In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan
1 Death is not the end
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In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan
Author :Shaikh_Tohaa
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1 Death is not the end

Easter-L-Ra- Hank after his hard work in life for 23 years.

After working so hard and finally building his own business empire he thought 'It's about time I take a vacation and enjoy myself. Like I have never before. '

Hank had finally started to enjoy his freedom in for once in this lifetime for the first time.

Now he is lazing all day and night playing games and watching movies.

Hank is one of the top 50 richest men on the planet.

So, there was no problem for him as a single man. As there was no one to stop his fun because he liked to live alone. As a result, his family and he lived in a different city in the same country.

He came to the cap town with his friend Perry to join in a car race for the first time in his life but how would he know that it is not going to be his first but the last car race at the same time.


"Damm it.

I didn't work so hard for this sh***t and now I'm dying no this can't be.

This can't be true.

I must be having a bad dream.

Yes, it's a bad dream. " but soon he realizes that he wasn't dreaming and again started cursing while crying like ...

" No, it's not a dream because it's f***ing hurts so, much.

Damn it's real.

I am really dying.

No this can't happen to me.

I am a good person.

How could I die like this?

I have not even enjoyed my life yet.

I am still young and worked so hard to enjoy my life just a little and now this.

How can this end like this?

no... no... nooooooo.

God, why did it have to be me?


why God?

why God what did I ever did to you? ..." while shouting Hank closed his eyes.


In an infinite void of nothingness, Hank was shouting to himself for who knows how long and suddenly he heard a loud noise enough to make him feel fear from it

"Hank it is not God who was in a car race in his way of a reckless life. It was you. So, you have to learn to accept what you get from what you do. Don't you think Hank? " the voice asked him with heavy pressure in the voice

Hank was shocked to hear that and he was thinking 'Yes, it was all my fault that I am dead. If I were not reckless back then perhaps I could have been alive. '

So he started pleading "I am sorry and it was just that I wanted to have some freedom for once in my life and I died just like that. So, I wasn't in my right mind.

Yes, it was all my fault. So please forgive me but can I ask who are you? "

"Oh! I see you are a quick one that makes it easier for me. Now let me introduce myself to you.

I am a messenger in your eyes from where you used to live and called your home" the unknown voice replied in a normal voice with taking back the pressure from earlier.

"So, what will happen to me now that I am dead. Will I get judged and receive my rewards or punishment. From when I was alive " Hank asked to know his fate.

"No, as you have been in the book of reincarnation you will not be in the judgment like others " The messenger replied lightly


If if you don't mind me asking why am I in the book of reincarnation can you please tell me about it? " Hank asked with some hope in his voice.

"Yes, I don't see any problem with that. Actually, I have come here for that reason.

So, listen carefully what I say and make your choice with it.

Although you died because of your recklessness but with that accident you were in had saved the world.

The bus you got crashed with had terrorists in it who were planning on attacking the major cities of different countries and after the attack, there was going to be a World War which would have destroyed ninety percent of humanity and more probably.

There is also your property which your family decided to use an organization which would be helping the ones need help and wanted to change the world for better. With the organization's help and the people's efforts two-third of the world's peace was possible.

With you first, unfortunately, death but saving the world got your name in the reincarnation book and with the world peace. You get to have 2 major wishes and a minor wish " The messenger replied with a booming voice.

"where will I get reincarnated, " Hank asked with curiosity.

"It's unknown but it will not be your previous universe as a universe accepts a single soul only once to get birth and upon their death, it sends them out of it.

OK. It's time to tell me. What do you want me to give you " The messenger asked while signaling him to hurry up and get it over with??

"OK, I think I understand the general idea of it.

As my first wish, I want to keep my memories from my past life when I get reincarnated " Hank replied and waited to receive a replay.

"OK that's one major wish as but you will be able to remember after a certain period of time living in the world you are going to reincarnate "

"My second wish is I want a System that could help my life easier. "

"It's a high-level major wish but you can have it "

"As my last wish, I want a Superpower "

"OK, your wishes have been granted now prepare for reincarnation "with those Lest words Hank lost his consciousness again like the first time with unimaginable pain in his body.


Year-1999 November 20


Hank again got back his consciousness and started to wake up but he was unable to open his eyes for some unknown reasons.

Hank was now very angry at his previous life for not enjoying his freedom but now in this life, he had promised to himself that he will not work heard like his previous life.

He will enjoy his life now with no more worry again but is it that simple.

Hank was now very confused about what is going on with him as he can't open his eyes or neither could he move his body. The only thing which is making him sure of being alive is he can feel his body but he wasn't breathing right now which made confused but soon he started panicking.

[hi host, I am your personal system to make your life easier. I was given to the host for his as you wished for. Now please name the system]

"Wait before that can you explain where am I, why can't I move or see anything? "

[OK host I can help you with that. You are still an unborn child and you will soon get in the new world]

"So I am still in my mother "

[Yes, you are.

But more importantly, can you name the system as you will be soon born in this world ]

"OK how about Ain"

[Renaming accepted. Thank you host for naming the system to Ain.

By giving a name System Ain got permission to get binding with Host Hank]

"So that was the reason for getting the name "

[Yes Hank, because after you were reborn in this world the system will vanish with the world suppression but by binding with you I can exist in the world.

You have 10 minutes before being reborn in the world.

Any questions before your birth because once you're'reborn. You won't be able to contact with the system for a certain period of time]

"Oh! So that was the reason why you were so impatient but can you tell me when can I contact you again "

[Yes, of course, so, I can. When you get back your memories from your previous life]

"Hah... Oh! Right, I forgot I will also forget about that too wait but that wasn't my question.

Fine can you tell me when I can get my memories back from my previous life "

[OK course I can.

When you have completed a certain task.

But you don't have time for that. So, prepare yourself, H, Hank, because you are going to be born in the world get ready Hank and try to stay alive before we meet again]

"Hey wait I am not done with you yet. " although Hank was shouting in his there was no response and soon he started forgetting everything from his previous life.








Author Note :

This is story which might not make the Mc super OP but he won't be far from it.


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