Divinity Jam
82 Good Sir, Would You Like A Massage?
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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82 Good Sir, Would You Like A Massage?

Jam stood there looking at Rina's unconscious body for a while. He was thinking about what he should do. Should he feed her the pills? But, she said she was fine and only needed rest. In any case, her vitals were normal and even showed signs of improvement. Since he wasn't sure what was the right call, he would just let her rest in another room. If by the time they were suppose to go to the Core Nexus she still hadn't awakened, he might feed her his pills as a last resort.

Jam moved to pick her up and carry her to another room, but he noticed something unusual. Internally, he exclaimed 'oh dear...' as he noticed that Rina's lower robes and cultivation cushion were soaked. He felt guilty, thinking that she had wet herself and her cushion because he had messed with her body, so he made up his mind to compensate her with whatever she requested of him after she woke up.

Right now, Jam used his Dao Infusion level Dao of Water to extract these "fluids" and get her cleaned up. Then, he carried her and put her in his bed. Jam might have thousands of herbs and ores laying around the dead space of his storage dimension, but beds? He didn't exactly need many beds as he was fine with just his cultivation cushion.

After covering Rina with the bedsheets, he left back to his work room and continued working on creating talismans.

Jam returned to the hell that was creating Tier 5 talismans. He took out a couple hundred stacks of Tier 5 talisman papers — the ones he bought before embarking on his trip to this pocket dimension — as well as all sorts of ingredients that would be refined into ink. For the less demanding, neutral, talismans Jam used regular Saint Realm demonic beast blood; he wouldn't start with the more complex talismans right off the bat.

A day passed, with Jam overdrafting his soul three more times. Though the progress was obvious, Jam would be hard pressed to complete even a single Tier 5 creation without the effects of True Soul.

In actuality, Jam's soul was starting to reach Saint Grandmaster levels of strength, but, without being a true saint the soul could only do so much by itself. Who knows what sort of monster Jam would become after truly crossing over that threshold.

Another half a day passed, before another one of Jam's peers came for their upgrade. Alex came alone with his very large set of weapons. It would be a bit more annoying upgrading dense weapons like a lance and shield, but Jam didn't mind. He invited Alex in and proceed to work after some small talk.

Alex didn't expected getting invited to watch as Jam worked, but he wouldn't let this kind of treat escape after it had been presented. Much like Rina, he became silent like ghost as he watched Jam work. Alex is a pure Earth Dao practitioner, so Jam managed to make the most intricate runes he had created up to this date while inscribing Alex's armor and weapons.

After the equipment was completed and entered its cooling phase, Jam asked Alex if he could work on that massage technique again. Alex gave him an odd look but complied anyways. He knew Jam wasn't gay, but the proposal he was offered made him question that assessment. It was just a massage, but given Jam's lack of eloquence, it sounded like a dual cultivation technique.

It was only after he asked for the details of the technique that Alex understood it was just a massage and acquiesced. He sat down just like Rina and felt comfortable from the normal massage Jam did to get used to the structure of his back. He didn't feel threatened or humiliated like Rina since they were both guys.

That all changed, when Jam started using his Blood Dao… Again, after just touching Alex, waves of pleasure hit Alex like a semi truck. Thankfully, Alex was "defense-oriented." Instead of turning into a statue, he jumped up with the creeps and looked at Jam as if he had encountered death itself.

"You… what are you doing!" Alex felt really good; too good… If just a moment of contact made him feel this way, Alex didn't even dare image seconds or even minutes of exposure…

"Huh? Are you in pain? Did I mess up your blood flow?" Jam was, above all things, curious. Alex wasn't in Rina's state, so he might be the key to understanding where he failed with Rina.

"Pain? No. Actually that felt really good, but it was too much! Can you turn down the "pleasure?" I… Bad things might happen if you keep it that pleasurable..."

"Too much pleasure?" Jam mused to himself. When he thought back to the technique, there were two overall "modes." One for pleasure and improvement and another for torture and destruction. Jam could use his Blood Dao Cultivation to regulate how intense either mode worked, but since he was just starting off, he didn't expect for the intensity to be this high. At most he thought he could cause other some mild pleasure; like a regular massage.

Jam convinced Alex to try again after repeating that he was still a novice at using the technique, and that he had found out where it all went to hell. With Alex back in the game, Jam eagerly tried the technique again. He first abandoned using blood energy and Blood Dao insights entirely and gradually increased each factor to see how it would effect Alex.

After a couple minutes of constant troubleshooting, Jam found the root of the problem. He could increase his his level of Blood Dao insights to his max, but would have to cut down on the amount of blood energy he used up or controlled. With Jam's ability to control near endless amounts of blood energy because of the real strength of his cultivation, Alex's body just couldn't keep up. However, since they were only off by about a stage's worth of cultivation — with regards to complete strength — he could handle 90% of Jam's full intensity massage.

Up to 90% Alex would still feel good, but he wouldn't lose himself to pleasure. He wouldn't get as many benefits as Rina, but maybe that was for the best… Now that Jam thought about it, he really felt bad for Rina. He hadn't hurt her physically, but having to repress all that pleasure… That might cause someone to go insane!

Actually, it was supposed to cause people to go insane. When Tzatziki brought up the fact that an Evil God used this as his signature technique, he wasn't kidding! With his cultivation as a God, Drutchen used the Sinuous Hands of The Devil to literally drive goddesses and Immortals insane with lust. He would use the technique on them repeatedly until all that remained in their minds was that exquisite feeling of pleasure and gave their everything to him.

Of course, that was an Evil God with malicious principles. Jam probably wouldn't end up like that. For one, he didn't need others to fight for him, and commanding hordes of slaves wasn't really his style. Instead, just using the positive effects of boosting cultivation speed and overall health was enough for him.

Five minutes were up, so Jam stop practicing the technique on Alex. He went over and confirmed that Alex's equipment was good to go and returned them to their rightful owner. Jam thanked Alex for helping him figure out the problem in his technique and bade him goodbye. But! Not until Alex gave him some form of payment. It seems like all of Jam's friends don't like owning others, as they would usually rejected Jam giving away his services.

Still, that didn't change the fact that Jam would barely needed anything they had, which he couldn't get by himself. Alex wouldn't relent until Jam accepted some for of payment, so they settled on some more jade slips; which had info on even more locations worth visiting, but this time outside of the pocket dimension. A similar scenario took place after Cynthia was done playing around with her new armor. She came back to Jam and also settled on giving him more jade slips.

Time for… you guessed it, more talisman inscribing! Jam was almost done with his restocking of all his external tools for cultivation. He spent another half a day hiding away in his work room, with all sorts of spiritual herbs, fruits, vegetables, and beast blood littered across the floor. At night, Arnold still worn out from his sparring session with Dai Mingzi decided to visit Jam.

Jam could tell almost immediately that his friend had been through a major fight as his armor had yet to finish regenerating. The reason he could finished his other peer's armors and weapons so quickly was because they had finished their regeneration from the war. For Arnold, an extra bit of time would be required for the armor to regenerate. That, or Jam could just manually restore it himself. But he was kind of itching for a break, so he let the armor regenerate by itself and treated both himself and Arnold to some of his Spiritual Cooking.

When they were through with their meal, Arnold's armor had yet to complete its regeneration cycle, so… Jam did the obvious thing and asked to practice that demonic massaging technique on Arnold. He literally advertised it as him practicing on Arnold, instead of doing to normal thing and saying it was a massage.


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