Duper in RWBY
10 Arthur, Bob Jr. Can you fix it?
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Duper in RWBY
Author :soulscourger
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10 Arthur, Bob Jr. Can you fix it?

Waking up, Arthur and Glynda both got dressed and ready for the day. Arthur was in the school uniform while Glynda was dressed in her same old uniform as well.

As Glynda left, Arthur was on the ground stretching. A few years ago he found that he is more likely to be more relaxed and comfortable if he has stretched in the morning or not. And since then he has been stretching in the morning every single day.

Finishing his stretch, Arthur walked to his first class which was taught by some fat guy named Peter Port.

Then again which school wasn't taught by some fat guy or lady.

Wait a minute. Wrong world.

There are only SOME fat teachers, as most teachers were hunters and thus are probably more in shape then teachers from Earth.

Anyways back on topic, Arthur was currently speed typing on his scroll, trying to record all the important pieces of Mr. Port's meaningless story about himself as a kid.

Most of his notes were estimates as the only good parts were if Mr. Port mentioned killing a Grimm by using a certain effective method of weak spots.

Although he knew most weak spots, he guessed that his fellow classmates didn't know much either. The reason why was when the initiation test was occurring and Arthur was running through the forest.

He was able to analyze each of the student's fighting methods, their way of dealing Grimm, weakness, and such. He also noted that a lot of students didn't use certain weakness a Grimm had. They were also blinded by their arrogance of being accepted into Beacon and they thus assumed they were the best or high ranked.

The main reason for analyzing his classmates was because he didn't know if they would betray or go against him in the future.

Although he was confident in his ability, (confident, not arrogant), it was even better to know their weakness and how they fight beforehand in case.

Anyways moving on, he noticed that Ruby was goofing off and playing around while Weiss was steadily getting angrier. Yang was sleeping and Blake was reading her book.

In a millisecond, he was able to access his mental folders and located both Ruby's, Weiss', Yang's, and Blake's folder. Although he had known them since he was a kid, it was only a total of a couple of years and their skills would've differed since then massively.

After scanning both mental folders, he was able to deduce that Ruby, although seemed confident in her skills, was partly blinded by the arrogance of being accepted early. Although she might try to seem humble and actually is, she doesn't recognize that deep within her, she has a brewing arrogance that keeps growing and growing.

Part of that arrogance was acquired through training under her Uncle Qrow, which is supposedly one of the best Hunters. Another part of that arrogance is probably from being accepted into Beacon early. Another part of that arrogance is most likely from her ability to solve problems by herself and thus she unconsciously grew adapted to that thought of solving everything by herself.

Arthur recognized the ability to solve problems by herself as the protagonist aura. Although he might not remember much from the show, he was able to recognize the basics.

Weiss, on the other hand, was a total mess. Even though he had warned her multiple times when they were younger, she still acts on her arrogance and relying on her family name too much.

She also had anger issues and had problems trying to keep calm in life and death situations. She would attempt to mask her troubles deep down and instead put up an arrogant mask.

Probably from relying on her arrogant mask too much she on instinct acted arrogantly.

Jeez~ how much of a mess would he have to fix for only two people so far. AND SO MUCH ARROGANCE. Like I know you're the protagonist, but geez.

Moving on, Yang was a bit like Weiss. She had a lot of confidence in her fighting skills, but that confidence eventually turned towards arrogance. Most likely from winning most of her fights while the people were weak in general. She also probably hasn't met someone who has completely decimated her in fighting and shown her not to be arrogant.

She also has major anger issues. Like seriously a single strand of hair and you use your sembalance already? Even do you really think you can just punch everyone?

No there are many MANY people out there who would gladly show you that their stronger in combat and put her in her place. (AN: Don't take that the wrong way)

*Loud sigh that drew that attention of several people in the classroom*

Blake? He didn't really know where to go with her. She was confident in her abilities yet she wasn't arrogant. She was calm and collected.

The perfect example someone should be. Calm, confident, and collected.

(AN: Don't assume that Arthur says that just because she is a catgirl, but because of in general is probably the best character out of Team RWBY, personality and such wise.)

He also decided that while he was at it too pull up Pyrrha's mental folder as well.

Although she was extremely skilled and on par with Blake, she was too nice. She was also really humble which he admired.

BUT SHE WAS TOO NICE! She would show too much mercy towards her opponents.

Thinking about the amount of work he needs to fix those noobs, he felt that he really needed a nap and some cuddling.

Ruby is developing underline arrogance.

Weiss is already arrogant by too much and had anger issues.

Yang is also arrogant and had even worse anger issues then Weiss.

Blake was ok, she even openly shows her cat eyes, unlike canon.

AH FUCK! He forgot that he had to fix the tension between Weiss and Blake. With Blake being a Faunus and Weiss being a Schnee.

Pyrrha was too nice and showed too much mercy.

AHH! He also forgot about the rest of Team JNPR, dealing with the antagonist, Salem, Cinder and such.

Not only that but he has to watch out Raven, who he accidentally provoked a few years back. Ozpin and his gang and such.


Arthur: "DAMN! *Slams head on desk*"

Coincidently Mr. Port was also saying something about being the embodiment of some traits.

Thus with the timely interruption from Arthur, Mr. Port was unable to see Weiss' raised hand and thus chose upon Arthur.

Mr. Port: "Mr. Moon, I advise you not to use such a... unique way of trying to get called on."

Many of the students began to snicker, but then quickly awed and Ooo'd when they saw Arthur began to glare at them in anger.

Which from Arthur's classmate's POV looks like he is pouting and thus cuteness had begun to overload their system.

Arthur: *Glare/pout?*

Even Weiss who was extremely angry soon forgot about her anger and was preoccupied with trying to flush out some cuteness that has invaded her system.

Mr. Port: "Mr. Moon do you need some time to gear up?"

Arthur: "No need. I always believe in preparedness."

With that said, Arthur's clothes were then magically switched with his shinigami-like uniform. A black smokey aura claw-like gauntlet was formed on his arms that reached up to his shoulders and it was also formed on his legs and the aura armor reached up and encompassed his pelvis.

Protecting little Arthur from any harm.

Mr. Port: "Well said Mr. Moon, but you seem to be using a different weapon than you did on your test?"

Noting a little error in Mr. Port's sentence, Arthur then replied.

Arthur: "Well Mr. Port, I am well versed multiple weapons, but one thing I would like to point out is that many people rely on both their sembalance and mecha weapons too much.

What if someone had a sembalance that canceled other semblances. What would you do then without your sembalance? Everyone in this class must be prepared for the unexpected.

And what if you mecha weapon breaks mid-battle. What must you do then? What if you gun part of your mecha weapon malfunctions?

That is why I believe in old fashion weapons before mechas. Although I don't have one currently on me, I hope this aura weapon would suffice instead.

Not only that, but I will not use my sembalance at all.

And remember this is not arrogance. But confidence in my ability to fight."

Although something that Arthur didn't say was that he wouldn't even use his aura. He should be able to take care of himself with only his abilities. He doesn't need an aid like aura to assist him.

He's gonna go at this with only using physical strength and skill.

Mr. Port: "Mr. Moon, I think that's a little harsh on yourself. Your just a kid after all. Please reconsider not using your sembalance."

Just then Mr. Port got a message on his scroll from Ozpin saying to allow him to fight.

Mr. Port: *Sigh* "Very well. Prepare yourself."

Mr. Port then broke a lock on the cage that housed a Boarbutusk.

The Grimm rushed at Arthur who was already in a back stance. (AN: Will be using martial art terms. If you need to know what it then searches it up.)

Arthur calmly watched the incoming Grimm while Team RWBY began to cheer him on.

(AN: The fight is taken place sideways parallel to the students, so they won't get hit.)

Arthur calmly sidestepped the incoming Grimm. As the Grimm passed by him, he swiped the side of the Grimm, making it roar in pain, and not only that but he swiped his claws at where the 'tendons' usually would be for a boar on the Grimm.

The boar Grimm then began to tumble and fall down. Unable to properly get up.

And not letting the Grimm any time to adjust, Arthur suddenly appeared behind the Grimm like he was using teleportation and cut off the rest of the Grimm's 'tendons' making it immobile.

Without any other warning, he plunged his hand straight through the mask of the Grimm.

The watchers were a little stunned upon seeing how casually he killed the Grimm.

Even if they saw the little video on his initiation, it was still frightening for a 12-year-old kid to slaughter it so effortlessly.

Arthur: "Remember this. I have seen almost all of you fight and I had learned something very important from watching you guys fight.


You guys slash and hack with no fucking aim or precision like this is some sort of game. IT'S NOT! This is the real world where everyone dies and a single mistake could cost you your life or your teams! Instead of trying to fucking show off like little pussy impressing their crush or some shit! Effectively eliminate the target without toying it!

Choose the route that is not the flashiest or coolest. But choose the route that is efficient.

You see how I killed that Grimm. By cutting off its tendons and making it immobile and then killing it once the threat passed.

I didn't choose to flip over it like some ninja wannabe. Nor did I twirl like a god damn ballerina.

I simply sidestepped because that was the most efficient way to dodge."

Mr. Port: "Well... Well said, well said indeed. Although you could've said it in less harsh words, it is true. A single mistake could cost you your life students. So take his words to heart. Don't be flashy. Be effective."


AN: Yikes! Almost 2000 words for the text alone. Anyways this chapter was to mainly point out the flaws and errors some of the characters have and also in fighting in general both real life and in this story. Don't jump and twirl like a ninja and ballerina, but execute the move in the most efficient way possible.

Tbh I was tempted to write the part where Arthur yells at them in all caps since I was really into this part and really putting my soul into writing that part cause it's really important to me, but then it would've looked bad.

Also yes Arthur has arrogance too, but his arrogance only comes out when he is completely sure that the opponent is weaker than him and he also has everything under his control. Which is never since no one is under control of everything since unknown variables and show up at any time. So his arrogance will rarely if ever be seen.

Next few chapters will be Arthur fixing some of the character's issues and the real shit starts then.


AN P.S: I changed the cover to look like Arthur more. Tbh just use your imagination to show think what he looks like as I was even tempted to just full on making him look like a cute loli.

The cover is only referenced for a more masculine, older looking Arthur for you people who don't like a female looking mc.

But appearance wise, all he has currently known to him are an extremely cute face, slender body to the point of females, and long spiky hair. He also has eyes like the Hyuuga Clan.

I honestly don't care what you picture him as for whether black or white hair, whether masculine or feminine I don't care.

Just use what you think is most fits the story.


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