Divinity Jam
88 Things Just Got A Bit More Complex...
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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88 Things Just Got A Bit More Complex...

Back in the real world, as Xie Ming and the rest of the Jam's peers scrambled around to heal Jam, his body was starting to wake up. From Jam's hands pulses of Space and Time energy began interacting with the Core Nexus of the Titanic Beast Mountain Range's World Formation. Jam's body was acting out instinctively and out of his control.

Unfortunately, it seems like his control was not much use anyways as even after he completely woke up and starting taking actions, he found that the world had gone frozen. Everyone stood still as if frozen in an isolated timespace continuum, as Jam's hand kept sending out pulses, issuing commands to the Core Nexus embedded on his hand.

Jam started to panic as he discovered that his Divinity was out of his control as well and nothing he did was stable in even the slightest sense. Every action he did might unintentionally set off even more unwanted effects, so Jam did his best to calm down and stop moving. Alas, the pulses coming from his hand only slowed down; never stopping.

In this tense state, Jam could only stare at his hands and brainstorm for ideas on how to get back his control. He couldn't even rely on Tzatziki's help as he had been sealed away like the rest of the people within the Core Nexus.

Jam's soul was had not healed even the slightest bit from exhausting two of his God Souls, so when he tried to use divine sense to probe his hands, it was like a toddler trying to color with crayons for the first time. He struggled to just get his divine sense out from his soul, and spent minutes awkwardly driving it into his hands before coming to the depression conclusion that his hands were sending pulses from his exhausted God Souls to the Core Nexus.

The God Souls weren't being exhausted of their strength, but they moved out of Jam's control. For now, Jam could do nothing but wait for the pulses to stop, so he laid down on the floor and focused on controlling himself. He closed his eyes and did his best to stop his hands from using time and space energy and found that his Space and Time Dao cultivation start increasing.

Minutes turned to hours and then days, but it was only after a week of perpetual training to that Jam managed to stop the pulses. The gains he made in this week were unheard of, directly reaching Dao Domain in both Time and Space, all because of the profound insights Jam could make out from his own God Souls.

At the third day of "training" Jam reached Dao Domain with Space, reaching the requirements to finally become a saint, but the world was frozen, and the pulses would not stop yet. He could only continue to train until his Time Dao also reached Dao Domain and his soul was relatively back to normal. Unfortunately, even after stopping the pulses of Space and Time from interacting with the Nexus, spacetime was still frozen.

Jam's control was still unoptimized, but he could at least use his divine sense without stumbling around like a toddler trying to walk. The only thing that could unfreeze time was what caused it to be frozen in the first place, so, after much hesitation and risk evaluation, Jam used his divine sense on his hand to see if he could control the Core Nexus to make everything alright again.

He fiddled around with the foreign controls of the Core Nexus for a while, not at all knowing what he was doing; this was a World Formation from God level beings after all. Before, pushing enough buttons to get a response from the Core Nexus. However, instead of getting the effect that he wanted, it seems like Jam managed to activate some of the Nexus' power to send the entire pocket dimension into his hand…

Jam undid the effects by fiddling around with his hands for another while longer, and the world was back to normal. He kept pushing new buttons and old buttons alike, setting up random parameters and trying out new combinations, until he managed to get another reaction from the Core Nexus.

This time, Jam was thrown into the voidspace of the Mortal Plane, where he most definitely would have had a bad time, if not for his Space Dao recently ascending to the Dao Domain level. Since he did have a Space Dao Domain, Jam rather calmly drifting through areas of collapsed space as he kept entering new places with the teleportation ability of the Core Nexus.

In this time of random drifting through the void, Jam used his newly unlocked Space Dao Domain to directly add whatever Space and Void type natural treasures he found into his Storage Dimension. Yes… in this time where he should be panicking, his friends and teacher frozen in space and time, he had the time to go collect new treasures.

As more and more time passed, Jam became worried as there were only two more weeks before he and the rest of the core disciples had to leave and be picked up by Cynthia. Sure, he was regaining complete control of his soul and improving his understanding of how the Core Nexus worked, but he didn't the slightest bit of confidence in being able to figure the whole thing out before the time limit arrived.

One more week passed, and Jam could start controlling where he teleported through the void. Five days later, just two days before he had to leave, Jam managed to teleport himself back into the world of the Titanic Beast Mountain Range. The next day, he started going desperate, as he only had 24 hours before Cecily would come and leave.

He became reckless and in his effort to find a quick solution, he discovered another ability of the Core Nexus. While frantically hitting all the options of the Core Nexus' parameters, he unintentionally teleported himself out of his home dimension…

Jam received a massive backlash from using this ultimate teleportation ability of the Core Nexus, and shot through a foreign area of space. He flew several times faster than the speed of sound, uncontrollably hurtling towards a small planet. As Jam focused on recovering from the backlash, he was over the moon when he heard Tzatziki's voice sound off from his soul.

"Jam! Are you ok?! Wait. Where are we? How did you…" Tzatziki was completely out of the loop, as he had been frozen in space time within Jam's soul for the whole time Jam worked on understanding the Core Nexus.

Jam sent him an energy transmission explaining what happened, and let him get over the shock of being frozen in time. Tzatziki then explained to Jam how he could run some diagnostics on the Core Nexus with his help, and the two quickly cooperated to figure out just where it was that Jam had teleported himself.

In the end, Tzatziki gave a sigh and said "Well, do you want to hear the good news first or..."

"Just tell it to me straight. I can handle the truth..." Jam was still flying through space, so his melodramatic words were not as impactful as they could have been; his body was starting to produce sparks and flare up from crashing against the incoming planet's atmosphere…

"Well, the bad news is, we're going to be stranded her in this unbloomed dimension for a while. But don't worry we'll be able to leave in, give or take, eight years… The good news however, is that when we leave, you'll be able to use the Core Nexus of that World Gate Formation to teleport straight back to Yhamnigh.

Also, your friends and the people within the Core Nexus of the World Gate Formation... They're all still frozen in time, as you kinda traded away the Formation's energy to teleport to this other dimension, instead of on unsealing the spacetime continuum of the pocket dimension..."

"Eight years? Damn..." Damn was correct; that's like almost double the amount he has currently been alive.

"Cheer up Jam. You'll definitely need this time to recover as much of the damage you've sustain to your God Souls as you can."

Just as Tzatziki finished speaking, Jam's body crashed onto a vast desert. Though he was "powerless" at the moment, this was an unbloomed dimension; there wasn't even a trace of spiritual energy reinforcing the world. Thus, he crashed onto the desert's sand and kicked up a great sandstorm, leaving behind a massive crater, yet his body had hardly taken a hint of damage.

Jam laid on the center of the crater his body created, constantly popping some pills into his mouth with his spiritual energy acting as his hands. His body was rapidly recovering, but before he could start moving again, some "guests" had arrived.

Within minutes of his crash landing from outer space, dozens of military-grade helicopters, reinforced armored land vehicles, and army troops arrived on the scene. The world Jam intruded on, was about to go through a wild ride…


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