Duper in RWBY
4 Arthur Has Acrophobia?
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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4 Arthur Has Acrophobia?

=-= Arthur 1st POV=-=

As my conscious faded in and out, it took me a while before I was able to fully awake, even if I had that same reoccurring nightmare, I was able to wake up normally. Now fully awake, I could feel warmth surrounding me and I could also hear a soft breath. When that breath landed straight on me, it was extremely pleasant to smell. Like smelling lilacs. I also noticed that it was still night-time as the light outside the nearby window was dark.

As I looked around to identify what that warmth is and who that breath belongs, I was able to quickly noticed that the warmth was from a pair of nice and soft arms.

And said the owner of arms was a sleeping upright position Glynda Goodwitch. My shock was non-existent, as I basically had a weaker version of Gamer's Mind, but I was born like this.

Anyways, upon noticing the sweet smile on her face, I did the opposite of what everyone would do in my situation. While everyone would run away, I instead snuggled even closer to her.

Because of my head's position being on her lap; when I snuggled even closer, my head was basically resting against her stomach. From there I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep again. Not even questioning how I fell asleep in the first place.

=-= Time Skip to Morning. Brought by Marvel Thanos finger snapping vs FMA Mustang finger snapping. =-=

=-= Arthur Pov =-=

Waking up, to the movement I could feel someone shifting around.

Like nothing happening, both Glynda and I woke up and got off the bed. I grabbed my dry clothes and prepared to walk out to go to the locker room to change, but not before that, I said something to Glynda.

Arthur: "Don't worry Ms. Goodwitch, I won't tell anymore. And see you at the initiation."

Glynda: "Thank you very much, and please, call me Glynda whenever we are in private, Mr. Moon."

Arthur: "Than by all means, call me Arthur. Farewell Glynda."

Glynda: "Farewell Arthur, and good luck on the initiation test"

With that said I walked out of her room and quickly identifying the time to be an hour before the initiation test. With an hour of time, I went to the nearest restroom and changed into my Shihakusho. (Bleach, Shinigami uniform)

With 55 minutes still remaining, I decided to go outside to an open area to warm up. Walking out to the side of the academy, I formed a staff made out of my black misty aura.

And upon realize, I have no opponent to spar to, I just dispelled my staff and meditated to clear my head on the upcoming initiation.

=-= Time Skip Cause I Lazy. Brought to you by a lazy writer =-=

=-= 3rd Pov =-=

Almost an hour later, Arthur is now standing on top of a platform, listening to Ozpin giving a boring ass speech.

Ozpin: "You will be monitored and graded throughout the entire duration of the initiation. But make no mistakes, even if you die, no instructors will intervene. Additionally, you have already signed death waivers, saying that Beacon Academy is not held accountable should you, and God forbid, you do indeed die.

Moving on you will find an abandoned temple at the end of the path containing several relics. Each pair must choose one and return to the top of the cliff. From there we will grade you accordingly. Any questions?"

All: "..."

Ozpin: "No? Very well, off you go."

And with that everyone was launched off at the same time. A lot of people mid-air were crashing, screaming at each other, cussing and that type of stuff.

Arthur was like them in some way, but he wasn't screaming and cussing because of people bumping into him. He was screaming and cussing for another reason.

Arthur: *Yelling* "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK. This is not a good time to have acrophobia! Fuck you Ozpin! As soon as I get back, I'll shove a 6-foot pole up your ass and have it explode you inside out! Then, I'll shove a thermite grenade down your throat and hope you chock on it!"

As Arthur screams out, his voice gradually gets lower and lower as he is gaining distance from Ozpin.

Ozpin: "My my. What an interesting choice of words. By the way, how was the nap, Glynda?"

Glynda: "You saw?"

Ozpin: "Indeed I did, I was a bit curious about why you weren't coming back yesterday. So I asked a staff member and they said, they saw you enter your room with a thirteen-year-old boy in tow and never came out. Now, I was a bit curious about that, so when I knocked on your door and no one answered. I decided to take a quick peek at the situation inside and I found you with our new freshman Arthur Moon, in your hands, sleeping."

Glynda: "Arth - Mr. Moon had passed out and I didn't know where to put him, so I put him in my room to sleep. I also had started to feel a bit drowsy, so I decided to take a nap, but I accidentally fell asleep and somehow he ended up in my arms. I apologize for the inconvenience Headmaster." 'There's no way in Dust am I telling him I willing put Arthur in my arms.'

Ozpin: "No worries Glynda, just please do inform me if a situation like that happens."

'Don't think I didn't hear you almost say Arthur, not only that, but I have never seen you so relaxed before, not to mention even Mr. Moon seemed happy in such a situation. It would be a shame if Mr. Moon ended up without a team and coincidentally the dorms were full and Mr. Moon had to coincidently room with a staff member. Well, I can only do so much Mr. Moon, the rest is up to you.'

As Arthur landed, by using Aura to coat his body to reduce the fall damage and a roll to reduce the impact. He had a strange feeling to look up at where Ozpin was at and just nod in agreement. While he had no idea what he was agreeing with, he just felt like nodding and agreeing.

So strange.


AN: Sorry for the lack of plot progression and short chapters. I'm trying to progress the story faster, but my writing style prevents that. Because of my writing style that focuses more on details and smaller things, character interactions for some reason stand out more and get focused on.

And if I even try to make the story progress faster, I get stuck cause I got no idea on what to write. So my plot will progress very slowly, but character interaction will get a lot of work done upon.

And later in the story, I will try to focus more on action and all that stuff. So the next chapter might take a while to post cause I might have to redo it several times to get a fight scene correctly.

Next thing, this will be an alternate universe of RWBY cause I didn't like some things so Imma change. And if you haven't noticed, Jaune didn't ask what a landing strategy is. Jaune got a massive character change. Same with the back story of a few characters.

Also, Ozpin is more of a mischievous type character in this fanfic.

And should I add a system for Arthur? Make him even more op. And if yes then the system will be about a game called Realm of The Mad God.

Anyways, see you guys later whenever I can get my lazy ass off the bed and write chapters.

Pairings in-case you noobs think that Arthur won't get a massive ass harem.

Pairings: Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Pyrrha, Velvet, Glynda, Raven, Cinder, Salem.


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