Duper in RWBY
5 Arthur Gets Bitch Slapped
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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5 Arthur Gets Bitch Slapped

After his little strange session with Ozpin from a distance, Arthur proceeded to quickly run up the highest tree he could find and assess his current location.

After confirming that he wasn't that far from the relic site, Arthur then ran towards the relic site, not stopping for a partner in the least.

Although Arthur wants a partner, it would greatly inhibit his ability to work best alone. He's not a loner or anything, but it's more that he just truly works better alone.

Though he certainly wouldn't mind a partner to just talk to. But it's not like it matters after all because he would get put in a four-man team anyways.

Moving on, Arthur ran towards the relic site with such speed that after images were being formed. His running form in the forest was graceful and not a single misstep had occurred.

If one were to look at Arthur from the distance, they would be sure to mistake him for a cheetah running.

But unlike a cheetah and every other animal running, Arthur's steps were not digging up dirt. Instead, there was no dust, no dirt, no dirt trail or anything like that. The ground was silent. His steps were silent, showing his impeccable running form. Something that he had been forced to perfect, lest he is killed.

(AN: How did I spend two paragraphs writing about his running form.)

While running to the relic site, Arthur was met with several packs of Beowolves and a few Ursas. Although Arthur just wanted to ignore them, he remembered that he would be graded on this.

So using the most efficient way to kill them without hindering his momentum, he made a spear of pure aura and used his semblance on it. Using his semblance on the spear in turn, duplicated it and filled the sky with dark grey spears.

He could've had more spears, but then that would be overkill.

And using his mind, he mentally controlled his spears to impale the pack of Beowolves.

While it might take longer to describe, it actually happened in less than a second.

As soon as the first Beowolf had appeared in his senses, he had formed an aura spear in a split second and used his semblance, duplication, to multiply the number of spears he had. He then sent said spears precisely towards the Grimm's mask and pierced straight through the body and out the anus of Grimm.

=-= Time Skip. Brought to you by Arthur slaying Grimm left and right Gilgamesh style. =-=

Arthur is now at the relic site and his vision is greeted with future team RWBY and JNPR, slaughtering a poor Death Stalker and Nevermore.

While their teamwork is fucking worse than a group of silver ones random queuing in CSGO, their personal strength helps makes up for the teamwork. That and Jaune and Ruby are actually leading properly unlike in the show.

While the strategy is a bit similar in the show, it is done more efficiently because Arthur may or may not have affected a certain team RWBY and JP when they were younger.

Although Arthur is confused about how he didn't arrive before anyone else as he had extremely fast speed. But then he remembered that he had a severe poor sense of direction. And now that he thinks about it, it was a miracle he didn't end up in Atlas.

=-= Flashback no jutsu to when Jaune was 10 and Arthur was 7 =-=

Child Arthur: 'Isn't that Jaune? Oh, it seems like he's with his family going out to eat.'

Child Arthur than proceeds to wear a mask and full black clothing and kidnap Jaune's little sisters. From there Child Arthur purposely tells Jaune that if he wants to save his sister that he should come alone to this location.

And if Jaune shows up with other people, than his sister is as good as dead.

From there when Jaune actually had the balls to show up, Child Arthur proceeded to lecture Jaune about strength and protecting his family and other cringy shit that Child Arthur wanted to dig a hole and die in.

But remember that it was necessary, Child Arthur managed to actually talk about strength and protecting his family and then swore to never do that again. Lest he dies of embarrassment.

=-= Flashback no jutsu end =-=

Instead of Ruby rushing towards the Death Stalker like a complete fucking retard, she manages to get everyone to retreat to inform each other of their own strength and semblance and stuff before formatting a plan using said strength and semblance to kill Death Stalker.

Ruby than proceeds to tell Weiss and anyone else decent at Dust manipulation to use ice dust to freeze the Death Stalker to help give them time.

Weiss, Pyrrha, Jaune, and Blake are the only ones with decent or better Dust manipulation because of the efforts of Child Arthur affecting them when they were younger.

And now that WPJB had frozen the Death Stalker, Ruby than proceeds to have everyone complete focus on the Nevermore.

Ruby had Nora leap off of Jaune shield, throwing Nora into the air which she then uses her hammer to smash the Nevermore into the ground. From there, Pyrrha throws her spear, that is connected by a durable cable, at the Nevermore and restrains it. Now restrained, everyone proceeds to fire at the Nevermore, which while semi-effective, is still trashed compared to an organized shooting as some of them used Dust and some of the said Dust got canceled out by other Dust blasts.

Now that the Nevermore is killed, they then redirect their fire to the stinger of the Death Stalker which just conveniently broke at that exact moment.

And with Arthur, he is enjoying the show of fighting until he gets sent flying by a swipe of a Major Ursa and is sent flying because his body is still currently small and with little weight. But luckily he had his aura to protect him.

Arthur was caught off guard because he forgot to actively keep an eye out and was distracted by the little show in front of him. Something he should improve on.

Not getting distracted.

Now that Arthur was sent flying, he tumbles through the area that future team RWBY and JNPR are fighting and lands straight in the middle between Death Stalker and the teams.

Comically, everything stops to a standstill and Arthur is getting looked at strangely.

Although team RWBY and Pyrrha seem to have something to say.

Yang: "Arthur! I'm so gonna beat you to a pulp later!"

Blake: "Arthur!" *glares in anger*

Weiss: "Arthur!" "I-It's good to see y-you." *hmph, turns head away in a fit of anger/tsundereness*

Ruby: "Arthur! It's good to see you too!"

Pyrrha: "Arthur! I missed you!"

Nora just suddenly pops up as the energetic person she is even though she has no clue who Arthur is.

Nora: "Arthur!"

At the exact same moments, RWBY and Pyrrha each looked at each other questioningly. But then all of them, minus Ruby and Weiss as they are still innocent, seem to suddenly have sparks in their eyes. Although they hid it very well and it only looks like they are glancing at each other.

Arthur too missed this as he is currently getting up the ground shaking the dust away from his outfit. And even if he said, he would merely think nothing of it.

After all, Arthur has been a virgin in both his last and this life and no girlfriend in both too. So how is he supposed to know what is happening? But make no mistake, while he is dense, he is not protagonist level dense. With the right signs, he could obviously tell someone is interested in him.

Arthur then proceeds to form two black greyish misty spears, he aims one against Major Ursa that basically bitch slapped him and another at the Death Stalker which is now running, crawling, slither, and how the fuck do you classify scorpion movements, towards him.

Arthur: "Akka Suru" (Deteriorate)

Speaking those words flawlessly, his spears lit up with an eerie green flame and shot towards the Grimms, tearing the ground apart with the sheer speed of the spears.

And as soon as the first spear touched the Death Stalker since it was closer, the Death Stalker started to evaporate exactly like how a grimm would when they die.

But the Death Stalker was still alive, only the green flame deteriorated the very structure of said grimm.

The exact same thing happened to Major Ursa. The green flame literally just evaporated the Ursa.

When that finished, Arthur was feeling sleepy as he had used a power that would've drained his aura reserves by a shit ton and not only that, but he had used it twice. And combine that with his previous use of his semblance then you could say that his aura was now dangerously low.

And using his last piece of his conscious he ran towards the relics, grabbed the black king and pocketed it and then took a nap on top of the pedestal of where the black king used to be.

Everyone walked up to the sleeping Arthur.

Yang: "As soon as he wakes up, I'm for sure gonna beat him to a pulp. *smiles manicaly*"

Blake: "*Glares sadistic while formatting a plan for Arthur in her mind*"

Ruby: "Mou~ don't be so mean to Arthur. I'm sure he had a good reason for leaving."

Weiss: "Y-ye-yes I'm sure he had a very good reason for leaving without telling us."

Pyrrha: "Yes same here, Arthur for sure had a very good reason, we have to trust him."

Yang: "Then what about each other?"

Pyrrha: "What do you mean?"

Yang: "How do you guys know Arthur then?"

RWBY & P: "..." *proceeds to glance at Arthur*

RWBY & P: "He's dead"

While that's going on JNR are just confused. And then Jaune makes a retarded statement.

Jaune: "Since this Arthur is technically on the pedestal, wouldn't he be a relic that we would have to bring back?"

All: """"You're retarded.""""

Jaune then proceeds to cry quietly in the corner.


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