Divinity Jam
81 A Forgotten Technique Revived!
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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81 A Forgotten Technique Revived!

"Whew~" Jam finished reaching Dao Infusion with the last Dao on his list, the Dao of Metal, after dedicating the rest of the day to training in new Daos. With techniques on hand, and his experience of already having several other Daos at the Dao Infusion and even the Dao Domain level, Jam practically flew threw the list of Daos he could learn at the moment.

Jam began with the Dao of Ice, starting off from scratch, he completed it in one hour. The Dao of Yin was next, and given its similarity to Ice and its relationshipto Yang, Jam took fifty minutes to reach acceptable levels of comprehension. Thereon, the time Jam needed to learn a Dao kept decreasing, until just now, where he developed his Dao of Metal to the Dao Infusion level after a short twenty minutes of nonstop practice.

Now it was night time, and Jam returned to his previous work; restocking his pills and talismans. He had already taken a couple days working on his pills, so after the first rays of sunshine began crossing over the horizon, Jam was done with with pill concoction. It was quite the coincidence that when he was done, more of his peers had arrived.

Cynthia and Rina had both come to see what Jam wanted; opposite to Kirin, they had no clue what Jam would want with them. Jam welcomed them in and made a couple quick snacks to entertain his guest; an idea that definitely came from Tzatziki. First, he worked on Cynthia's armor, leaving her outside of his workspace to continue talking to Rina.

Since Cynthia shredded her armor to pieces when she went berserk, Jam had to create an new set from scratch. Because he had the Dao of Wind mastered to the Dao Infusion level, Cynthia's armor and Halberd turned out stronger than the equipment Kirin received; Jam made plans to go fix his equipment again when he had the chance…

When he returned her the equipment, Cynthia who hadn't experienced the transcendent work Jam constantly put out, stood there in shock. When she came back to her sense, she excused herself before Jam could even say anything, leaving Rina and Jam alone. Cynthia was dying to try out the effects that her upgraded armor and halberd.

Jam, stood before Rina for a moment before awkwardly saying "Uh... I guess I can work on your equipment now." He stretched out his hands, waiting for Rina to give him her equipment.

Rina put on a fake frown and gave Jam her armor and sword, she said "Hmph, now I'll be bored and alone in the living room..." This was a random attempt at being cute, she didn't at all expect anything out of Jam, but that didn't stop him from saying "Well, you could just watch me while I work on your armor." The use of True Soul would would impossible for Rina to pick up on as it would only affect Jam's soul. Furthermore, he didn't really care if his friends watched him work on their things.

"Are you serious?" Rina put away her false frown and became serious. As a Pill Master herself, she knew how private cultivators became when they worked on their secondary occupations. Rarely if ever, would one come across a cultivator as eccentric as Jam who wouldn't care if his work was watched.

Jam just nodded his head and began walking to his work room. After he noticed that Rina had yet to start moving, he gestured with his head and said "I don't really mind. Really..." It was only after that interaction, that Rina started following him.

Once in the room, Rina became completely silent so as to not distract Jam. Jam found it odd, but he appreciated the gesture and got to work immediately. Since he had a guest watching him, Purification Flames were a big no-no especially since Rina was a Pill Master. Instead, Jam used Yang Flames which were rated a grade higher than his previous Stellar Flames and after all the practice he had done these days, he was confident that he could accomplish similar results.

Jam completed upgrading Rina's equipment just as fast has he had for Cynthia. Though he only used Fire and Yin Dao Runes to enhance the Runes that were previously engraved in Rina's sword and armor, the density of Runes made up for the lack of a third Dao.

As Jam was finishing up his work and letting the equipment cool off, an ominous voice pervaded his soul. Tzatziki said "JAM! Now is your chance to practice the Sinuous Hands Of The Devil! Practice that godly skill on Rina!"

"What? Why? Didn't we already established that this is a forbidden technique from an evil god? Why would I use it on my friend?" This was odd, especially coming from Tzatziki; the man who made Jam start valuing friendships.

"You fool! That technique is more than just evil! It can be used for good! It's a godly support skill if used correctly!"

"Mhmm… Well, whatever. I guess it can't be that bad if it's just a massaging technique." Jam mused to himself. He ignored Tzatziki's constant cursing and ramblings about the technique being more than just a massage, and went up to Rina.

"Hey, Kirin recently gave me a jade slip for a Blood Dao technique, but I need a partner to cultivate it. Would you mind if..." Jam couldn't even finished before Rina screaming at him "WHAT?! You need a partner to cultivate a Blood Dao skill?! Why are you asking me! Go find Evangeline for that!" Her face was the reddest Jam had ever seen, and her words made no sense.

"Chill! Chill… its just a massage. What are you going off about?" Jam hurriedly said. He even tossed her the jade slip containing the 81 Hands To Submission, as nothing he did would calm her down.

After Rina read the contents of the jade slip she stopped treating Jam like the plague, but the look of disapproval remained in her eyes. Then, she thought about how Jam was fixing her equipment — at this point she still didn't know he was upgrading it — and against her better judgement agreed to let Jam practice the technique on her. She didn't know why he wanted to practice such a low level Blood Dao skills, but given that this was Jam she was talking about, more ridiculous things could come to fruition if he were left alone…

"Fine… Practice your massage or whatever..." She was still somewhat hesitant, but slowly she sat down after taking a cultivation cushion from her space ring.

Jam also sat on his own cultivation cushion and sat behind Rina. He refreshed his mind of the technique's movements and quickly began to work. Even though it was Rina's smooth and supple skin he was working on, Jam had no irrelevant thoughts besides cultivation. Rina however, was dying on the inside from Jam's unscrupulous movements.

She was starting to get annoyed after minutes passed and Jam had yet to start using even an inkling of the Blood Dao. "Jam are you trying to take advantage of me?!" She wasn't a pushover and would most certainly not allow anyone take advantage of her!

"Huh? No? Why would you say that?" Jam stop moving his hands, as he didn't want to offend Rina anymore if that was the problem.

Rina turned around to face Jam as she said "Well… if that's the case, why have you not started using even a small bit of Blood energy?" Rina dark voice pushed down on Jam with a heavy pressure.

"Oh that? I'm familiarizing myself with the movements and your body before I do anything. I'd be really bad if I messed with your blood without knowing what I'm doing, right?" Jam innocently replied.

"Mhmm..." Rina became silent again and turned back around. Jam took her actions as consent to continue and got back to work. He continued to play around with Rina's back for another five minutes before gaining the confidence to start using his Blood Dao.

In his eyes, that process of familiarizing himself with her back was absolutely necessary, as he needed to get used to the structure of her back. Maybe if he had enough experience in the future, he'd use the technique right off the bat with whomever he wanted, but for now it was best that he learned his "patient's" unique constitutions.

In an instant, Jam's eyes shifted red with only the Dao of Blood present in his mind. The moment he put his hands back on Rina's body she trembled and held her breath. Jam noticed and stopped immediately thinking he had messed up, but Rina didn't dare turn around to face him. Her face was flushed with pleasure, and all her willpower was focused on holding back the moan of ecstasy her body desperately wanted to release.

Jam waited for a second and after getting no reaction from Rina, he continued with his first "real" massage. When he put his hands back on Rina's back, she trembled again, but said nothing, so Jam continued. He started off as lightly as he possibly could, barely even applying pressure, as every movement only caused Rina to tremble harder and harder.

A couple minutes later, Jam finished what the technique considered a full massage. By the point, Rina… she was half dead inside. She felt amazing, but because she had been fighting against the pleasure she felt, her mental fatigue was comparable to fighting for ten days straight. When Jam finally left her alone, she noticed the effects of Jam's massage.

Everything, literally everything, within her body had gone through extreme changes. Her blood flow, meridians, organs, everything had become just a tiny bit better. She even had a faint feeling that her cultivation would be faster when she practiced.

Actually, even her soul had been strengthened. Any mental fatigue she acquired had come strictly from her fighting back against Jam. If she had just released her moans of pleasure, she'd probably feel fantastic right now. But… that would require her to throw away her noble image. Jam wasn't her Dao Companion, so appearing so… lustful… She didn't even want to think about it.

By now, Jam had already gotten up retrieved the pieces of equipment he had set down for cooling. Since he had finished giving Rina her massage and her equipment was ready, he was expecting her to be leaving soon. Instead, when he turned back to find Rina still sitting down like a stone, Jam hurried over to her side thinking he really had messed up.

But, it didn't make sense… her vitals were still all good. When he checked with his Blood Dao, he confirmed that the effects he intended to give were present; there were no negative effects. It was only when he went around her and found Rina's crying face, that Jam really got worried.

He summoned dozens of different pills, which he knew would be effective at fixing any problems he might have caused, and prepared to feed Rina. Witnessing Jam's actions Rina had to stop him, but her voice came out a bit odd "I… I'm f-fine… I j-just ne-ed t-to rest..." That was all she could say before collapsing from her fatigue.


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