.

If it was as Xie Ming said, then this pocket dimension was truly a marvel for the Mortal Plane; it would be a treasure left behind by a god! Tzatziki had his suspicions already raised that this place had more than what met the eyes, but to think its origins would be this ridiculous…

The ridiculous scope and size, the advent of legendary beasts like Danger Noodle, the Soul Severing Owl, and even Dai Mingzi's serpent companion; even Dai Mingzi's current accomplishments could be traced back to being raised in this place. Still, it was a mystery why a Core Nexus would remain untouched, since it was plain as day that all the Saint Gods already seemed to know of its existence.

For now, Tzatziki would just have to brood on silently. Awaiting for Jam to visit the Nexus in person. He had already eliminated the possibility of trading a chance to visit a Core Nexus for some pitiful treasures left behind by mere Saint Gods.


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