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In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan
Author :Shaikh_Tohaa
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2 Wrath

Year - 2016 January 12...

New YorK City...

A man in Metallic Bat costume was standing on a rooftop starting down at the city.

"What are you looking for Batman " Someone in red costume came to behind him with a shocked tone but asked playfully with pondering about something.

"I don't know what you are talking about and Who is Batman. I am Wrath " With a deep tone the black costumed man replied without turning his head at the new commer

"Say whaaat.... but there is a Bat on your costume although you have a Metallic custom but still you can't fool me with something like that. I know it's you look at them they all know I am right " The red costumed man said with a serious but still while playful tone.

"Shut up 'Will' and let me tell you this is not a Bat but 'W' which looks like a Bat to you for its unique design to make it look awesome " Black costumed man replied with a serious deep voice

[No sir it's really a Batman costume ]

'You shut up Ain. I said it's not so it's not'

" But it sure looks like a Bat to me and what will you tell me about your costume haaaaa " Red custom man said while still laughing

" It's to give fear in the hearts of the criminals and I shouldn't waste my time talking to you because... " Black custom man said while turning back

"What are you trying to do Batman. I don't feel good from your tone " The red costumed man asked while taking a step back but still his tone remind same as before

"Nick, I got him what do you want me to do with him now. " While putting a handcuff the black custom man said

"Thank you Batman just wait there and we will come and take him from your hand " Nick Fury's replied to the black costumed man's helmet

"ok but make it quite " Black custom man replied

"Don't worry I know you are busy " Fury

"Hey what are you doing Batman and one more thing how did you became this fast " The Red costumed man asked while trying to find out how did he was in handcuffs while thinking 'Is it really Batman I knew he is a cheat but still '

"well you must be confused about everything right " The black costumed man asked while looking at

"Wait what are you doing?

Are you talking to me? " Author asked

"Yes stop confusing the readers and start explaining or do you want me to " Batman replied with a serious tone.

"Fine I will start from the beginning because someone once told me that it's good to start from the beginning anyway " Author replied after pondering a little bit

"Fine do a flashback that way it's going to be easy " Batman said in a deep and serious tone

"hey I told you I am not batman " Batman said angrily

"Sure you are Batman everyone calls you That anyway let's start your story then shall we" Author said while putting his hand on the keyboard.

Well I am typing it before OK let me tell you everything starts almost 18 years ago...


Year - 1999 November 20


New York City...

In New York city's one of the best hospital a man with black beard and 6 foot 2 inches tall with a masculine body was standing with worried face.

"Brother don't worry sister Martha will be fine. She is a strong woman and besides she is not a normal human for you to worry that much " another man who was a little shorter than him said trying to lower his worry a little.

"I know she is a Mutant but still I am still a Inhuman you know 2 different species and now she is going to give birth. Can you imagine Josh " The tall muscle man said while freaking out.

"Sir it's fine and don't worry it's not the first time " Josh replied while fixing his sunglass

"Mr Wayne . Who is Mr wayne among you two gentlemen? " A nurse came out of the operation theater and called

"Yes here I am Samail Quinn " the masculine man said or Samuel said while raising his hand.

"Yes please come in your wife has given birth to a beautiful boy. Now The mother and child is completely safe " the Nurse said with a smile.

"See brother I told you everything will be fine " Josh said with a smile.

"Yes thank God. You wait here I am going in to look at them " Samail said while running into the room.


In the room

Martha was holding her baby who was beside her sleeping with a motherly love.

"He looks just like me " when Martha was watching her baby she heard her husband's sound.

"No way he looks exactly like me look at his face, he is so adorable " Martha said angrily looking at her husband while pouting

"What are you talking about Martha look at his hair it's just like mine black " Samail said while pointing at the baby black hair

While they were arguing the baby woke up and started crying.

"Now look what you did to my son. Oooo don't cry my baby mother is right here with you " while taking the crying baby to her hug Martha said.

After that the room only had the baby crying sound and Martha's voice of trying to calm down the little one.

When the baby finally calm down Martha looked at her husband and asked with a smile "Do you want to hold him "

In response to her question Samail nodded again and again.

"Here you go papa but be careful though " Martha while handing her little son to her husband said with a smile.

"it feels so good and I am feeling something new by holding him in my hand " Samail said with the brightest smile of his life.

"it's must be because you are holding your own child in your hands for the first time in your life " Martha

"Yes he is my own son. My first born " while looking at his son Samail said then looked at his wife and asked "So what did you decided to call him "

"His name will be Bruce Wayne " Martha said while looking at her son.

"Yes that's a great name Bruce Wayne " Samail Silver said with a smile


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