Duper in RWBY
1 Arthur goes to Beacon!
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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1 Arthur goes to Beacon!

A young boy with long flowing spiky hair that reached his waist with headphones on about the age of 13 was seen walking down the streets. Crossing a street, the young boy, Arthur, went into a dust store called Dust Till Dawn. Upon entering the store he greeted the shopkeeper before askings him if he had single crystalline burn dust for sale. Upon getting a yes, Arthur was about to buy the burn dust, but before he could he noticed a katana pointed straight at his face. A masked thug motioned him to the side and he complied, amused at his current situation.

It's not every day you get to entertainment to watch.

"Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a Dust shop open this late?" Roman Torchwick said. Roman Torchwick was a rising popular criminal where if he even stepped on the street everyone would recognize him and cower in fear.

One of the masked thugs than points his gun at the shopkeep who raises his hands in fear and said, "P-please! Don't kill me! Just take my Lien!" And Roman responded, "Shhhh, calm down, we're not here for your money or to kill you. *motions to a henchman* Grab the dust.

While several henchmen grab a few cylinders to fill up on powdered dust from the tubes on the wall, while another henchman approaches the shopkeeper with a case. "Burn. Crystals. Uncut." And then motions the shopkeeper to hand him over said crystals. But before he could, he barely noticed the incoming black bo staff that slammed into his stomach with such force that it knocked him into the now windowless window. Not even long after that, another thug was thrown outside by someone that seemed to be at the back of the store.

*Cut scene cause I got no idea on how Ruby flew through the store and into the front. Also got no idea on how Arthur should get outside too, so it will cut to the outside.*

Upon Roman getting outside the first thing in his view was two people. One clad in a red clock with a mecha scythe in her hands (Ruby) and the second clad in a black long sleeve jacket with a black bo-staff in his hands. (Arthur)

Roman: "Okay~... Get them!"

One of the henchmen run at Ruby, who kicks the guy in the face and fires her scythe off to slam into another. While Arthur dashes towards his enemies instead of waiting for them. He then proceeds to jab his staff into a guy's throat and spins his staff in a long staff stance at another's legs knocking him on the ground. He then proceeds to knocks the henchman out by slamming the butt of his staff in the back of the henchman's necks.

Roman: "Amazing *Clap* You guys were worth it. But it was nice meeting you Red and Black, it was eventful, it truly was. But, I'm afraid this is where we part ways."

Roman than proceeds to point a gun cane at them and fires two shots at them. One at Ruby and One at Black. While Ruby jumps over it, Arthur just directly swings his staff at the bolt. But instead of deflecting it as Arthur hoped, it instead exploded forcing Arthur back.

Clearing the smoke, Arthur looks around and sees Ruby just landing on her feet. She then proceeds to ask for the shopkeeper's permission to chase after Roman which he found dumb and instead just went to wall-run to the top of the roof. Upon being here, he notices Roman reaching the airship and also Ruby who just arrived behind him.

Roman: "Persistent. But oh well, end of the line Red and Black."

Roman throws a burn crystal at their feet and tries to fire at it, but what Roman miscounted for is that the burn crystal he threw was something Arthur needed and so at the exact same time Roman shot off his cane gun, Arthur formed a black smokey flame-like mist barrier around it, protecting the crystal from exploding. At the same time though Glynda appeared almost like a coincidence that she was waiting right for that super duper amazing cool badass late hero entrance and formed a protective barrier around the two.

(AN: HIs black smokey flame-like mist is his aura and it looks like the Reiatsu from Final Getsuga Tensho.)

Not even caring for Glynda's appearance, Arthur proceeded to retrieve his burn crystal. Something he needed dearly for his sembalance. While Glynda proceeds to shoot purple streaks at the Bullhead, Arthur is now slightly annoyed that someone tried to waste his crystal that he now got for free. And to those that knew him, he hated wasting money. And so like any reasonable person, Arthur duplicates his black bo staffs and made them into spears and had them float in the air behind his back. Ruby is now currently looking on with sparkles in her eyes, completing forgetting about the battle in front of him.

Arthur also timed his spears to launch the same time as Glynda launched her large arrow. But instead of just launching spears, he decided to put on a show to his only audience member (Ruby) and perhaps put an impression to the woman who Glynda is fighting, Cinder.

"Getsuga." With one word his staves lit up in a black smoky like-flame mist. Each staff carried pressure that defined one word. Dominance. Complete and utter dominance.

"Tensho." With another word spoken, his spears shot towards the Bullhead matching the pace of Glynda's spear.

Cinder than proceeded to rapid fire, flame bolts obliterating a few of Arthur's spears and deforming Glynda's arrow, who which than reformed said arrow and sent it flying once again towards the Bullhead which avoided it due to flying maneuvers of Roman, who was now piloting. Said arrow split into three different parts that rotated unpredictably.

While Arthur's spears slowed down a tiny bit by bit not noticeable to the naked eye. Why? It's obvious, he wouldn't want to leave any serious damage to one of his future waif- *cough* Ignore everything Arthur just said.

Anyways not only did Arthur's spear slowed down a bit but they also seemed to lose a bit of power. I wonder why?

Deciding enough is enough, Cinder used a strong large AOE technique that wiped out all, but one spear from Arthur and also all of Glynda's projectiles.

Said single spear from Arthur managed to graze Cinder's cheek leaving a small trail of black smoky flame-like mist on her cheeks. Upon touching her cheek and noticing the smoky mist, Cinder looked up at Arthur to see him wink at her with a gentle and thankful gaze and a deep bow, almost like he is thanking her for something, which she clearly doesn't remember even if she gave him something, but one thing for sure was the gaze that he gazes her. That kind of gaze she was completely unaccustomed to and had no way to respond to. It was a gaze of gentleness.

Roman finally regaining control of the unstable Bullhead closed the side door and retreated.

What was Arthur thankful for though? That was, of course, the sight of her legs and body. Like damn those sexy slender legs, made him just want to take a large bite out of those legs and caress those sexy legs forever. *cough* *ahem*

Anyways~ back to where Arthur and Ruby were, oh right in an interrogation room. Yeah, that was how long Arthur was lost in his thoughts about Cinder's legs.

Glynda: "I hope you guys know that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly. You both put yourself and others in great danger."

Ruby: "They started it!"

Arthur was not paying attention as he was now thinking about Glynda's legs. Of course, he wasn't caught as he has mastered the art of not getting caught while not paying attention.

Glynda: "If it were up to me, you'd be sent home... With a pat on the back *Ruby smiles* And a slap on the wrist."

Glynda than proceeds to whip her riding crop on the table which Ruby jumps back with an Eeek! While Arthur was mentally drooling about getting hit by the riding crop with Glynda in her birthday suit with just black stockings and knee-high boots on.

Glynda: "But *Arthur now pays attention* there is someone here who would like to meet you."

Ozpin now comes through the doorway with his signature mug and a plate of cookies.

Ozpin: "Ruby Rose... You... have silver eyes"

Ruby: "Uh, um..."

Ozpin: "So! Where do you learn to do this *shows a tablet with Ruby fighting on it*"

Ruby: "S-Signal Academy."

Ozpin: "They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?"

Ruby: "Well, one teacher in particular."

Ozpin: "I see..."

Ozpin puts down the plate of cookies which Ruby offers one to Arthur who politely accepts and eats it like a gentleman with one hand cupped under the cookie to prevent crumbs. Which earns some respect from Glynda. Arthur mentally cheers.

Ruby than proceeds to devour the rest of the cookies like a chipmunk which Arthur smiles a little too. Ruby sees this smile and blushes a bit.

Ozpin: "Well, it's just that I've only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before. Someone named Qrow."

Ruby: "Oh! That's my uncle! He's a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing. But now, I'm all."

*Ruby makes some karate-style chops and noises.* Which earns a little laughter from Arthur, which in turn makes Ruby blush once again.

Ozpin: "Well, what's a cute girl like you doing at a school made to train warriors."

Ruby: "Well... I want to be a Huntress."

Ozpin: "You want to slay monsters?"

Ruby: "Yeah! I only have two more years of training left at Signal before I'm going to apply to Beacon, You see my sister is applying thereandIwannaapplytherebecausemyparentsalwaystaughtustoprotectothersandIreallywanttomakeacareeroutofitandit'sreallyromanticandexcitingandcool!" (there and I wanna apply there because my parents always taught us to protect others and I really want to make a career out of it and it's really romantic and exciting and cool and gosh!)

Ozpin: "And what about you mister Arthur Moon?"

Arthur: *smirks* "I wanna have fun."

Ozpin: *smirks in return*

Ozpin: "Do you guys know who I am?"

Ruby: "You're Professor Ozpin. You're the headmaster at Beacon!"

Ozpin: *Smiles* "Hello"

Ruby: "Nice to meet you."

Arthur: "Nice to meet you too Headmaster Ozpin, and you too Miss. Glynda Goodwitch."

Glynda: 'What a well well-mannered young man' "Nice to meet you too."

Ozpin: "You want to come to my school?"

Ruby: "More than anything!"

Arthur: "It could be fun."

Ozpin glances at Glynda who despite not showing it, is really concerned knowing how old Arthur and Ruby is. Heck Ruby hasn't even graduated Signal yet, and Arthur doesn't even go to an academy! But then again remembering Ruby being taught by one of the best Hunters and Arthur's records, she has to admit they have some skills to be able to go to Beacon. But then again Glynda can't help but worry about them especially the young man. Seeing his aura color made her really concerned.

Ozpin: Well ok, welcome to Beacon!


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