Duper in RWBY
9 Arthur the Bunny Onesie
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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9 Arthur the Bunny Onesie

Waking up from his nap, Arthur quickly scanned his surroundings with a quick aura burst.

The aura burst allowed him to scan his surroundings and the scan was about 20 meters. It allowed him to basically recreate an image of his surrounding but it was more like he knew where the objects are and its rough outline, but not its color, roughness, and such.

Arthur noticed that he was in the same room as before and identified this to be Glynda's personal room from earlier when he somehow got drunk before.

'Got to find out who switched my drink' thought Arthur.

He also was able to see that the moon was up and shining brightly so a half-second look at the moon and he was able to estimate that it was around 12 pm.

Arthur then proceeded to grab his scroll and check his room number and see if he was in the right room.

And a quick read of a message from Headmaster Ozpin, he was now able to know that he would reside in Glynda's room for the duration of his stay at Beacon unless otherwise.

Not that he didn't mind staying in someone as beautiful as Glynda.

Anyways moving on he was able to see Glynda awake at her desk working on some paper of sort.

Arthur: "E-Excuse me, Glynda?" Arthur said while stuttering.

(AN: Gonna change some aspects of Arthur btw to make him more... human, you could say. Like adding a flaw. And one flaw would be he has a stutter when trying to start off a conversation and stuff.)

Glynda: "Yes Arthur?" She said without looking back.

Arthur: "What should we do about bedding arrangments?"

Glynda: "Your bed should come in a few days. We were recently running out of stock for beds so you might have to share my bed with me for a few days."

(AN: I'm bullshitting so much. But all in order to progress relationships am I right?.)

Arthur: "O-Oh ok. Is that fine with you Glynda?"

Glynda: "That's fine with me. It's not like you could attack me or something. After all, have you even started to go through puberty yet?"

Arthur: "No." Arthur said a bit downhearted. He was also late in the puberty section. Both this life and previous.

Glynda: "Then it's ok. You should also probably continue to sleep, as you have classes tomorrow."

Arthur: "What about you? Shouldn't you sleep too?"

Glynda: "I'll sleep in like five minutes, I have to finish some paperwork."

Arthur: "Then I might as well use the restroom."

Arthur then proceeded to get off the bed and head to the restroom which he knew was behind a certain door because of his scan earlier.

After using the restroom he then noticed that someone already changed him out of his clothes from earlier. He also was apparently wearing a bunny onesie. How someone got their hands on his size in a bunny onesie was unknown.

Needless to say, his face was flushed a bit red.

Arthur then proceeded to walk out of the room, located his suitcase and found a pair of sleeping clothes to change into.

Glynda: "What are you doing Arthur?" She said while Arthur was midway in his suitcase looking for clothes.

Arthur: "I'm looking for clothes as I don't really feel comfortable in this bunny onesie." Arthur said a bit embarrassed.

Glynda: "But I picked those clothes for you? Do you not enjoy them?" Glynda said in this innocent like scary tone with her head slightly tilt."

(AN: Imagine a yandere type voice but with a head tilt.)

Arthur upon noticing her tone, yelp a little and quickly changed his mind.

Arthur: "On second thought, this onesie suddenly got comfortable." Arthur said with a sweatdrop dripping down his forehead.

Glynda then nodded a little in satisfaction.

Arthur then proceeds to get in bed and lay there. And after a few minutes, a pajama wearing Glynda crawled in bed and then proceeded to hug him like he was a body pillow. With his head inside the valley of the magnificent breast of Glynda, her slender arms wrapped around his chest, and her soft and slender legs wrapped around the lower section of his body.

Arthur: 'I'm glad I have no libido-kun right now.' Arthur thought silently with a slight flush on his red.

Arthur then proceeded to just lay in bed until he fell asleep.

But if Arthur had his eyes open, he might have noticed the bright red face of Glynda.


I know that these recent chapters are really short, but I'm just really lazy these days for some reason.

Also, this chapter probably felt unnesscery in some eyes, but it really is necessary to help proceed with relationships.

The same thing for the next few chaps, they are more geared toward the slice of life topic like what I had intended this story to be.

The action really starts after those chaps cause I start going off canon a bit.

Anyways see ya guys later!


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