Divinity Jam
99 Returning Home
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Divinity Jam
Author :BrightDawn
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99 Returning Home

Jam made a quick little breakfast snack consisting of crackers with tuna salad. He had taken a liking to slowing down his cooking in appreciation of the art instead of just to get his desired meal or what have you. As a result, Jam "wasted" quite a bit of time making his food and Evangeline ended up watching him cook in what she considered to be an "unheard of manner."

She watched Jam manually pulverize wheat and corn into crumbs, mix ingredients by hand, and cut ingredients personally, one by one. It was beyond inefficient as all these steps could be completed near instantaneously with the application of spiritual energy, yet Jam only reserved that for processes that would require long periods of time. For instance, where a mortal might need to wait hours or even days for bread dough to rise, Jam used Time Dao insights to expedite the process.

As a result, even though Jam used regular ingredients from the mortal world, his little breakfast snack tasted heavenly on texture alone. Jam didn't need to eat, neither did any of his peers, as he could officially enter the Saint Realm with but a thought. He only made this breakfast for fun, as well as in remembrance of his time in the mortal world.

Jam cast away his nostalgia and offered some of his food to Danger Noodle and Evangeline. Their little makeshift family enjoyed a silent breakfast before the first rays of sunshine peered through the windows of Jam's mansion, signalling the time to leave.

Jam's group of three was the first to teleport just outside of Junkie Village — the place where Jam would use his World Formation's power to send his group back to Yhamnigh. While Danger Noodle and Evangeline avoided interacting with each other, Jam stood thinking about his plans for when he returned to the Cultivation Academy.

His first goal would be to breakthrough to the Saint Realm as he could do so at any moment. Then, he, along with all his peers, would officially earn the right to graduate from their core disciple's class. They were all Saints, so they would need to explore the vast Mortal Plane in search of opportunities to make further breakthroughs along the path of cultivation.

Right after becoming a Saint there were many avenues worth pursuing, but the most urgent matter Jam absolutely had to tend to as soon as possible is to visit Woody. The flashback he received after his God Souls were riled up truly brought about a myriad of questions from Jam. Woody was actually someone who knew his birth parents?

She might have her memories sealed up from the talisman his mother used on both of them, but given enough time Jam felt confident in his chances of being able to break the sealing effects; now that he knew that Woody wasn't a mortal, the first thing he needed to do was get her by his side in the Cultivation Academy.

Jam's thoughts were cut short as his friends started arriving in droves. Jam had to reintroduce everyone to Danger Noodle, but after that, everyone was just about finishing their goodbyes… "Wait!" Dai Mingzi could be seen flying towards the departing party at hypersonic speeds.

When Dai Mingzi arrived his flashy entrance caused gale to storm through the opposite direction he came from. He had been teleporting and flying at ungodly speeds for hours now after he got word that Jam's group reappeared. He only found out a couple hours ago and from a couple billion kilometers away…

Even with all that high intensity flying and teleporting Dai Mingzi had no need to catch his breath, he said "Take me out with you guys!"

Jam was the first to notice a strong vitality infused with Dai Mingzi's energy, so before agreeing to his request he said "Wow, congrats on becoming a Saint God."

Everyone else reacted to Jam's comment, and most drew in deep breaths of cold air. Dai Mingzi had left for training a couple months after getting news that Jam's group had disappeared. He had been gone for almost eight years as well, and in that "short" period of time, he had managed to breakthrough to the Saint God level.

If he were compared to the elders of the various tribes he would undoubtedly be the youngest man to reach Saint God by dozens of times over. To Jam and his peers it didn't sound too impressive being a 21 year old Saint God, but if one factored in that he was restricted to this pocket dimension, the whole game changed.

Dai Mingzi noticed a certain blue-haired loli stare at him with a familiar competitive spirit, so he asked Jam "Uh… who's this?"

Jam didn't even have to respond as Danger Noodle directly turned back into her signature noodle form and coiled around Jam's arm. Seeing this, Dai Mingzi was floored; he couldn't believe his eyes as there was actually a Sage Realm being allowed in the pocket dimension.

Jam gave him a quick rundown of what had transpired while he had gone "missing," which prompted Dai Mingzi to summon his own serpent companion through one of his portals. When the serpent reappeared, it looked to have completed an evolution as its scales had fledgling feathers coating them. The serpent gave Dai Mingzi and odd look but that all changed after an energy transmission carrying with it all the information Jam had just told Dai Mingzi made its way through the serpent's brain.

Suddenly, the serpent detached itself from Dai Mingzi's arm and turned into a youth; comparable to Jam and Dai Mingzi. This youth had crystal clear green eyes and hair as well as robes which seemed to bleed out gold from their intense yellow color. Upon transforming into a human, Danger Noodle returned to her own humanoid form and stared down the youth as if her arch nemesis had been revived from certain death.

Those two serpents had their little stand off to the side as Jam said "Sure, you can come with us. I mean, it's not like you'd have a choice. Everyone who's staying behind in the pocket dimension will technically be going with me wherever I go..."

And so, Jam's departing party of eight was upgraded to ten. Dai Mingzi sent a message through to his Tribe about his departure and the group flew up into the air where Jam began the process of teleporting back to Yhamnigh. The process being completely out of his hands as Tzatziki operated the World Formation.

Earlier on he had said that for a small price he could teleport just about anywhere within the Mortal Plane. Well, that small price consisted of Tzatziki burning away a portion of his soul to drive the World Formation. Needless to say, this was not a function he could get away with using on a regular basis. Furthermore, the formation required a bit of time to get the teleportation to work smoothly, thereby making the action only useful as a last resort for a situation in which he didn't have to take instantaneous action.

A couple minutes later, Tzatziki finished preparing everything and even had the portion of his soul needed to teleport at the ready. It was just a measly 0.01%, but every millionth of a percent was hard to regain with items found within just the Mortal Plane, so this activation of the World Formation could be considered using up an Immortal treasure.

Jam's hand started glowing with the inscription tattoo of the World Formation, and his group was covered in a bubble-like film before they flashed away to Yhamnigh. The teleportation was very accurate — considering the distance — but it wasn't perfect. It helped that Tzatziki had personally been to Yhamnigh before, but there was no helping the fact that Jam's group landed several hundred million kilometers off target.

Jam's group were all familiar with Yhamnigh's geography. They all knew that they were essentially on the opposite side of the world, with relation to their academy. Right now, most of them just wanted to go back and let their friends and family at the academy know of their safety, so the group immediately began round after round of subsequent teleportation.

Jam's group aside from Dai Mingzi all had on their uniforms from the academy. Thus, as they teleported across the planet, they were looked at with respect and even a bit of fear from any miscellaneous cultivators they encountered along their journey through teleportation. However, the odd thing was, even after several dozen million kilometers were traversed, no one had sighted a single cultivator of the cultivation academy. It didn't make much sense given that Yhamnigh was the headquarters to the entire academy.

This situation… it was unnerving to Jam's peers as they had all roamed around the planet several times before his arrival, to complete missions. Now, as the uneasiness started turning into anxiety, Alex, seemingly out of nowhere summoned a defensive barrier around everyone and a boom shocked everyone silly. They had been sneak attacked!


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