Immortality System
4 Arc 1.4
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Immortality System
Author :Daoist_YuFan
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4 Arc 1.4

Waking up, Yu Fan wasted no time in leaving the house and wandering around on the streets of the city once again. Even after walking for a few minutes he didn't find any zombies, much to his surprise. He was about to go in a different direction when he suddenly heard the sound of gunfire from nearby.

Wasting no time, he ran through an alley and found a girl around 20 years old running away from 7 zombies while shooting a handgun she has in her hand back towards the zombies occasionally. She managed to kill one of the 7 chasing her, leaving 6 left.

[Ding! Host has found his Destined Wife, Wei Xiaoyu!]

'Fuck, this is my Destined Wife? What are the odds of me finding her on the second day I came here...'

Now that he knows it is his Destined Wife, he wastes no time in running out from the alley with his sword in hand, appearing in front of the zombies chasing Wei Xiaoyu, cutting them in half from the waist down.


'Dammit! Stupid System, why did you put me in a body that had the powers taken away?! At least put me in the body before the necklace was taken away by the Protagonist!'

Wei Xiaoyu silently cursed as she ran from the group of zombies chasing her. As soon as she was put into this world and into the body of Wei Xiaoyu, she was already facing a zombie inside her house! If it wasn't for the fact that this wasn't her first world, she would of certainly died right then!

After killing the zombie and absorbing the Level 1 Crystal, she found a gun and a big knife after searching around her house, which she was glad about. If not for the gun she found, she would of most likely died by now with how many zombies were chasing after her.

As she ran past an alley, a black shadow suddenly rushed out of it, causing her heart to nearly beat out of her chest, thinking it was another zombie. She was about to shoot at it when it instead went in front of the zombies chasing her.

She looked in shock as a man around 20 years old easily cut all of the zombies chasing after her in half with a sword before looking back at her, letting her see his face clearly. She inexplicably felt a twitch in her heart when she saw him, much to her confusion.

"Are you okay? My name is Yu Fan, what is yours?"


Looking at the stunned Wei Xiaoyu, Yu Fan had a weird feeling in his heart as he looked at her... As if he was born to protect her and dote on her while not letting her encounter any pain and hardship, which really shocked him.

'Damn! I didn't think this destiny thing would actually be so weird. Although I know she is my Destined Wife, the fact that I have these feelings appear out of nowhere is freaky.'

"Are you okay? My name is Yu Fan, what is yours?"

Looking at Wei Xiaoyu who is still shocked, he shrugged the feelings off and introduced himself to her, causing her to snap out of her shock as she looked at him for a moment before replying.

"My name is Wei Xiaoyu. Thank you for saving me!"

She greeted him politely and thanked him with a smile on her face, causing him to nearly go into a daze. He snapped out of it as soon as the feeling appeared though, making him silently curse the destiny stuff again.

"No problem. I just had a weird feeling when I saw you, so I decided to save you."

"You had a weird feeling as well? I also had a weird feeling appear when you came out of the alley."

She seemed surprised when she heard what Yu Fan said and also said she had a weird feeling like him, making him confirm that destiny really is a weird thing. For a world hopper like her to suddenly feel like this is just odd.

Still, he doesn't mind it at all. Rather, he is glad. Since she felt the same type of thing as him, that means it will be easier for him to court her, as she is his Destined Wife and he won't just let her go or else he would need to wait for the next world to court her again.

"Well, seeing as we are both alone and felt this weird feeling for one another, why don't we travel together?"

Yu Fan proposed, making her think about it before she nodded her head in agreement. Yu Fan was secretly glad she accepted, while Wei Xiaoyu wanted to find out more of this weird feeling she is having whenever she looks at Yu Fan.

Yu Fan cuts out the crystals from the 7 Level 1 zombies and hands 4 of them to Wei Xiaoyu while he absorbs the remaining 3 of them into his body. At first she wanted to decline, saying that he was the one that killed them and saved her, but after a while she accepted them and absorbed them.

[Ding! Host has absorbed 3 Level 1 Crystals and obtained 9%. Total of 70%!]

'Only 30% more to go and I will enter Level 2 for this worlds power. Not bad at all.'

"What power do you have? I have Lightning and Space powers. Since we will be traveling together, we should tell the other about our powers."

Wei Xiaoyu appeared to be shocked when she heard him say his two powers, but little did she know he has a System like her and only really has one power and the other is the Inventory put into the System of his, but he just said he had two powers instead.

"Ah... I have Ice powers and I also have Space powers."

'So her System also gives her a Inventory. Well, it makes sense considering she goes to multiple worlds.'

"Why didn't you use your Ice powers when you were being chased by the zombies earlier then?"

"Well... I already used my Ice powers earlier and ran out of Spirit and had no time to regain any of it before more zombies chased after me..."

She seemed embarrassed after saying this, making Yu Fan chuckle slightly, making her face blush in more embarrassment, which only amused him even more, considering that she was someone who hopped to multiple worlds.

After laughing for a while they decided to walk West, which is the direction that Wei Xiaoyu chose. Yu Fan figured out from his System that this is the way towards the strongest base in Z Country, which is the Country they are currently in.

He figured that her System gives her information about the world each time she goes into a different one, so she is different than him who goes in pretty much blind until he finds out about it himself or the System deigns to tell him.

Along the way, they encountered multiple groups of zombies, the largest one having 11 zombies. Like this, Yu Fan finally managed to level up to Level 2 after absorbing the final 3 Level 1 Crystals he just obtained.

'Finally I leveled up! Status.'

[Status Screen:

-Name: Yu Fan

-Gender: Male

-Race: Human

-Age: 21

-System Level: 3

-World Level: 2(4%)

-Strength: 100/300

-Dexterity: 91/300

-Agility: 100/300

-Endurance: 42/300

-Vitality: 76/300

-Charm: 30/50

-Luck: 30/50

-System Points: 910

-Stat Points: 0

-Lifespan: 380/???

-Missions Completed: 1

-Missions Failed: 0

-Inventory: 1 million Yuan, Common Grade Dagger, Uncommon Grade Sword, Clothes, Food, Drinks

-Skills: Immortal(Passive), Lightning Manipulation]

'System, why do I not get any System Points, Stat Points or Lifespan for killing zombies like I do for killing monsters and humans in the Mysterious Realm?'

[Ding! Host will only obtain System Points, Stat Points and Lifespan for kills within the Mysterious Realm. The only other way is by completing missions.]

'Oh, no wonder. Well, it isn't like I need any of them right now anyways.'

Yu Fan and Wei Xiaoyu got a lot closer during these few hours of traveling, and they were almost becoming lovers, and they were currently extremely trusting of the other one. Even Yu Fan was shocked at how quickly they progressed in their relationship, not to mention Wei Xiaoyu.

"Hey, I see the survivor base!"

Wei Xiaoyu shouted from ahead of Yu Fan, causing him to look up and notice a large wall made out of stone with a few people standing atop of it. He instantly realized that they were already at the strongest survivor base after only a few hours of walking, which surprised him.

Wei Xiaoyu noticed that he was out of it so she walked back to him and grabbed his arm, pulling him with her so he moves faster. This action of hers stunned him out of his daze, and he was surprised that she was daring enough to pull his arm like this.

Nonetheless, he enjoyed the feeling and allowed her to do so, and she seemed to enjoy it as she had a smile on her face as she pulled him with her. When they got to the gate of the survivor base, they were stopped by a few guards.

"Stop! Tell the reason why you are here or leave!"

He was about to step up but Wei Xiaoyu beat him to it and stepped towards the guard, explaining how they were Level 2 Espers, which is the term for those with powers, and that they were tired of traveling and finally found this base, and want to join it.

The guard was surprised and brought out some weird device, which scanned both of them and brought up our powers. Wei Xiaoyu had her Ice powers show up and said Level 2, while Yu Fan had his Lightning powers show up also saying Level 2.

This stunned the guards around us as Lightning powers were the strongest and Ice powers were the third strongest, only a bit weaker than Fire powers. They also scanned us for any bite marks from zombies, and finding none they allowed us to enter the base.

Wei Xiaoyu seemed to know a lot about this base as she guided Yu Fan around the base and explained how it works to him, not noticing that she shouldn't know any of this as she explained it to him. Or perhaps she just trusted him that much and had no problems entrusting her secrets to him.

They went to a building where people can register as hunters and obtain an identity card, which they can use to obtain a house and use the stores within the base. Without an identity card, you can only be a beggar and sleep in alleys and such.

The process of registering was very easy with them both being Level 2 and having strong powers, and they both obtained a Level 2 identity card, which would let them get a decent house and purchase useful stuff from the stores in the base.

They could also take Level 2 missions with just them, but if they want to take a Level 3 mission, they need either a person that is Level 3 or 2 more Level 2 people to join them in taking the mission, or they will not be allowed to take it.

Wei Xiaoyu led him further into the base and took him to another building, where they obtained a house for them to live in, and they followed the person who guided them to the house. Once there they wasted no time in entering it, feeling appreciation that the house is clean.

At this point it is already late at night as they took 6 hours to get to the base, and another 5 hours roaming around the base before they got their house. As such, they quickly locked all the windows and the door to the house and both entered a room that are beside each other.

Yu Fan jokingly proposed to sleep in the same room, and Wei Xiaoyu had her face heat up as she slapped his head and called him a pervert before storming away into her room, leaving a laughing Yu Fan behind who also went into his room to sleep.


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