Dragon Blood Warrior
Chapter 8 – Mysterious Energy Part 2
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Dragon Blood Warrior
Author :午夜風流
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Chapter 8 – Mysterious Energy Part 2

Translator: Star River from wangmamaread

Proofreader: crazyvedic#6133

Madame Asina said. So the attendant stayed there and watched Mrs. Prince walk out of the crowd.

When Madame Asina walked past Aiwa, she barely looked at Aiwa, but Aiwa could feel her hint.

Aiwa also walked out of the crowd. Instead of following Madame Asina closely, he saw her walking towards a dense bush and then followed up from another direction.

The trees in this area were very dense, so people would not be found after entering. Besides, at this time, except for the guards at some important positions, everyone else went to watch the game.

Aiwa walked into the bush and paced slowly, believing that Madame Asina was around.

Madame Asina was also looking for Aiwa after she came into the bush. But Aiwa found her first and hugged her waist from behind.

“Madame, I’m here!”

“Ah… You scared me! “

Madame Asina patted her chest, her heart beating wildly. At this time, the fat breasts of Madame Asina were held by Aiwa’s two big hands.

“Didn’t Madame ask me to play hide and seek with you? Why be so timid now! “

Aiwa proudly kneaded Madame Asina’s seductive breasts.

“How did you get in? You didn’t come when I entered the palace, did you? You came in earlier? “

“Haha, I flew in over the palace wall!”

“Hum, you made me worried. I thought you wouldn’t come!”

“Hey hey, does Madame want my energy, or want to be intimate with me?”

With that, Aiwa had put one hand under Madame Asina’s clothes and directly grasped the pair of big smooth breasts.

“Don’t waste time. The game is about to start!”

“Don’t worry, they are going to fight for a while. What’s more, after the fight, you have to give them a breath, right? “

Aiwa said as he undressed Madame Asina’s clothes.

“You don’t need to take them all off, do you? It’s… not very safe… here…”

Madame Asina watched carefully as she took off her own clothes. She really wanted to end this thrilling game as soon as possible. After all, it was not in the Prince’s Palace, but in the Royal Palace. Once they were found, she would be doomed!

“No one will find out. I have special powers. I can find whoever is close to us in advance. As long as Madame keeps your voice a little lower!”

While Aiwa was speaking, Madame Asina had been stripped naked by him. Her smooth body was as beautiful as a mermaid, which looked more charming in the shade of trees!

“Don’t… Don’t mess up my hair… “

Madame Asina cared a lot about her appearance because there wouldn’t be a maid to do her makeup again.

Aiwa’s incomparably huge cock immediately got a hard-on. The blue veins on it burst up, which seemed to be powerful.

He stepped forward and gently embraced the naked body of Madame Asina, kissing her neck and stroking her pussy.

The reason why Aiwa didn’t kiss Madame Asina’s lips was that he was afraid of damaging her makeup. Even if he kissed her neck, he didn’t dare to kiss it hard, fearing that the deep kiss would leave a hickey.

But when Aiwa’s mouth kissed Madame Asina’s nipples, he was less polite. He sucked her nipples vigorously, and his fingers were inserted into her vagina, slowly pulling in and out.

“Oh… Ah… “

Madame Asina groaned softly and writhed like a snake.

Aiwa’s fingers were getting deeper and deeper. In this case of cheating, the orgasm came faster. Soon, Aiwa could touch the flower buds in the deep meat hole of Madame Asina.

“Ah… Aiwa… Hurry up… No delay… “

Madame Asina squatted down slightly to separate her legs.

Aiwa then straightened up and grabbed Madame Asina’s breasts.

“Help me lubricate it, Ok?”

Aiwa stood there, with the cock raising proudly between his hips.

Madame Asina knelt down meekly to hold the big stick in hands. Then she put it into her mouth and swallowed it hard.

“Uh… So cool… Deeper… “

Aiwa groaned triumphantly and looked down at the pretty and charming face of the noble Mrs. Prince. He felt his glans had been inserted into Madame Asina’s throat, and his meatus was swept by the uvula in her throat, which almost made him shout out excitedly.

Aiwa also didn’t want to waste too much time, so as not to make Madame Asina anxious. He slowly took the stick out of her mouth and helped her to stand up. But instead of immediately inserting it into her meat hole, he asked her to turn around and put her hands on a tree trunk.

Madame Asina immediately understood the meaning of Aiwa, so she raised her snow-white ass and turned the wet vulva towards Aiwa.

Aiwa stepped forward as he grabbed the big stick and smoothly inserted it into the meat hole of Madame Asina!


Madame Asina let out an exciting groan. The meat stick hit straight on her flower buds, which made her body tremble violently, and the pleasure spread all over her body.

While thrusting Madame Asina, Aiwa put his hands on her chest and kneaded them vigorously on her two hanging breasts.

“Oh… Phew… Ah… “

The strong thrusting made Madame Asina unable to control her groaning. Fortunately, the garden in the Royal Palace was very quiet. It wouldn’t be heard by people outside. Especially now when the drums were beating in the battlefield, no one would notice that there was a lewd battle going on here!

Aiwa pulled his hand back and tapped on Madame Asina’s white ass. She was a female general with strong muscles. Under the intense stimulation of Aiwa, she felt a strong pleasure, which in return emphasized her muscular body.

Madame Asina grabbed the trunk with both hands. She tried to raise her butts and swung it excitedly, so that Aiwa’s huge stick could be stirring in her wet hole.

Aiwa was very clear that in addition to martial arts and tactics, energy was the most critical factor in the competition. The same skill would have different effects under the support of different energy. If Madame Asina could punch twice as heavily as usual, she could let her opponent lose in a few rounds. That’s why she had risked her life to swallow the energy crystals. Of course, now, Madame Asina was also risking for another energy.

Aiwa could feel that Madame Asina was an adventurous woman. Thinking of this, Aiwa came up with a dirty idea. He wanted to plant [chasteness maggots] in her body. Only in this way could he really control this wild and competitive woman!

Under the guidance of Aiwa’s [obscene skill], a group of worms soon entered the womb of Madame Asina, where they would lurk for a long time. Once the genitals of another man touched Asina’s vagina, these worms would immediately run out to defend their owners, slightly injuring the man, or seriously damaging his sexual function.

Aiwa thought to himself, “I’ve cheated with the prince’s wife, and now I plant worms in her body. It’s really immoral.”

However, Aiwa needed to use her in the future, so he had to be ruthless. He recited the mantra and sealed the worms he had just transferred to Madame Asina’s womb.

“Oh… It’s itchy… Be faster… “

When the worms just entered the new environment, they were a little restless, which made Madame Asina more eager and lusting, so she crazily shook her hips.

Aiwa estimated that the match was almost over, so he rushed for several thrusts, which made the body of Asina tremble rapidly.

“Ah… Ah… I’m dying… “

The first orgasm of Asina came so fast that the sex fluids flowed out continuously and her meat hole contracted rapidly.

Aiwa straightened his body and stuck his hips to Madame Asina’s white buttocks. The hot semen shot out, making her delicate flower buds tremble…

With that burst, Aiwa pumped a lot of energy into Madame Asina’s body. This was not any ordinary energy. Once used, it would nearly double the speed and hitting power of the owner.

Speed and strength were the decisive factors in skill battles. People in the Wolf Kingdom almost rely on energy and skills to fight.

Madame Asina only felt a strange heat flow coming down her cervix into her uterus and then spreading all over her body.

She realized that this might be the energy that Aiwa said. She hurriedly guided her blood with qi to control the energy. As for whether this energy would be as magical as Aiwa said, she could not verify it so she could only believe Aiwa.

With the strong quality of Madame Asina, Aiwa believed that the energy could help her defeat any expert on the battlefield.

But the energy couldn’t be regenerated in other people’s bodies. That is to say, once it was used up, she would return to her original status. Therefore, even if she became an enemy of the Hass Empire in the future, she couldn’t have the great power.

When Madame Asina straightened up, she didn’t feel tired but was more powerful.

“Do you think I can win?”

Madame Asina asked Aiwa anxiously as she dressed.

“If Madame can’t defeat them, I’ll go to the battlefield and beat them for you!”

“Screw you! You don’t have the qualification.”

Asina smiled coquettishly with a flushed face, making her more charming.

They left the bush, where an adultery had just taken place, in opposite directions.

When Madame Asina returned to her seat, the first game of the two groups was just over.

“Next is General Asina and the new winner, General Urusen! Please get ready for the match in five minutes! “

The host of the competition announced loudly.

Although Madame Asina had obtained the mysterious energy from Aiwa, she was not quite sure about the energy. Now she regretted that she didn’t carry out an experiment at first, but she had no way out. Even without the help of Aiwa’s energy, she had planned to exert all her strength to fight.

Five minutes later, Madame Asina went to battle in a military uniform, which made her more heroic and majestic. Maybe it was the energy input by Aiwa that made her more confident. Now there was a glow of self-confidence in her eyes.

General Urusen just won a beautiful victory, which also made him more confident. Moreover, he had heard that Mrs. Prince had been seriously ill before and nearly died. Although she looked healthy now, he believed that she couldn’t be his opponent.

Urusen was ready to defeat the arrogant Mrs. Prince within three rounds. It was already a compliment to her that he wouldn’t defeat her with a single blow.


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