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In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan
Author :Shaikh_Tohaa
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3 Realization


New York City...

Quinn's Residence...

Today is Bruce's 10th birthday. Aurther was alone in the home sleeping because of his education he was left alone in the home with servants. Yesterday his parents promised him that they will be home and won't miss his birthday.

Bruce loved his parents very much and he thought of them as his best friend.

It's already afternoon and his parents are nowhere to be found. Bruce is playing Dragon Ball game in his Play Station but time to time he would look at the door if his parents would come back.

Now it's already evening time Bruce became impatient of playing games alone. He started complaning by himself.

When he decided to go upstairs to his room he heard the sound of a car stopping in front of the house and from it he understood that his parents might have come back.

So, Bruce came down from stairs and went towards the door to receive his parents.

Bruce's expectation didn't misleading him and his parents for back but there was do more people with them.

"Mom-Dad you're back what took you so long? " while hugging them Sam asked in a complaining tone.

" My baby mom is so sorry sweetie. Don't get angry at my baby look I brought someone with us to play with you. " Martha replied to him with a smile while kissing him on the forehead.

When his mother said they brought someone with them he found a girl at the same age as him standing behind an old man.

"Mom who is she? " Bruce asked still hugging his mother while looking at the girl who was hugging her katana what was same as her height.

"This is Karin and the man next to her is Lee Shane her grandfather " Bruce's father introduced them instead of his mother.

After the introduction was made they went to the living room to celebrate his birthday.


It's been 2 years Karin and her grandfather living with his family.

The main reason Karin was brought in the house waa she Bruce need someone to play with and protect Sam from dangers. So she also works as his bodBruce

Bruce is a very charefull boy and made her friend very easily. At first she wouldn't talk to him that much and always gave him the cold shoulders but his personality got rubbed on her and before the first 6 months was over she became even bolder than Sam was. The difference between her and Bruce was she is good at fighting while Sam was a genius in rest of the field then fighting.

Although he could learn very easily but due to not having a strong body he often gets bullied by students but ever since Karin started staying with him she would bite everyone who misbehave with him.

" Baby we are going out on a business trip listen to grandpa Lee OK. " Martha said with a smile.

"When will you be back? " Bruce asked while playing games with Karin

"Don't worry we will be back soon " Samail replied

"OK have a safe journey and bring back.... " Bruce replied while his mother came and gave him a tight hug but it made him lose the game.

"Mom " Bruce complained

"Karin look after him and make sure that he doesn't gets hurt " Martha after giving Bruce hug went to Karin and gave her a hug as well then whispered in her ears.

"Yes Aunty don't worry I will make sure " Karin replied with a smile. For her Martha was like a mother because she(K) had lost her parents when she was 1 years old and doesn't remember them but Bruce parents loved her like she was their own child. So she also returned their love although she wanted to call them but from shyness she calls them Uncle -Aunty.

"Good girl stay safe " after that they went out of the house.

"You shouldn't have attacked me while mom hugged me. " Sam said angrily

"It's not my fault I was too focused then " Karin replied while selecting Naruto while Sam selected Kakashi.

With that another match between them began.


It's been a year Bruce's parent's left him and six months ago they stopped calling him completely but uncle Josh cames time to time to his house to talk with him but that isn't enough to make him feel any better.

Karin also tried to make him feel good but it was all wasted because he always stays silent and talks to her a lot less than before what makes her feel sad as well.

Finally they moved to the Wayne's with only Old man Lee and Karin.

Although he could buy a big villa but decided to buy a small house instead.

One day after coming back from movies they got attacked by some man with guns and to protect him grandpa Lee got shot. Karin somehow was able to save him but she was also injured by bullets.

Because the injury wasn't that bad she was saved from any kind of danger but it showed Sam how useless he was and he got very angry at himself. For the first time in his 13 years of life he thought he should get strong to protect himself and the people around him.

After Kain recovered she came back to the house with Bruce and with his help she received completely. Although she was sad for her grandfather's death but she was happy that nothing happened to Bruce.

This days Bruce tried to cheer her up but she could still see his sadness.

One day while playing games she couldn't help him but to ask "What happened you look like you're hiding something from me? "

"No it's nothing focus on the game " Bruce replied while selecting player

"No you are sad and worried over something. Unless you talk to me about it I won't play anymore neither... "

"OK fine I feel like I am a burden and useless to everyone. I always gets served by everyone and... "

"No you are not. You are smart and that is my duty to make you safe... "

"Yes that is what I am talking about I am a burden to everyone " Bruce replied while tears came out of his eyes.

"So you want to become strong and learn how fight to protect yourself and everyone around you. So whom do you want to protect "

"Well l don't have anyone but you cure and... "

"Fine we will start your training from tomorrow but you know You don't need to protect me because I can do that myself. " With a sigh


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