Divinity Jam
91 Jam’s Would Be “Killers”
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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91 Jam’s Would Be “Killers”

As Jam's group walked all over NASA, at the Pentagon, NASA's head Nigel Georgiy was in a panic as he heard constant updates from the people stationed back at headquarters.

"Three unidentified persons have descended from the skies and onto the perimeter! We've confirmed one to be an adult male, maybe 17 or 18, silver eyes, black hair, and he appears to be wearing robes. The two other unidentified persons are female, one appears to be personnel from our own agency, she has on a hazmat suit with no helmet, we'll do a database search for her ASAP. The other female, appears to be a child, perhaps not even ten years old. She appears to have natural blue hair and eyes, and like the male, she's wearing robes."

"We are about to secure them, we have them at gunpoint and they don't appear to have any weapons."




"Oh god, oh god, oh god… C-command center, t-this is Alvery Smith, I-i'm one of the scientist that work here at NASA Headquarters, I just saw three people walk through a storm of bullets, and the guards that were shooting them all collapsed to the ground for no reason. I w-walked up to one of them to check if they were hurt, no one seems to be bleeding, and they are all breathing, but they are pressed against the ground with such force, and they're so heavy… I've never seen anything like it!"

"He… he saw me… and he smiled my way..." For a second I thought I would die… That man… I dared to followed behind them to report back to you, but… he clearly saw me, and didn't care that I was following."

"Command center, I think the group of hostiles are going to the Head's office? They've passed through several important facilities and even research rooms with no intention to stop and snoop around for out secrets. Now they're just a couple doors away from your room. Surely, the vault door will keep the secrets on your personal computer saf…. HOLY SHIT, they just… How did they… WHAT?!"

That was the last message the Pentagon received after one brave scientist picked up a transponder and began relaying what Jam's group did. The last message gave everyone who heard it the creeps, as the pure terror in the Alvery's voice was chilling to the core. By now, they had confirmed everything the scientist said to be true as the pentagon had just now gotten access to the security cam footage showing exactly what Jam did.

"General, do you have any idea what kind of calamity we've managed to set off this time, thanks to your call… " NASA's head Nigel, said in the most bleak tone he'd ever spoken in his life. "Lets run down the list of abilities that "god" has thus far displayed. He's got telekinesis, teleportation, flight, and that last ray of energy that came from he fingers, which we have no idea what it could be." They had attributed the guards collapsing do the ground to be a part of Jam's divine sense abilities.

"A nuke didn't work, so what can you expect some small pieces of lead to accomplish… he's already broken through to my office, probably after coercing one of my employee's which we tried to kill, into having her show him back to the people who organized their deaths… What are we going to do?!" Nigel mind ran on adrenaline but he couldn't think of anything that could protect neither him, his country, nor the world from the beast they had stirred.

"Calm down Nigel! We need to think through our options before they make their way over here..." However, before the general could finish his little speech, Jam had already teleported his party into their conference room...

After Jam had found the vault door guarding NASA's Head's office, he had used very weak yang beams to cut away an entrance. He was very annoyed to find that the Head wasn't waiting for him in his office, so, Jam did was he should have done from the start. He asked May for a picture of NASA's Head and used Void Detection to instantly find where he was suppose to go.

Jam was prepared to scour the entire world, since it was pretty small when compared to the places he had previously journeyed at. Fortunately for him, NASA Headquarters and the Pentagon were very close to each other; like less than a hundred kilometers apart.

Jam directly teleported over to Nigel' side and since they were in a conference room, he did what felt natural and walked over to take a seat. Danger Noodle had already gone over to his side to sit as well, but May was at a loss as to what she was permitted to do. That changed when Jam said "May, have a seat. I'm sure you also like to know why some people tried to kill us~"

Nigel, the General, and several other officials that were in the room running around trying to troubleshoot the current crisis all stopped and faced Jam with unearthly fear. One second Jam was in Arizona, the next he was at NASA Headquarters, and now he had somehow appeared within the heart of the Pentagon. There was no defence for this kind of invasion… How were they to to stop Jam from doing as he wished when he could teleport around like it was nobody's business!

Jam turned to face the only face he recognized in this dumbstruck crowd, NASA's Head, Nigel. His eyes were hypnotizing to the mortals around him, so as he spoke, the untrained souls of the people around him innately wished to satisfy his every request.

"Nigel, I heard from my friend over here, that you know who might have called for my "bombing."" Jam said, as he pointed at May. He continued " Please, If it wouldn't trouble you, tell me who it was that made the call. Don't worry, I won't go around killing you guys as that would be unfair, and boring to be honest. But, where I come from, we don't take kindly to threats and I will need some compensation from whomever thought it would be easy to end my life."

Nigel, out of his own free will, turned naturally to face the General, who's face couldn't get any more ashend. Before Jam or Nigel could say anything, the General said "Yeah it was my call. I did it… of my own free will."

"Oh?" Jam was surprised to see someone so courageous. It wasn't often that people admitted to trying out assassinations on higher beings. He said "And why would you try to kill me when I haven't even done anything?"

The General was quick to think on his feet as he said "Y-you are an alien with inconceivable abilities that could be a threat to us." He knew his words would probably get him killed, but for the sake of covering for his country the general continued without missing a beat "I thought it would be best to first kill you and then have our research department study your corpse."

Jam narrowed his eyes as this man explicitly described his thought process. Out of genuine anger, Jam unconsciously let his soul effect his words more than usual as he said "Are you serious? Out of fear, you decided it would be best to kill me, before trying to steal my secrets from my corpse?"

The general's core being was being shaken violently by Jam, so he responded naturally and with complete truth "Yes… It was a joint decisi..." He woke up right in the middle of his confession and felt crushed… It didn't matter what he said now, since Jam with his myriad of methods, could figure out who made up the joint in that "joint decision." Now it wasn't just him that would die, but maybe the entire country would face a god's wrath because of his loose mouth…

"Joint decision? Who else agreed to kill me?" Jam's soul pressured the General once more into revealing that the president of the United States, as well as seven other important government officials came to a unanimous decision to drop a nuke on him back in the desert.

"Mhmm… President? That's the head honcho, right?" Jam asked May. She nodded, and gave Jam a picture of the president as well as some other pieces of information that he requested. With the president's face imprinted in his memories, Jam smiled as he approached the General. He said "Let's go discuss what my settlement will come out to be~"

Jam then teleported himself, Danger Noodle, May, and the General, to the White House's Oval Office. Apparently, he had come at a bad time, as the president was having a meeting with foreign diplomats as he was usually always on a tight schedule; sure there might be aliens teleporting around and causing mass hysteria, but the president could always make calls with the help of his assistants, and make big calls through the phone or through the internet.


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