Duper in RWBY
3 Arthur Goes Underage Drinking.
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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3 Arthur Goes Underage Drinking.

*Moaning sound*

*Water trickling sound*

Arthur: "That was one damn nice piss."


A Cut Scene brought by Ichigo's Mugetsu.

Ichigo: "Omae wa mou shinderu."

Aizen: "NANI!?!"

=-=- =-=-

Yang: "Ruby! Over here, I saved you a spot!"

Ruby: "Oh! Got to go Jaune, see you later!"

Ruby than approaches Yang and

Yang: "How's your first day going?"

Ruby: "You mean since you ditched me and I almost ran into some crabby girl's luggage only to be saved by a girl or was that a guy, who's younger than me. I then got scolded by the boy or girl a little, you know how embarrassing it is to get scolded at by someone even younger than you, anyways the crabby girl than proceeded to yell at me and I felt really Really REALLY bad and wanted to make it up. *pouts*"

Yang: "Yikes!"

Wiess who was just behind Ruby manages to hear Ruby calling her crabby and replies.

Weiss: "You! Apologize for calling me crabby!"

Ruby: *Girly squeal and jumps into Yang's arm* Oh Dust no! I don't wanna get yelled at again. Please don't yell at me!

Weiss: Your lucky you were saved by that girl or was it a boy.

Ruby: It was an accident, an accident I tell you!

Before the conversation could be going on, they noticed people were clearing a path to allow a certain someone walks through. Everyone at that point was just silent and was watching, but the weird thing was that men and woman alike were blushing for some reason.

The reason for that blush was because Arthur was walking in a drunk manner, with a redding blush on his face, and his whole body was soaked in water. His Shihakusho was stuck to his body, revealing his lithe, yet also muscular frame. His black long spiky hair was completely wet with water dripping down making it sparkly like the stars in the night sky.

Overall this appearance of Arthur was too beautiful that even men were starting to question their sexuality. Even Yang, the natural flirter, was finding it hard to keep that blush off her face.

But poor Ruby and Weiss. They were too innocent and so their entire face, ears, and some part of their necks were red and so much steam was coming out, you'd think they die of dehydration.

Yang, being the bigger sister, covered Ruby's eyes and also Weiss too. Although it was an accident that she covered Weiss' eyes, her mind was too preoccupied to even notice.

Arthur: *Hiccup* Youss guysss knowss where *Hiccup* lockerss roomssssss *Hiccup* at? (You guys know where locker rooms at. But in a slurred speech)

Even if Arthur was walking in a drunk manner, his walking was elegant, yet domineering at the same time. Exactly how an Emperor would walk. And because of his Shihakusho being loose and his long skirt like pants, people weren't able to see how his body was shaped or how he walked. But his face along for sure turned some heads earlier. But now since his clothes are wet, his clothing stuck to his body tightly.

Ozpin walks up to the stage with Glynda and clears his throat. He also ignored Arthur for the time being.

Most of the students had now had their attention on Ozpin, although some were still taking glances at Arthur. Their blushes though were slowly fading away, but the ones closest to Arthur could barely focus. Not only his appearance was distracting, but his scent also smelled like it was raining outside. It wasn't a humid type smell, but it was instead strangely relaxing and could some-what calm those nearby if you could ignore his looks.

=-= Back to Ozpin =-=

Ozpin: I'll... keep this brief... You have traveled here today in search of knowledge. To hone your craft and acquire new skills.

And when you have finished... You plan to dedicate your life to the protection of people. *Arthur hiccups*

But I look amongst you, and all I see is wasted energy, *Arthur hiccups*, in need of a purpose, a direction.

You assume knowledge, *Arthur hiccups*, will free you of this. But, *Arthur hiccups*, your time at school will prove that knowledge can only, *Arthur hiccups*, carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step.

As Ozpin leaves, he whispers something into Glynda's ears and left the stage. Glynda then walks up and starts to speak.

Glynda: You will gather in the ballroom tonight to sleep; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed. And Arthur Moon, please follow me to the locker room. You may change in there.

With that said, Glynda motions Arthur to follow her and he does so.

=-= Glynda 3rd Pov=-=

Glynda is leading Arthur from right in front of him, and so when Arthur passes out his body hits the back of Glynda's. Glynda than proceeds to use her telekinesis to lift Arthur.

Having no clue what to do, because Arthur is unconscious, she can't go into the men's locker room to change Arthur out of his wet clothes, and she couldn't just leave him dripping what as he might get sick.

Finding a compromise, she walks into her own room with Arthur. Which was a simple layout with everything clean and prim.

And because Arthur was only 13, Glynda views Arthur as a kid and therefore has no problem with stripping him down and changing him, as she currently views Arthur as a child.

Glynda strips Arthur to his underwear and drys his body with a clean towel. And although Arthur is a child, she couldn't help but blush while looking at Arthur's body.

Quickly removing that blush from her face, she proceeds to wrap Arthur's body in a blanket to keep him warm, as she can tell he is already shivering. She also notices a cylinder like an object in Arthur's hands and remembers that he was drunk and gets infuriated quickly.

Arthur was only 13 and he was already drinking?! This was preposterous!

Quickly snatching the cylinder object in Arthur's hands angerly. She also notices that it was a can. Reading the can it said, Ginger Ale. A soda.

How did Arthur get drunk from a Soda?

Quickly taking a sniff she couldn't help but snap her head back as this smell was VERY heavy. You wouldn't even be able to find something this heavy in bars.

This was strange. Either someone switched Arthur's soda with a heavy alcoholic drink, or Arthur himself was drinking this alcoholic drink.

Glynda walked to a nearby dresser and put the drink there, as she needed it for samples for analyzing.

She then proceeded to walk to the storage unit of the school to acquire a set of changeable clothes for Arthur, but the only set of clothes they had were school uniforms.

Grabbing several different sizes, she walked back to her room and started to put on Arthur's pants. Arthur's face was currently twisted in fear and Arthur started to shake violently. Not noticing this as Glynda was putting Arthur's pants on, she noticed a pair of shaky arms wrap around her leg. Look at the owner's face of the arms she noticed that it was twisted in fear and horror. She then proceeded to sit on the headrest of the bed and her legs straighten outwards on the bed with her boots removed.

Glynda than put Arthur's head on her lap and Arthur's hands went from her leg to her waist. Not minding this, she proceeds to stroke Arthur's head for a while. She also noticed that his face was slowly turning peacefully. This brought a soft and gentle smile on her face.

Glynda noticed that she was getting tired and was about to fall asleep, but she knew she had duties to perform. But looking at Arthur's now peaceful face, she couldn't bring it upon herself to remove her away from his grasp.

And so the publicly known strict and harsh Glynda Goodwitch fell asleep with a soft and gentle smile on her face. Completely contradicting the rumors about her.


AN: Who said Glynda can't be nice. Also like mentioned she didn't mind do this because she currently only views Arthur as a child. And while she is strict and harsh in the show that is only because she wants the hunter and Huntress in training to quickly mature.

In the beginning, Glynda and Arthur will view each other as Mother and Son, but it will change. Don't worry ;) And hope you liked the 3rd Glynda POV.

And who said male Mcs can't have feminine figures. Always wanted to have an mc with a feminine figure so here it is. :)


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