Duper in RWBY
6 Not A Chapter, New Fanfic And Need Help to Choose World.
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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6 Not A Chapter, New Fanfic And Need Help to Choose World.

I want to make another fanfiction called The Spartan Ancestor. (This 'not a chapter' replaces today's chapter sorry, next chapter should come out tom or next day.)

It can be an RWBY fanfic or an HS DXD fanfic or other animes and novels. Although I've never seen both animes, I've read a decent amount of other fanfics on them. Plus I could also search up the script like I'm doing now.

Anyways it will be a side story and I will update whenever I want, just like this story, Duper in RWBY.

The Spartan Ancestor is part Halo as in, the Mc is from the universe Halo before getting transported to RWBY or DXD.

Yes, harem cause Mc will obviously need a large number of people to help fix his mental state since he was in constant war and killing, so his mind as broken as Bell's Liras Freese ability.

Note, I haven't played any Halo games, except for watching the 15 min entire Halo storyline on Youtube. So I'm going off of Halo Fandom, Halopedia and such.

I was inspired and hooked into the halo storyline and desperately wanted to make fanfic so here we go.


Prologue or backstory of Mc. Wanted to have the backstory slowly reveal in the new story but I was like who tf cares.


Mc was a member of the Origin Project or it could also be known as the very extremely early Pre Spartan I project. This was around the year 1957 when cryogenic hibernation chamber, space travel and such was formed. After being trained to the strongest being of all humanity and doing 10 years of missions, he was put into suspended animation, for further use. This is where the first legends of Origin began.

(Origin is considered Mc)

Mc was then put in suspended animation until further use, as he was deemed too dangerous. Only to be awakened for humanity extinction-level threats or future training.

Mc was then awoken to once again be the experimental stage of Spartan I/ Orion. He trained and was considered the alpha, precursor, root, or ancestor of every Spartan alive. This happened in around the year 2164.

For another ten years, he went on missions and the legends of Origin once again sparked up. Mc now has an extremely long life span because of the enhancements from the Orion project.

One of the most famous legends of Origin was that Origin was an immortal being that came only in a minimum of 100 years had passed. That being then would stay for 10 years to punish all those who had sinned and then would disappear.

After doing missions for another 10 years after the Orion Project was introduced, Mc was once again put into suspended animation.

After that, he was cryostasis until about the year 2491. In all those years, Orion was considered a myth and legend amongst many races and was used commonly as a nightmare bedtime story to keep children in check. Like the boogyman and monster under the bed for example. But his legend was spread across the entire galaxy.

Now awake in the year 2491, he was abducted in the relaunch of Orion. after finish training, he once again did missions for 10 years before being cryostasis again.

Awakened once again in 2506, he trained in the Spartan-II Program. Doing 10 years of missions, he was once again put into suspended animation. But only to be awoken one year later when the Human-Covenant war broke out. This defied many's logic and even some who once worshipped Origin as a god.

Mc then was sent in missions for continuous years and was only called back to participate in the Spartan III Program.

After receiving enhancements from Spartan III Program, he was not cryostasis and instead continued on with missions and truly put fear into the Covenant race.

Doing this process, he was called back again to enter the Spartan IV Program, did the enhancements and then did missions again after completing the IV program.

In one of his missions to annihilate Cortana after she sends the universe an ultimatum in 2558, He was briefed to complete this mission at all cost and even at the cost of his life.

Although Mc (now called Origin) obviously didn't want to die and refused this mission as he was sure that this mission was going to kill him. This would also be his first refusal of a mission.

Attempting to run away and now was AWOL, he accidentally stumbled upon the location of Cortana. Knowing that this information was too vital to keep to himself or humanity, he planned to spread the location across every race in the galaxy.

The split second before succeeding, Cortana was forced to use an experimental dimensional transportation device and sent Origin into another dimension.

Unfortunately, Origin was unable to spread the location and thus Cortana was once again hidden. Fortunately though, using the transportation device, Cortana was forced into hibernation and the experimental dimensional transportation device was destroyed.

Origin now dead was instead informed as MIA, as humanity wanted to keep morals high as he was considered an immortal and sometimes a god. Just like how a Spartan is considered.


So which world do you want him to go to?





Asterisk War

Akasic Records of Bastard Instructor

Against The Gods


Those are the choices. And if you want I could always nerf Mc, by making him a baby again so he would have to re-train. But nerfing Mc would only be in worlds RWBY, HS DXD, Asterisk War and Akasic Records.

Danmachi and Against The Gods, he will not be nerfed as their power level is quite high.

Power level in Danmachi: Peak SSS Level 6

Against The Gods: Sky Profound Stage


Power Level in Danmachi Compared to Against The Gods

Level 1 = Elementary Profound

Level 2 = Nascent Profound

Level 3 = True Profound

Level 4 = Spirit Profound

Level 5 = Earth Profound

Level 6 = Sky Profound

Level 7 = Emperor Profound

Level 8 = Tyrant Profound

Level 9 = Sovereign Profound

(Level 10 is where the weakest Gods in Danmachi are. Each level takes about 50 years or so to advance in and that's with Bell and his broken ability.)

Level 10 = Divine Origin

Level 11 = Divine Soul

Level 12 = Divine Tribulation

Level 13 = Divine Spirit

Level 14 = Divine King

Level 15 = Divine Sovereign

Level 16 = Divine Master

(Level 17 is where you could consider Zeus and the 'father' gods."

Level 17 = Divine Extinction

(Level 18,19,20 is where Primordial Gods are at.)

Level 18 = ???

Level 19 = ???

Level 20 = ???


Forgot to mention but Mc in Danmachi level 6 is ONLY PURE PHYSICAL and same with ATG. So he could still level up from 1 and still cultivate making him even more op. :)

And if in Damachi, which familia should he be in. I would even take Freya. Note that if you choose a familia it can only be a female, cause I plan to have the Goddess see snippets of Origin's life, in forms of dreams, and slowly fall in love with him. But NO HESTIA. I find her so annoying and with Origin character, he would too.


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