Divinity Jam
94 Solving Problems Only To Create Others, The Plight Of An Immortal Chef
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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94 Solving Problems Only To Create Others, The Plight Of An Immortal Chef

"Uh, ok? I guess from my leg would be a good place, since its close to the ovaries?"

"Right-Oh! Now, you might feel a bit of warmth..." As Jam said, that he unleashed his Yang Dao Domain and the Yang scalpel reemerged from his index finger! Jam cut a shallow slice on May's leg, but no blood escaped from her body due to the Yang Dao Domain's influence. With his divine sense, Jam invaded May's body with no problems, and quickly hunted down the unruly cancer cells.

Stage four cancer seemed to be quite bad, as Jam was killing millions of cells every second with no end in sight. This disease truly was a pain to deal with after it had progressed so much, as Jam could find instances of cancerous cells everywhere on May's body. Most were in her ovaries — obviously — but lesser quantities could be found throughout all her blood vessels, in other organs, even in places one wouldn't expect, like in her finger tips.

As Jam popped these cancerous cells to death with his divine sense, the dead cells turned into a thin liquid-like substance before being disintegrated into a bloody mist. This bloody mist was flushed through May's circulatory system, guided by Jam's divine sense to not disperse through her body, and eventually escaped through the cut on her leg.

Jam then let the bloody mist completely disappear by exterminating it with his Yang Dao Domain. As he let his divine sense work, he diverted some of his attention to talk with May; he had the soul strength to create Tier 5 pills, artifacts, and talismans, so dealing with these mere cells didn't require anywhere near the full capacity of his soul.

Jam said "So… What do you do now? I can't imagine you'd still be working for those people after they tried killing you." He was naturally curious as to what May would be doing after leaving that government job.

"Well, a day after you moved in with us, a government agent came by the house with an envelop that explained what the government was planning. The envelope had a note expressing the government's regret in their decision to kill me, and that I would be receiving the same paycheck every two weeks even if I didn't return to work. It also said that after you leave, if you leave that is, I'll be receiving a couple million dollars in settlement to make up for their mistake. It said they didn't want to ruin your experience as a mortal, so they wouldn't give me the money now to keep the experience "legitimate.""

"So… you just stay at home?" Jam couldn't help but feel his skin crawl at the thought of being completely unproductive. But then... he thought about the three months he spent doing even less than what he imagined she did, and the feeling subsided.

"Yeah, I spent most of my time here with James. Usually, I only leave to take him to school and to shop for whatever I need at the moment."

"Don't you have any goals you want to work towards? Like, isn't it boring wasting away your life at home, doing nothing?"

"Well… I did have a dream to be a painter, but..."

"But what?"

"I'm not exactly the most sociable person… and hiring some stranger to teach me painting, is more than a little unsettling."

"You're not a sociable person? Weren't you the one who ran up and started talking with me like it was nobody's business back in the desert?!"

"You! You are a different case! Back then you were an alien who I very much wanted to know more about. But regular people? They… they're unapproachable and annoying. Part of the reason I became a scientist for NASA was because I had my own little space to work by myself."

"Well, It's not like I don't know the feeling." Jam recalled how just a couple months ago he was the definition of anti-social.


"And we're done~" Jam said, as he destroyed the last bit of cancer within her body. A small spark of yang covered his fingertip as he traced the area where he had cut May and her leg was back to normal.

"Wait, that's it? I really don't have cancer anymore?" She really couldn't believe that cancer, a disease that kills thousands of people every day, was resolved so… simply.

"Yeah, I destroyed all the cancerous cells in your body. You want to go to a doctor from around here and see if I'm telling the truth?"

"No, I'll put that off until the weekend. That's the next time I need to take chemotherapy radiation treatment."

"Radiation? Is that why your body is so messed up?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Judging by your skeletal structure you should be, what? 25, 26? If that's the case, your skin should be much healthier, and your hair shouldn't be falling out. Not to mention your all your organ systems are unusually weak..."

"Is it really that bad?" May's face darkened. She knew that the radiation therapy would make her hair fall out, but the way Jam expressed how bad her body's state actually was, she couldn't help but feel at a loss. Her cancer was gone, but now there were these problems in her body from the treatment she had been receiving up until now.

"Yeah, it pretty bad… But! It not like I can't fix it~"

"Whoa, first you get rid of my cancer and now you'll fix the rest of my body? That's insane..." Not as insane as the treatment she would receive in just a moment.

"Yeah, it's no problem. Just find a place to sit down and we can get your body back up to a normal state."

Jam had treated her cancer while she was standing as it only took a moment, but to fix her body… he was planning on unleashing his devilish hands; and on a poor mortal too! They made their way to the living room and sat on the couch.

May was confused as to why they needed to sit down for this, but soon enough she would understand… Jam said "Ok, now turn around so that your back faces me." May did as Jam said, but she panicked as she felt his hands dance around on her back.

She might have ran away or tried to fight Jam, if he wasn't the god she imagined him to be, so the only thing she said was "Uh… What are you doing?!"

"I'm using a technique to improve your constitution. Well, actually, first I'm familiarizing myself with the structure of your back, but in a couple moments I'll be using my "powers" to really start the technique."

"O-ok..." That was all May could say, as even without using the Blood Dao, she was feeling really good.

Eventually, Jam finished the process of getting used to a new back and began to activate his Blood Dao. Since this was a mortal he was working with, he controlled his energy with nearly all his soul strength to only use up one millionth of a percent of his max intensity as the starting point.

Still, even that amount was enough to make May act like a dog in heat as she trembled with ecstacy and her face flushed with a ruddy red hue. May, didn't have the strength to resist this godly skill, so given that she didn't turn around or asked Jam to stop, the man in question worked to improve her constitution with no hesitation.

However, even if she didn't say anything to Jam, a minute in, her spirit had all but crumbled, and those carnal desires that had been ignited, faned, and drenched in oil, couldn't take it anymore. She jumped out of her spot on the couch — an action unbefitting of someone with a weakened body — and with the last speck of consciousness present in the totality of her body, she managed to drag Jam back to her bedroom before moving to do something indecent.

Apparently, even at this moment where she should have been broken beyond repair, there still remained a piece of her will preventing her from doing indecent things out in the open where James might see them.

Jam was taken by surprise as May had not shown any inkling as to what she was planning, until it was almost too late. She had taken his hands and dragged him to her room, closed and locked the door and started to throw away her clothes as if they were on fire. Only when she was completely naked and looked at Jam, the way a hungry wolf eyes a lone lamb, did Jam realize things were not going according to plan.

Still, even with the situation being as tense and daunting as it was, Jam wasn't at all phased or tempted by May. He knew that she had become this way because he hadn't limited his use of blood energy enough. He hoped that knocking her out would be enough to get her out of this state, and used a weak hypnosis illusion to get her unconscious.

Since they were already in her bedroom, he tucked her into her bed and covered her with the bedsheets; bringing about a vague sense of Deja vu. When he left her room, to find James peeking towards his direction, he said "Your mom… needs some rest."

"..." James, though only ten years old and immature, knew something up as his mom had acted very strange after Jam started massaging her back. It was currently 6:00 PM so May had yet to cook dinner and now she had gone to sleep? How odd...

James said "She wouldn't' have gone to sleep without at least making something for me to eat..."

"I'll make something for you to eat." James' look of disapproval made Jam hurriedly say "Whatever you want, ok?!"

"Mhmm? Even pizza?"

"Pizza? What's that?"

"God, do you know anything?" James sighed as if he were dealing with a child, younger than himself, and pulled up a picture of a pizza from his smartphone.

"Oh, so you want cheese and tomato paste on bread? Like a snack..." Jam looked through the kitchen for the ingredients he needed. No longer could he rely on his cultivation powers, as treating May was one of the few special cases where Tzatziki let him flaunt his strength. Jam eventually found all the ingredients he needed, but then he had to figure out how the oven worked; he couldn't use his fire to expedite the process, unfortunately.

With the help of James, Jam figured out how to use the oven, but he still needed to wait for his pizza dough to rise since he was banned from use Time Dao insights to speed up time…. It truly made Jam wonder how mortals didn't become infuriated with all these extra annoyances.

One hour later, the dough was ready for baking, and Jam made a pizza out of the toppings that James wanted. Though the last step of this process became the most infuriating to Jam. He, who commanded flames with absurd proficiency, actually had to operate an oven which was about as accurate a blind man with a dart, when compared to himself. That oven was the stuff of nightmares for Jam, as he stuck his hand in the oven every couple seconds to judge whether the temperature was good enough, and it never was. It was either too hot or too cold, never perfect, and Jam only accepted perfection…

Good thing he made enough dough for a couple more tries, as Jam felt he would rather kill himself before letting a shitty oven best him… Thus, he slaved away throughout the night cooking pizzas with the oven, getting better every time, while James and Danger Noodle hung around in the background eating from the pizza Jam had originally made. Sure the first pizza wasn't up to his consummate level of standards but to the regular person, it was still a god-tier level treat.


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