Divinity Jam
84 Unintentionally Erasing A Heart Demon
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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84 Unintentionally Erasing A Heart Demon

At dawn of the final day before the squadron of core disciples were to leave for the Core Nexus, Rina sleepily yawned and stretched as if she hadn't a care in the world. She took her time stretching out on Jam's bed, still not completely awake. If she knew that as a Saint Master, she had actually slept for over a day, and acted so coy and unassuming… who knew if she would believe it?

When she finally regained full consciousness and realized where she was and what had happened, her face flushed red again. Then she noticed that she was on the master bed, and recalled her actions while still in that hazy state of euphoria. A manic look of insanity took hold of her mind for just a second, but after recalling her actions right before passing out, she took a deep breath and calmed down.

"Thank god… I managed to take back all that Yin energy, else… else..." As she recalled the state she was left in when Jam was done with her, she couldn't imagine what she would do if he found out the truth.

Rina got up and paced around the room for a couple rounds trying her damn best to regain that noble aura which usually loomed around her. Alas, the frustrations and doubts in her heart disallowed for her wish to be fulfilled.

Rina couldn't just stay in Jam's bedroom all day, so after 30 minutes of pacing around with no results, she decided to go confront him face to face. She had no idea what she would say to him after seeing him again, but not confronting him would do more than harm than good.

She hesitantly walked over to Jam's work room where he found him utterly focused on creating talismans; yeah, he still wasn't done… She waited outside his work room, as every thought she had while looking at him was indecent and she couldn't stand it down at her core.

Jam's experience, tempering his soul for this week through the constant creation of pills, talismans, and equipment higher than his supposed highest grade, was evident in the fact that he could now complete even complex Tier 5 talismans in less than five minutes.

Jam was happy just thinking that he about done with this marathon of upgrading his entire stock of external support, but after he noticed the hesitant looming shadow watching over him just outside his work room, he immediately dropped everything and ran over to apologize profusely.

Rina had been the first of his peers that he had met. She had taught him about etiquette and — some — common sense. The thought the he had tortured her with pleasure for over five minutes, to the point where she would collapse, made him feel an extreme guilt. Jam didn't care about his image, he didn't care about his possessions, losing Rina as a friend because of his recklessness was the only thing present in his mind.

He directly assumed a kowtow that was special to the cultivation world. Where a regular kowtow would acknowledge a master or express submission, the kowtow Jam showed was explicitly created for expressing regret and asking for forgiveness. It was more than extreme to say the least, as Jam directly took a common knife and drove it mere inches away from his heart, bent over in prostration and expressed his grief over the event.

"Rina! I'm so sorry for what I did to you! Please, If there's anything I can to do makeup for that mistake, please don't hesita..." Jam had just finished putting himself in that vulnerable position, where Rina could step on him and drive the knife through his heart if she wished. When, against all expectations, not only did she not act against him for defiling her like he though. Rina directly lifted him up, threw the knife to the side and started crying on his chest.

"Are you insane?! Why would you go so far… for something so trivial." She knew Jam was direct and a bit ridiculous, but this was too much. She wasn't even that mad at Jam, as he had explicitly told her before starting, that he was still a complete novice at using the technique.

Rina didn't care about the blood staining her clothes and pulled Jam in for a heartfelt hug. Holding him as if he had really died, she said "Don't ever do something like that again..."

Jam didn't exactly know what he was feeling right now, but the genuine worry coming from Rina made him happy. Still, he couldn't accept this; if it were him that were tortured, he wouldn't behave like this… He said "You're not mad?"

"Mad? You think I'd kill you if you made me mad?" It was almost offensive to her that Jam would think she would be so extreme...

"But, it was like torture, right?" Jam was still of the mind that he had "tortured" her; he had no clue just how wrong he was...

"Torture?" Rina's became silent for a second, before saying "Actually, it felt great..." Her voice was shaky, and if Jam could see her face, he would be worried over how red it was turning.

"Mhmm..." To this response, Jam's face only drew blanks as he could quite comprehend the bashful tone Rina had suddenly taken.

"I know what your thinking… but you didn't do anything wrong, my body improved, I only fell unconscious because I was fighting the urge..." She couldn't believe she was saying it, but she did in fact say "...to moan."

Like always, context and social cues just flew over Jam's head as he ignored all of Rina's blatant signals and said "Ok? So we're still friends?" He was glad that she wasn't mad about his actions.

"Friends?" Rina became hesitant again, almost wanting for him to be more aggressive, but in the end all that came out was "Yeah..."




Rina was still holding on to Jam… several minutes had passed… He felt like he needed to say something "So are we good?"

"Mm-hm." Rina got the memo and let him go. The way she looked at Jam after separating from him left him wondering how she felt. Her face was still flushed red, shiny streaks were left from her dried up tears, and even after moving away from Jam she kept staring at him.

The mood was too awkward, even for Jam, so he brought attention away from what had just happened and said "Well, here's your armor and sword. Is there anything else you need?"

'Anything I need? Mhmm...' Rina's though back to the "massage," and desire like she had never felt welled up from the core of her very being. "Can you… Have you… The massage..." She kept failing to complete a thought, while bringing up the massage again.

Jam hurriedly said "Oh I already figured out where I messed up after Alex helped me out. I can now control how strong the feeling a person receiving my message is experiencing."

"Really!?" As if new hope was discovered after an endlessly difficult plight, Rina came on to Jam.

"Yes?" Jam thought to himself 'She couldn't possibly be...'

"Well… can I have another massage, then?"

"...ok?" 'She really asked for another one?!'

"Great~" against even her own nature, she grabbed Jam's hands and led him back to his own bedroom…

'Oh, dear… what is she doing?!' Jam couldn't even imagine what was going through Rina's mind at this time.

When they reached his bedroom Rina hopped onto his bed and started undressing. "Whoa… Wait! Stop! What are you doing?!?!?!" Not even Jam's social retardation could prevent him from taking this situation as anything but an invitation for sex. His massage worked through clothes, Rina knew since she had gone through one before. Then she had led him to his bedroom? Was she a homewrecker?! She knew Jam already had a Dao Companion! 'Oh god, oh god, oh god...' Jam kept repeating this phrase over and over again in his thoughts, wondering where he went wrong.

"Huh? What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm..." It seems that she had finally realized what she was doing. Apart from turning beet red once more and rushing to cover herself back up, Rina grew fearful. She was starting to understand the true power of that sinful Blood Dao technique. After just five minutes… she was starting to change personalities… She was losing her previous self!

But when she thought about how good it felt…

Jam didn't like seeing Rina like this, so he left the room and let her cover herself up. Maybe in a little while she would resolve whatever internal dilemma it was she was facing. Before leaving, he said "Remember, if you ever need something, don't hesitate to call." He flashed her an innocent bright smile and quietly closed the door leaving Rina there by herself.

Before, where the was only lust and desire in her heart for Jam's hands, she now had something else take root. The jitters and constant fluctuation in her personality vanished, and even the heart demon — created as a result of those emotions — silently weakened down into nothingness.

Rina had a smile on her face as she thought of Jam, and with him gone, she stayed around in his room for a while longer. A terrifying decision, capable of causing mass hysteria was made in the time she stuck around Jam's room, before she left back to pick up her belongings in her mansion.

Jam had no idea, but with his various actions he had succeeded in capturing a certain noblewoman's love. Real love, with conviction behind it… He just ignorantly finished up his talismans and enjoyed a half a day's worth of free time, before the day to leave for the Core Nexus arrived.


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