Divinity Jam
95 The Mortal World
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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95 The Mortal World

The next morning, May woke up in her bed, still naked, and her mind was racing as she recalled what happened before she blacked out. She remembered as clear as day how amazing Jam's "technique" was, and couldn't help but crave the feeling his hands gave her. But, that other side of her memories… the way she became feral, like a bitch in heat... the way she practically assaulted Jam… she really wished she hadn't done that, as now she would have no way to face Jam.

That man, or boy rather, had not only cured her of her cancer, but had also worked on fixing her body which was in shambles. And how did she repay him? By assaulting him, and in such an indecent manner as well? He was still living with her, and she needed to come out of her room eventually, so she put aside her embarrassing thoughts and dressed herself to confront Jam and apologize.

She put on some casual clothes, nothing too special, but because she was so focused on confronting Jam, she had neglected to wash up her face like she usually did. This resulted in her not understanding the heaven-defying transformation her body had made throughout the night…

She walked out of her room and passed through the hallway, drawn towards the kitchen as the sound of the oven working its magic was the only thing she could hear at the moment. Sure enough, when she entered the kitchen, she found Danger Noodle eating all Jam's leftover failures, while the man in question stared at the oven with eyes reddened due to madness; one of his hands was still connected to the hot oven. It was still rather early in the morning, so James was still asleep in his room.

Seeing this scene, May didn't know how to react, so she just sat back on a chair near the kitchen counter. Danger Noodle gave her surprised look, as the change had even taken her by surprise. But given that this was Danger Noodle, that was the extent to her reaction; she naturally didn't care much for mortals.

At some point, Jam finished baking his umpteenth pizza. His body covered in white powder as he had refused to use any semblance of energy to keep himself clean. On his hands there sat a perfectly round mass of cooked dough, a slight red shown through the white cheese on top, perfectly covering the bread, while slightly charred brown. This pizza looked so good, most people would refuse to eat it out of respect for its artistic appeal.

Jam looked at his creation with the scrutiny of a man trying to defuse a bomb. After a while, he set the pizza right next to Danger Noodle — a sign that he had yet to finish creating a perfect pizza — and then proceeded to smack a piece of bread dough on the kitchen counter out of frustration. After all the success he achieved thus far in his road through cultivation, a pizza was the first thing that managed to infuriate him after perpetual failure.

Jam knew he could easily make a perfect pizza if he just used his own fires, his own energy. With even the most basic of flames, he could control the heat the pizza received while it was cooking to perfection! But, he was suppose to be living like a mortal, so this was just another struggle he had to put up with; having to settle for near perfection.

As Jam was making notes as to what he would change to improve his pizza baking skills — he really would rather die than admit to losing to a baked good — he noticed May sitting on a kitchen stool and walked up to her. Jam acted strangely as he conversed with May, the same way one would when confronting a mentally handicapped. He said "Hey… Are you… ok?" He hoped the massage didn't destroy her psyche.

"Huh?" This was not how May envisioned their conversation would start off. She thought Jam would be either awkward about the ordeal or atleast become somewhat disgusted by her. She didn't think her godlike roommate would act like nothing happened between them at all… "What do you mean?"

"You see, yesterday when I was fixing your constitution, I used a technique that make people feel good. I thought I limited my powers to not cause you to go insane from the pleasure, but I guess using even a millionth of a percent of my power was too much for you… Anyways, I just want to make sure you are still in your right mind."

"Oh, uh… yeah. I'm fine..." That was a millionth of a percent of your power? May shuddered at the thought of what 1% might do to her. She didn't even dare conceive what 100% would signify.

"That's good news! And I can see that your body is back to normal as well." To Jam, her transformation was nothing to be proud of. She had merely reached the levels of beauty that Evangeline, Rina, and Cynthia were at; nothing much…

"My body?" May stood up and walked over to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. What she found? A total babe… A supermodel looked at her though the mirror; one she didn't recognize. Where was the thinning salt and pepper hair she previously had? Where was her pale and wrinkled skin?

May had her natural black hair restored, but for some reason, it was now mysteriously darker than she ever recalled and more voluminous too! Her skin had turned a healthy tan color, and now that she was examining her body with a keen eye, she noticed that her figure had gone through a complete metamorphosis. Somehow, she had gained that almost impossible to reach natural hourglass figure, even with her skinny build. The lumps on her chest and rump seemed bigger, and… by god… are those abs?!

If someone were to tell her that this came from a massage — one that lasted less than five minutes, mind you — she'd brick that person to death, if she hadn't experienced it herself! She went from dying in less than five years via cancer, to looking like she could hold herself against world class actresses and live for another 70 years with no problem.

May walked out of the bathroom and found Jam preparing for his next attempt at pizza perfection. She didn't know what came over her as she reached out from behind him and gave him a hug.

Jam didn't know what to do, when all of a sudden he felt to lumps press against his back, and a calming voice whispered in his ear "Thank you..." He just stood there and reflected on this exchange as if it was something worth noting.

Given enough time, an emotional May separated from Jam and watched him work next to Danger Noodle on the kitchen counter. In a rare moment of friendliness, Danger Noodle offered her a piece of Jam's latest failure and the two of them just sat there and watched as one of the most important men in their lives cooked pizza…

An hour later, James woke up and grumpily complained to Jam how he didn't want pizza for breakfast. Almost robotically, Jam asked James for a new task, so as to get away from his pizza driven nightmare. And mere minutes later, everyone was enjoying god-tier plates of eggs, toast, and cereal. Though admittedly, it wasn't up to Jam's standards…

After Jam's breakfast served as a waking call to James, he finally realized that his mom had "changed." James looked at his mom for a couple seconds and with disbelief present in his voice, he asked "Who... are you?"

May didn't know whether to laugh or cry as her own son failed to recognize her after being transformed by Jam's hands... She repeated over and over again that she was his mother, but it still took days for her new image to settle within James' mind.


For a couple weeks, Jam lost himself in cultivating "mortal's cooking;" as he called it. But pretty soon, he mastered that and was ready to mimic some other aspect of regular mortal life. He came up to May and asked her to take him with her during her trips outside of the house. In doing so, he succeeded in getting her to misunderstand his actions as flirting; why else would a guy want to hang around a girl doing mundane tasks?

So, for a time Jam started a life of traveling. He would go with May to drive James to school in the morning, and pick him up in the afternoon. They would go do groceries every once in a while, and if May was feeling adventurous, Jam would have the pleasure of visiting the mall.

Jam felt disgusted by how slow and inefficient the mortal world's cars were, but given his abstinence training required him to abandon teleportation and flying, it wasn't like he had a choice. Well technically, he could have started running around everywhere travelling by foot was something mortals did. But, Tzatziki explicitly told him not to do anything a mortal can't do, so running through the streets at hypersonic speeds was not an option either…

In this way, Jam familiarize himself with mortal life, and started to slowly change. He watched with interest how May interacted other people and slowly started to morph into an almost normal human. Still, the kinks in his personality remained even after all his time studying regular human interaction.


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