Divinity Jam
87 Haunting Flashback
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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87 Haunting Flashback

"..." Jam opened his eyes and found himself unable to move. His entire body was powerless, but he could slowly shift his head from side to side to look around. After struggling for a long while, he found out that he was in a crib. When he saw "giants" enter his line of sight, he guessed that he had reverted back in time and turned into a baby…

As he came to this conclusion one of the adults, a gorgeous woman wearing golden robes, picked him up and carried him around while breastfeeding him. While this all played out, the woman had a conversation with a tall and handsome man who didn't look a day over twenty five years old.

"Darling, do you really have to go? Today's the day our twin son and daughter will have their talents evaluated. Just tell those damn fogies to hold off on the meeting for another day!" The woman didn't look too happy, but she seemed to know what would come from making this request, as she wasn't too disappointed to hear the man say.

"Believe me, I would cancel this meeting if I could, but you already know how bad the situation has devolved these last couple million years. As patriarch, I have to meet with the other heads. And you… your every bit my equal. You also need to come… Honey, I know you've been looking forward to this day for the last six months, but we really can't lose our focus. Not against the Void Demons and Infernal Devils..." The man sighed, and gently played with Jam's hair.

He continued "Now, leave him there with his sister so we can get this over with. Maybe if we get through the meeting fast enough, we'll still have some time to see the results firsthand."

The woman, sad that she couldn't convince what Jam assumed to be his dad, gave Jam one last look before putting him back on his crib. Her eyes were an odd pure white color; not that she was blind, but that her pupil's colors were literally white. Jam now faced his sister and couldn't help but start crying.

He was just reliving some old repressed memories, so everything he saw was what his infant self experienced. As he watched all of these scenes, he became confused. This was his family? How could these people be his parents? Jam saw nothing but care and compassion from these people, so how could they abandon him?

It didn't take long for Jam to stop dwelling on these questions, as a new person entered the room and picked him up. Both he and his sister were wrapped up in warm and comfortable blankets and then promptly carried away by a maid. Jam watched with wonder as the maid carried him as she flew across a majestic archipelago of floating city-like constructs.

He saw the floating cities whiz by him as the maid moved faster than his infant brain could process. The next thing he new the maid had stopped and they were now before a crowd of people. The maid holding onto Jam and his sister, was the only person standing on a stage which was laced with formations incomprehensible to Jam.

The maid held on to Jam, opting to begin the ceremony with his sister. She placed his sister in the center of a formation and walked back a few paces. Jam could see her give an old man who stood in the front of the crowd a nod, and after the old man summoned his energy to operate the formation, Jam's sister, the arrays, runes, inscriptions, and even the entire stage was engulfed in endless white light.

Jam couldn't see much, but he could hear the maid say "Not only does she take after her mother's looks, she even inherited her constitution! This calls for a celebration when the patriarch returns!"

The lights died down and Jam replaced the spot his sister took. He didn't wait long before his body was engulfed in a familiar light. Only… when he was tested, instead of just causing the world to drown in white light, several phenomenon were displayed.

Jam's silver eyes blinked between white and black, his body was covered in gold and purple runes, and the phantom image of a dragon danced above him. As the formation progressed through its round of testing, Jam's "talents" grew increasingly powerful. They grew so powerful, that the formation actually started breaking under the pressure as his constitution was just too powerful for the formation to accurately simulate.

In the end, the formation broke down to reveal Jam reverted back to normal. His body was no longer covered in runes, his eyes back to their normal silver color, and there was no ghost dragon hovering above him.

Everyone was stunned silly from the results, and after a couple seconds passed, the maid spoke once more. She carefully approached Jam, with disbelief and ever present excitement in her voice, saying "T-thr-three D-divine constitutions?" She carefully picked Jam back up into her embrace as if he were the most precious treasure she'd seen.

From behind her, the old man who operated the formation said "The young master actually possesses both divine constitutions one from the mother and the other from the patriarch?! And that last constitution… Gold and purple cardioid Dao Runes? I've never even heard of such phenomenon manifesting!"

After Jam came out of the formation, he was starting to lose consciousness. It was just something he could help. At the time he was just an infant, and while the formation did all it could to not exhaust his strength as baby, it failed miserably as it couldn't even handle the pressure from his constitution.

Jam only woke up when it was already nighttime. He could tell as he was back in his crib, laying down right next to his sister while the room was almost pitch black; illuminated only be a soft cascading moonlight.

In the dead of the night, three figures appeared in the room out of the blue. One was the maid from earlier that had taken care of Jam and his sister, while the other two were Jam's parents. Jam could tell almost immediately that something was definitely wrong, as the room he was in was being sealed off with seals so potent, it was like the room was isolated from the rest of reality.

Jam could hear the voice of his mother, weeping as she begged "Is there really no other way out? Will you really do this to your own son? Your firstborn son?!" She almost defensively stood in between Jam and his father.

"Step out of the way… You know better than anyone why we must do this… You also know… Just how hard of a decision this is for me to make. No, for us to make! Remember, having him stay with us will only ensure his death, but if we send him out of here, there may be a chance for him to live a meaningful life..."

"Meaningful life? The patriarch of one of the four major territories..." Jam's hearing and vision started blurring as it seemed that this dream was starting to end. However, before the memory could end, Jam saw and heard one final pieces of that last conversation.

Jam watched as his mother gave him a final farewell hug and handed him off to the maid. His mother address the maid saying "Gamma, You already know what we have to do to ensure not just his safety, but yours as well. I'll be placing a… now go."

The last thing Jam saw was his father open a portal in space, revealing the static of the void for an endless infinity. Gamma, Jam's maid hopped through the portal and immediately activated some sort of talisman. Jam guessed it was the thing his mother "placed" on her, as he could quite clearly hear that part of the conversation.

Both Jam and Gamma were consumed in the light of the talisman, and they appeared… outside Reed City? Shock, so grand and numbing, like the kind that could kill, ensnared Jam's soul as he watched with horror the time pass; years gone in a flash. Then he appeared in the place where the very first of his memories which hadn't been repressed — or sealed away — began.

Before this, the memories of before he was five had always been in an erased-like state. They should have been completely erased and replaced by whatever talisman his mother had given Gamma, but it seems like his God Souls, had kept these memories backed up. Now, Jam knew a bit of the truth of his past.

Given all his ridiculous talents, powers, and aptitude, it made sense for him to have a strong familial background. He was glad that he wasn't abandoned like he originally thought, it seemed more like his parents were forced to send him away for his own good. However, right now, Jam didn't have the luxury of time to get his thoughts in order, as there had been something that he had seen in those last few moments of his memories, which haunted him.

In those final moments, where time passed at hundreds of thousands of times its regular pace, he watched Gamma transform into his foster grandmother Woody… She had been surrounded by the glowing light of the talisman and probably lost her memories to the talisman.

Jam really couldn't imagine Woody, that old and kind grandma, being the same person as the maid from his past. Not only was Gamma a powerful cultivator, at least capable of flying and teleporting around, she was a heavenly beauty; mortal grandma and cultivation beauty weren't exactly similar in concepts, so Jam was slowly losing his mind trying to put two and two together.

Fortunately for him, he was starting to wake up, so he wouldn't be in this state for much longer…


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