Duper in RWBY
2 Arthur Is Badass
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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2 Arthur Is Badass

=-Arthur Pov=-

It was strange. Sure, at one point I wanted to go to Beacon, but when I remembered that the main cast didn't stand and defending a Faunus getting bullied, I almost wanted to gut them. I always hated bullies. Everyone did right? But to me, it wasn't about the bullies and victim, sure though I hated the bullies in general, but what I hated most was about the actions of the bystanders that I hated the most. I hated that they preached about being Hunter and Huntress saving the world yet, they couldn't even save a single Faunus from having a bad life not even stand up at least. It's not that I find Faunus cute or anything, but I truly wanted to help them. *shakes mental head up and down righteously* Oh, but I'm not gay, I find FEMALE Faunus cute. I find MALE Faunus though. No no, I ain't even wanna think about that shit for a second. Oh, I forgot to mention but I am a reincarnated person. Whoopsy~


It sure caught me by surprise that I ended up in the world of RWBY, but one thing for sure was that I would try my absolute hardest to change the course of history. But step number one was to change the main cast.

Though growing up without parents was a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one hand, I could be free and not restrained by emotions of having a family, on the other hand, It was hard to find money, so I ended up doing what I would've already done in the future. Robbing!

Robbing is SUPER fun, the rush of trying not to be caught, the rush of perfection trying to get in and out without any mistakes, the rush of having to run away when they found out.

I truly loved the rush of robbing. Fighting too! But then again, that contradicts my laziness. *sigh* My mind in this world is even more messed up than my previous world. Every single thing I like gets contradicted by another thing in my mind. Example, I REALLY like fighting, yet at the same time, I'm extremely lazy and don't want to waste unneeded energy.

So I'm torn between fighting and not. In the end, I forced myself to fight by provoking a lot of bandit tribes and have them chase after me, not only to hone my skills but also to get used to killing. I can confidently say, that to those who I deem worthy, I will have no hesitation to kill them. Years of practice really get you somewhere. Makes me wonder why Ozpin invited me to Beacon and Glynda isn't ranting my ass and Ozpin's ass off for me being here.


Beacon was a lot nicer than it looked in the anime. It had this medieval theme but yet was also modern at the same time. But one thing for sure was that it looked fucking amazing! It was surely a shame if Beacon would be destroyed. So that's a plus one to the bucket list. Save Beacon! After all, I kinda liked the whole academy thing. It was something I wanted to do in my previous life, go to a boarding academy. But then I remember that the academy on Earth only taught knowledge related stuff.

But here was different. I get to fight and experience the high-school *cough* Hunter-In-Training life.

Oh shit! Gotta save Ruby from having a fall out with Weiss BRB!

=-Third Pov-=

A black shadow could be seen rushing towards a mid falling red cloaked Ruby that was about to collide with a beautifully dressed Weiss. Naturally, that black shadow was Arthur, decking himself out in Shihakusho. But his clothing instead of a regular Shihakusho, it resembles that of Ichigo Kurosaki in Bankai Fullbring. Although Arthur's clothing is looser and his chest is covered and not openly showing.

When Ruby was about to fall and collide with a luggage cart, Arthur reached out grabbed Ruby's shoulders with both his hands and spun her to the side, avoiding a situation.

Arthur than quickly removed his hands because one thing for sure was that he didn't need this to be a romance manga with mishaps and hands flying all over the place.

Arthur: Are you ok Miss? And you too Miss in the beautiful white dress. Are you both ok? No injuries anywhere?

Ruby than blushed a little remembering that this person had indeed saved her from a bad situation, plus she did almost fall and shame herself.

Weiss, on the other hand, was a little conflicted. Part of her was angry that this man hadn't recognized her and on another part of her was happy that he saved that dolt from crashing into her luggage. But mostly she was having a fuzzy feeling in her stomach that someone had called her dress beautiful. And most of all it was someone who naturally was complimenting her and not trying to curry favors for her being Weiss Schnee of Schnee Dust Company. It felt nice being complimented as Weiss a normal girl. Though, those thoughts immediately vanished when she saw how young looking the two people were.

Weiss: "What are you even doing here! Are you guys a bit young to be attending Beacon?

Ruby: W-Well I...

Arthur: ...

Weiss: This isn't your ordinary combat school. It's not just sparing and practice, you know! We're here to fight monsters.

Arthur: Indeed we are here to fight monsters. Each and every student is about to undergo an initiation test that will put every person lives at stake and will truly test if we are ready or not to become in-training-hunters. Though I wanna say that the chances of dying are extremely high, but then again I do not know if there will be teachers watching over us. And if we are not confident in our skills then we wouldn't be here, lest our lives are taken.

Weiss and Ruby couldn't help but silently agree in their heads. It did make sense after all.

Arthur: Have a good day m'ladys *bows* I also suggest you guys head to the auditorium. I have some business to take care of first.

Arthur than proceeded to walk away to find the restroom. After all, he's been holding his piss in since he was on the Bullhead. Plus his body still hasn't been fully developed, thus his body functions would need more focus on taking care of. Thank god he hasn't gone through puberty yet. Let's just say that his little brother is a 'bit' above average. Cause last time he did a pissing contest against an adult, the adult almost died of shame and embarrassment. After all, it is shameful to have a smaller little brother than a kid.

AN: Arthur may seem rude at sometimes and respectful at others. Just letting you know. And like I mentioned in the story Arthur has a bad memory from his past life and that transferred over to his new life so, the only thing he remembers is there is an invasion at Vale, Beacon goes down, Pyrrha loses her life, and Yang loses her arm. That's about all he knows. So if he does seem a bit clueless at who is who then just keep in mind his shitty memories. Plus he had to experience life all over again and you are bound to forget something from your previous.

Pairings: (Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Pyrrha, Glynda, Cinder, Raven, Salem. And three more, but Imma keep that as a surprise even if no one reads this novel.)


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