Divinity Jam
89 First Contac
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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89 First Contac

"Alright men! Squad up, on me!" The military commander who volunteered to oversee this mission held up his right hand and gestured to the troops behind him to follow him. He had heavy armor, a fully automatic rifle, and over five magazines each carrying 30 rounds of ammunition. The men behind him were equally stacked with similar firearms, and apache helicopters wielding miniguns and missile turrets hovered above them with intense intimidation.

Half an hour earlier, US government officials were losing their minds after getting updates from their Aeronautics and Space Administration department. The couple reports were nothing too special, just a sighting and documenting of a meteorite. They couldn't see Jam's physical appearance as he was flying with ludicrous speed. But, given his size, NASA predicted that the "meteorite" would burn up from friction after entering the atmosphere.

Now, if Jam were a regular human and his flesh and bones weren't refined with Body Refining Cultivation, and Dao insight tattoos, he really would have burned up into nothing from all the friction. However, as that wasn't the case, he fell down from space and onto the world even faster than terminal velocity.

When NASA confirmed that the object landed from space with little regard for the heat generated during its descent, the government went into a panic. The extraterrestrial object had landed in the desert, and now needed to be secured and studied as its resistance properties were miraculous.

However, the government had to send military might to the landing sight as they had no idea what to expect from whatever it was that fell down from space. Even if the object was completely harmless in nature, it was best to be safe than sorry, and having the military present at the landing site would deter any civilians from needlessly intervening with the foreign object.

As the commander inched closer to the edge of the crater and peer over, he wasn't too sure what it was that stood motionless at the center. There was still some dust flying in the air, and the crater was rather large, so from the edge to where Jam lay, there was easily a couple hundred meters.

Since he was having trouble seeing, the commander used thermal vision to concluded that there was a… human? The commander had used thermal vision before and the reading he got from using them was that there was definitely a person lying face down on the center of the crater. Still, even though the results were odd, protocols needed to be followed through.

The commander moved his squad back and returned to the crater in hazmat suits with some scientists. As they entered the crater and moved in closer and closer to the center, the scientists used some of their equipment to test for toxic fumes, radiation, and other hazards, while the commander and his squad safeguarded them, still carrying around their firearms.

When they finally made it over to Jam's side, everyone was dumbfounded as there really was a person at the center of the crater. And with Jam's clothes… he really looked like an alien. He had put his armor away while he was messing around in the voidspace around his World Formation, so he only had on his casual clothes; his cultivation academy uniform. In the modern times of the world Jam landed on, his "old-timey" clothes were out of fashion.

The commander squinted his eyes as the team behind him asked how they should proceed. He went over to Jam's side and just as he was about to touch him, an invisible force stopped him from touching him. Then… an eerie voice came out of nowhere, saying "&$(*#^@)#*$^$." Obviously, he didn't know the Mortal Plane's common language.

Even as an experienced military commander, the commander was sweating bullets after this exchange. He fiercely jumped back as if his life depended on it, and yelled through his speakers "Everybody get back! It's alive!"

Since the noise escaped out his suit and into the world, Jam heard it and somehow understood. Better yet, after understanding what the commander said, he somehow automatically started speaking the commander's language and repeated his earlier words "My guy, what do you want? Can't you see I'm healing over here?" Jam was using his divine sense to communicate, so to these non-cultivators he looked like he was using telekinesis.

"Holy shit! It can speak english?!" The commander's actions looked ridiculous, as Jam had only communicated with him. The rest of the people there investigating only saw their commander walked over to Jam's side, jump away like a frightened kitten, and then say that the unmoving corpse could speak english.

Still, he was their commander, so as they moved to fall back one of the soldiers who was rather close with the commander came up next to him and asked "Sir? What happened? What do you mean it can speak english? It hasn't made a single move, at least I didn't see it move."

The commander briefed everyone as to what Jam had done; from his use of telekinesis in preventing the commander from touching him, to speaking without using his mouth, as well as the foreign language Jam had used initially, and how he could speak english right away after hearing the commander.

One of the scientists hearing the commander recap his experience was filled with endless fervor as she heard the commander say that Jam could speak english. She expressed her wish to go up to Jam and experience his telekinesis first hand, but the commander was a bit shaken up from the experienced that he told her that he had to report first to headquarters and get further instructions from a general.

The scientist then did something ridiculous. She actually waived away her safety offering to study Jam even at the risk of death, before she was given the go-ahead to approach Jam. She walked with odd glee as she thought of what the alien would sound like, and all the things she might be able to learn from this interaction.

She walked over to just about ten meters away from Jam and took off the head piece to her hazmat suit; they had already concluded that the immediate area around Jam was as safe as can be. As her head piece came off, a middle aged-looking woman's face appeared. She had weathered features and seemed to be in bad health as her body looked frail.

The daring scientist took out a recording pen and activated it before attempting to "make contact." Rather nervously, she asked "C-can you u-understand me?"

Jam, not at all taking this as seriously as the scientist said "Yeah, so what do you want?"

Instead of responding to Jam's question, the scientist first repeated what he said for the recording pen, before saying "Um… well first of all, I'd like to know what you are..."

"What the fuck? That's pretty rude considering we're both human. I mean seriously, like, look at me, I'm just a guy." Jam thought 'Seriously? Maybe, I'd forgive you if I was a demihuman and didn't look exactly like an ordinary guy. But that's not the case now, is it?'

"WHAT!? You can't be serious! You are clearly talking to me telekinetically! No human I've heard of can do that!" It was almost as if she had seen bullshit literally come out from Jam's metaphysical mind.

"Telekinetically? Where I'm from its called divine sense." It was hilarious to Tzatziki that Jam would even bother trying to explain concepts about cultivation to the mortals from this unbloomed dimension.

"Divine sense? You mean you're like… a god?"

Jam was about to deny that, but after thinking about it… In this unbloomed dimension, where only his Dao was present, he really could be considered a god. "Yeah, something like that."

The scientist didn't really believe in gods as she was an atheist, so she asked rather confidently "Well, Mr. God, why are you in such a state? Aren't gods supposed to be like omnipotent?" She was feeling pretty cheeky after that comment, but then after realizing the ridiculous feats this "human god," had already shown her, she became a bit worried. 'What if he's like an angry god and feels like killing me?!'

"Oh this? I was messing around with something in my world and ended up failing what I set up to do. You wouldn't understand even if I explained it, but don't worry, in a couple moments I'll be back on my feet."

"Your world? Can you talk to me about it?"

"Well, where should I begin..." Jam began to talk about some of the things the scientist asked him about of his home world, while also gaining some understanding of the world he had intruded upon.


As the two conversed, their conversation was being recorded and transmitted back to the US army headquarters and big decisions were being made as Jam continued chatting his time away.

"General! You can't be serious! Why do we have to execute the alien?!" The head of NASA was panicking as the decision to nuke Jam was already called into effect.

"Why? Were you not listening to the recording?! That thing claims to be a god! He can move objects and communicate telekinetically, survive crashing down from space, and in a couple minutes he'll be back up on his feet?! Tell me, if he can do all this while wounded and incapacitated, what would happen should he become hostile when he's returned to normal?"

"You just said it yourself! We have no idea what he'll do if he becomes hostile! He's already survived crashing from space remember? What's to say that a nuke will even cause him an itch? What if he survives getting nuked and becomes hostile?!" NASA's head was losing his mind as he thought of the consequences…

"Damn it Nigel, we have to eliminate him before he becomes a threat! The order has already been passed down, and the S7 Nightjet has already left for Arizona." The general had already consulted with the president and the two had agreed to nuke Jam into oblivion…


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