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In Marvel Live As An Ultra-Saiyan
Author :Shaikh_Tohaa
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4 Flame Demons

Far away from planet, No far away from solar system outer space of Planet Saunax.

If you look you will find out there is a spaceship which is made of a metal which is stronger then Uru which is used by Asgardians or Vibranium which is used to make captain America's shield.

Inside the spaceship an Alien is sitting on his antigravity chair which looks like a half black broken egg.

"Lord Ginger please let me enter your trateoty. I promise I will not leave before giving all the information I collect. " ??? robotic man with deep robotic voice asked for permission with pleading tone while shivering with fear from the monitor.

"Brainiac do you think I need any knowledge about the anything to rule over the universe? Do you think I can't kill you just because you are in another galaxy? " Ginger pointed a finger toward the monitor.

"Sorry my Lord forgive this fool I will not go near those Galaxies under your rule. Just spare my life this once my Lord, please…. " Brainiac who asked for permission to enter Ginger's Territory was shaking with fear because there was mini sun right in front of his face but not any ordinary sun but a black one which is suking light and sound out of the area at the same time. Even though he knew Ginger was strong but he never believed he could make a black star from Galaxy far away.

"Why should I let you live? Last time it was because I had some works to do, so I let you escape but this time it's a different story because you are a worthless shit I didn't thought of hunting you down but this time it's a completely different story. " While finishing his word he pushed the "Black Star" little near Brainiac's body. In this close range Brainiac should have died by now but Ginger didnt wants that to happen. So his attack was only putting the pressure on Brainiac.

Brainiac who was a smart guy understood that quickly as he said quickly"My lord, I have information about the infinity star you are looking for. "

"You know the location of the soul stone… " Ginger who wanted to be immortal more then anything asked excitedly because he was already strong and is getting stronger with time. So the only thing he wanted was eternal life which he could get only with the help of the soul stone alone.

"Yes my lord I know about Its location… " with hurried voice Brainiac replied.

"Good If your answer is satisfactory enough I might let you live to tell the story. Now hurry up I don't have time to chat with you… " with those words the "Black star" shrank a little but it become twice as big from before...

"The soul stone… " Brainiac explained quickly

"So that's how it is huh. Well that's a disappointment I don't have any loved ones so how am I going to get it. Anyway don't show yourself in front of me because the next time I see or here about you. You know you are dead. " When he said that the"Black star" that was threatening Brainiac vanished but a moment later it appeared again before him but it was 10 time bigger than the last two combined together.

"I will remember that…"

"Good… " With those words the "Black Star" was gone as Brainiac promised to himself he will not try to do business with this "Flame Demone" family aging as the communication was cut between the two.

"Nos find someone strong enough to hold an "Infinity stone" and make sure he has someone he loves more than his life. " After the communication with Brainiac was cut of Ginger asked Nos because how the fuck will he find someone he loves more then himself. The reason is simple he only loves himself.

"Yes My lord. " Nox left imminently from the room.

"My lord the Saunaxians are preparing for attacking the ship. Do you want me to go and kill them? " A female alien with white body and blue hair while freezing everything around in the 5 meter area around her asked with a could smile on her face.

"Stand back Frize although you can Freeze a normal star don't forget they have strong weapon to destroy a "Black Star" at the size of a titanic planet. " while releasing radiation from his body Ginger told her to stand down.

"Understood my lord. " Frize replied while putting her head down.

"Good. Now wait because I plan to take action myself today as I am feeling good after learning about the news earlier. " When he finished his words a energy shock wave came from the outside of the Spaceship."Ok they finally decided to attack huh. Open the upper gate I am going out. "

When Ginger went out there was 3 robot at the size if moon that was fighting with Gingers solder which made him really angry"Worthless shit wasting my time. "

"Don't blame me you asked for this because you forgot your place and thought your tiny technology is strong enough to defeat. Take this. " when Ginger finished a "Black and White Star" which was spinning together came out from his hand which he was holding toward the plane when the 3 robot saw this they fired beams to stop Ginger but when the beam made contact with the energy ball it started growing and there attack was becoming nothing.

"Die and show me fire work… " which those last words the planet was gone from the face of the universe.


Its been 2 years Bruce is training with Karin...

Anyway today Bruce was invited to the central city to watch the first time activation of the partical exclarotar.

"Hey Karin hurry up we are getting late for the appointed time. " Bruce who was waiting in the dining room called for her to come.

"Wait just for 5 minutes I am almost done here. " Karin said from her room.

"You don't even have a boyfriend. Why are you taking this long. I am listening for last 1 hour wait just 5 minute. You know we will really get late here…"


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