Divinity Jam
98 It“s Just A Prank
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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98 It“s Just A Prank

The next day… Jam woke up to quite the peculiar scene. He had gone to sleep by sleeping on his side, but from behind him, his Dao Companion was smashing her chest against him, while in front of him, a blue haired loli had taken his arm and stuck it between her legs. The cherry on top being that the blue haired beauty was fully nude…

This Danger Noodle had sure grown comfortable with Jam during their time together in the Mortal Plane. While she had originally been cold and uncaring to May and James, over time their relationship also improved. However, given that she cared almost solely about Jam, she interacted with him far more than she had with anyone else.

So… she had first gotten used to sleeping on him as a coiled noodle. Then they would just sleep on different beds when she started assuming her humanoid form. And now… on his first day back with his Dao Companion, Jam found himself in his current vulnerable state, due to Danger Noodle "accidentally" changing from her noodle form into her humanoid form while as she slept.

When Jam had returned to face his friends within his world formation, she had been in her noodle form and that had stayed the case for the entirety of the day. Everyone already knew of Danger Noodle, so they didn't bring much attention her way aside from the occasional nodding thanks for her help during that war of eight years prior. Now, the first person to find out about Danger Noodle's humanoid form would be Evangeline; literally the only person who didn't even know about her existence…

Try as Jam might, there was no way he would avoid having these two meet each other in this tense climate. On one side he had a Sage and on the other a Saint Grandmaster. Any move he made would instantly wake both girls up. So, he did the most sensible thing he could think of; he just stayed in his comfortable position until they woke by themselves.

Half an hour later, Evangeline woke up to find herself spooning against a warm and comfortable pillow. She was someone who had changed to be more productive after meeting with Jam, but her true personality before interacting with him was not as hardcore as the man in question. Thus, she and most of the other core disciples all slept on a regular schedule. Not everyone was as into cultivation as Jam and Arnold, but even then Jam had Arnold beat.

So, when Evangeline found herself hugging onto Jam — her new body pillow — she didn't immediately separated from him as she had temporarily forgotten what had happened last night. It would take something drastic like a threat to sober her up instantly, so for a little while even though she was awake, she hung onto Jam and "felt him up."

It was only when Danger Noodle woke up that all hell broke loose. She woke up and innocently exclaimed "Oh wow, my bad Jam~" Even as she acted with false grief, Danger Noodle began to move her legs in an immoral manner.

As soon as Evangeline heard another feminine voice being present in her little sanctuary, she instantly sobered up and flipped herself up to her feet, atop the bed. Killing intent permeated across Jam's mansion as Evangeline eyed the blue haired loli who still fumbled around with Jam's arm.

"My little Jam Jam…. what's this your doing with another woman on our bed?" Lines of chaos manifested in the air around Evangeline, as her voice carried with it the a primordial air.

"This… this isn't how I'd imagine you two would meet, but this is Danger Noodle; my tamed beast companion..." A helpless Jam could only hope for Evangeline to calm down. Unfortunately, Danger Noodle wasn't scared off by a mere Saint Grandmaster. The chaos energy which threatened to erase everything flickered out of existence as they approached Danger Noodle in black sparks of thunder.

A vein popped out on Evangeline's forehead, as her eyes squinted, almost completely shut. She looked at Danger Noodle, who still had Jam's arm tucked in between her legs, and a familiar tone of utter derision the likes of which Jam had not heard in ages reappeared. Evangeline said "Tamed beast companion? If that's the case, then shouldn't this little slut act her part and greet her master's mistress like the good like slave she is?"

Bad move… Calling Danger Noodle a slut and a slave? Danger Noodle dropped her coy act and slowly separated from Jam.

Now, that Jam had control over this entire pocket dimension through the Core Nexus, he had long since eliminated the rule that only Saint Realm beings or below could roam within. As a result, Danger Noodle's Sage Realm cultivation flared to life with no intentions of mercy, threatening to pressure Evangeline into submission.

Danger Noodle had a Sage Thunder Domain as well as Five Saint Dao Domains — One for Space, Time, Void, Yin, and Darkness Daos respectively. The pressure her cultivation base alone produced would be a pain for regular Saint Gods to deal with. After adding on the augmentation provided by all those Dao Domains, Evangeline surely would have disintegrated into a bloody mist if she were a regular Saint Grandmaster.

Fortunately, she was not as weak as her cultivation led on, and through the use of her own Dao Domains she managed to stand her ground against Danger Noodle. Evangeline's Space, Time, Yin, and Void Dao Domains cancelled out when confronting the one's Danger Noodle possessed — it was rather odd for them to have four matching Dao Domains. Then, her Destruction Dao Domain cancelled out Danger Noodle's Darkness Dao Domain. While her last two Sword and Chaos Dao Domains managed to just barely survive when facing Danger Noodle's Sage Thunder Dao Domain.

In this unbelievable fashion, a Saint Grandmaster managed to stand up to a Sage. Now, before this situation escalated any more, Jam got their attention and tried to calm them down. He said "Don't fight." His taciturn attempt at ending this fight apparently made him look weak to both girls as they almost directly ignored him.

"Don't fight? I don't care who she is! Calling me a slave and a slut crossed the line!" Danger Noodle had already covered herself up with her red robes of Sage thunder. She had spent enough time in the mortal world in her humanoid form to not feel bothered by fighting like a cultivator.

"Bring it on, dumb bitch!" Evangeline traced her space ring and after a flash, she re-appeared fully decked out in combat armor.

Towards these two disobedient feisty ladies, Jam sighed as he prepared to calm them both, forcefully… He gave a halfhearted annoyed look and with the slight exertion of his cultivation a light pressure impacted both Danger Noodle and Evangeline.

Jam's actions caused both grils to look at him, their will to fight barely dimmed before it reignited as a direct opposition to Jam's attempts at pacifying the situation.

"Mhmm..." Jam really didn't want to force them unless absolutely necessary, so he teleported over to behind Evangeline and grabbed her arm and whispered into her ear "Calm down. You two just got off on the wrong foot..."

Being taken from behind like this made Evangeline feel sluggish, as she never expected Jam to act to… sensually. She was still used to the ignorant Jam who looked like had never felt any immoral desires in his life, so this abrupt change was startling to say the least. At least he succeeded in diffusing half the situation, with regards to Evangeline; the same could not be said for Danger Noodle.

As Danger Noodle saw Jam go over to Evangeline, she felt he had betrayed her by taking Evangeline's side. 'She called me a slut and a slave, yet you went over and gave her a hand?' Witnessing Jam betray her to her face truly brought about all sorts of negative emotions.

Good thing, it didn't take long for Jam to make both of them admit their faults. He looked at Evangeline's face, which gradually came down from the originally wrathful expression she had when bicker with Danger Noodle, and said "Now, go apologize to Danger Noodle. What you said really did cross the line..."

"What! But she! She! She…." All Danger Noodle did was sleep on Jam's arm, so it really was uncalled for when Evangeline thought back. Even if she really did do something "extra" with Jam, Evangeline knew that such relationships were common between Beast Tamers and their Tamed Beasts — at least with regards to Tamed Beasts that could turn into humanoids…

"And you! Don't think I haven't noticed how you purposefully chose to transform back into your humanoid form after Evangeline fell asleep!" Danger Noodle almost hiccuped as she heard Jam expose her, right there in the open.

"It was just a prank..."

"Yeah? Well, your prank almost ruined my bedroom and earned you a bad first impression towards my Dao Companion." Jam shook his head from side to side in disapproval as he moved to start up the day with breakfast.

As he left Evangeline and Danger Noodle in his bedroom, the atmosphere became almost too awkward for either of the two girls to bear. In the end, Evangeline apologized for her vulgar words, but secretly her originally horrible impression of Danger Noodle morphed back to neutral and even crossed over to "friendly" territory. As a fellow prankster, she almost forgave Danger Noodle for creating the previous incident from just how badly she had been tricked by her prank!


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