Duper in RWBY
8 Arthur Copyrights Kakashi?
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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8 Arthur Copyrights Kakashi?

Ozpin: "Russel Thrust, Cardin Winchester, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark. The four of you have acquired the black bishop pieces. From now on, you will work together as Team CRDL. Led by... Cardin Winchester!"

Ozpin: "Jaune Arc, Lie Ren, Pyrrha Nikos, and Nora Valkyrie. The four of you have acquired the white rook piece. From now on, you will work together as Team JNPR. Led by... Jaune Arc!"

Ozpin: "Blake Belladonna, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long. The four of you retrieved the white knight piece. From now on, you will work together as Team RWBY. Led by... Ruby Rose."

Ozpin: "And finally, Arthur Moon. You have retrieved the black king piece. You haven't met a teammate, but yet you have displayed exceptional skills. *shows a video of Arthur slaughtering Grimms.* And because of these exceptional skills, we are making an exception for you. You will not have a team, but you will be able to join both team JNPR and RWBY when the situation occurs. Congratulations young man."

Arthur was on the stage weakly acknowledging Ozpin's statement. He was still weak and tired after both using a new skill and being woken up from his nap.

Ozpin: "Also everyone, your room number has been sent to your scroll. Please also refer to your scroll often for any future updates."

While everyone started to leave, Arthur couldn't help but notice that team RWBY and team JNPR walking towards him.

Noticing the looks in RWBY and P eyes, he proceeded to turn around and fast walk.

Seeing him trying to escape, Ruby used her semblance to speed in front of Arthur blocking his path.

Seeing this Arthur turned to the left to escape, but noticed an enraged Yang. Turn to his right, he noticed a pouting Pyrrha.

And when he tried to go behind him, he noticed Weiss, casting her glyphs.

Noticing all of his four directions blocked, he looked up and attempted to jump, but not before noticing Blake hanging off of the ceiling smiling sadistically at him.

Noticing all of his exits blocked, he attempted to try to peacefully talk to them.

Arthur: "Hello girls, how can I help you. And big sister Blake please get off the ceiling."

Blake finally got off the ceiling with a hmph."

Ruby: "Why did you leave us? You have been with us for three years."

Yang: "If you don't answer us properly, I might accidentally send a fist towards your face." *pounds fist into palm*

Blake: "Why did you leave me? I've been your big sister for years and suddenly you leave! I demand an explanation!"

Weiss: "Hello again."

Pyrrha: "Hello again Arthur, but please do tell us why you disappeared without telling us."

Arthur: "Fine fine. I'll tell you guys, let's just find a place to relax first. But only Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, and Pyrrha are allowed to come along. This is personal matters after all."

Nora: "Boo! No fun. *pouts*"


Now that Arthur, RWBY and Pyrrha are hanging outside, Arthur proceeded to tell his story.

Arthur: "Well you see, when I was three I was found by Qrow, Ruby's and Yang's uncle. From there they adopted me until I was six. And when I was six I was trying to get home, but I ended up get lose on the way of life.

Somehow after that, I ended up in an entirely different city and was then found by big sister Blake. Because big sis couldn't go to the police for certain reasons, she wasn't able to contact and find Qrow.

And because for some reason, she then proceeded to adopt me. I was under her care for about two years. I was 8 by then.

Trying to get to big sis' home, I encountered an old lady who needed my help crossing the street and when I helped said, grandma, I ended up in Atlas.

From there, I saved Weiss from an assassination attempt and was later adopted by her for a year while her parents were trying to find Blake and Qrow. I was about 9 by then.

When I was trying to get to the restroom, a black cat blocked my path and I had to go the long way.

After helping the cat, I somehow ended in another country and met Pyrrha.

From there I became Pyrrha's first friend and spent a year with her before I once again got lost on the path of life. I was 10.

From there I started my life as a mercenary and got money, before ending up getting arrested with Ruby. And somehow getting arrested got me into Beacon.

That's it."

Ruby: "..."

Yang: "..."

Weiss: "..."

Blake: "..."

Pyrrha: "..."

Nearby Glynda that overheard the entire conversation: "..."

Not even a second later, Arthur noticed that he was bound by ropes and was being dragged somewhere.

Not caring, he proceeded to take a nap.


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